100WomenStrong, a Loudoun-based philanthropic group announced Monday it's closing in on its goal of reaching $1 million in giving.

The group, who strategically invest in organizations and programs that enrich the lives of Loudoun County citizens, has topped the $750,000 mark in five years of giving, according to a release.

Its members hope to top $1 million in the next few years.

"As we all know, Loudoun County is one of the richest counties in the country, but that doesn't mean there isn't great need here. Many in our community continue to be hungry, lack adequate shelter or have no access to medical services. The women in our group feel strongly that our entire community will be stronger if all of our residents have their basic needs met on an ongoing basis. All people can better reach their potential if they aren't hungry, ill, or worried about where they will sleep," said 100WomenStrong President and Founder Karen Schaufeld in a prepared statement.

This year's donations of $260,150 targets 14 programs that will directly benefit Loudoun County residents.

This year's grants were announced at 100WomenStrong's fourth annual Blue Jeans and Bling event:

Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing, $24,000

Catholic Charities, $12,000

INMED, $10,000

LCPS Backpack Coalition Challenge Grant, $100,000

LCPS Headstart, $5,900

Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter (LAWS), $18,000

Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF), $20,000

Loudoun Interfaith Relief, $15,000

Loudoun Literacy Council $3,500

Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation, $750

Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers, $10,000

SCAN of Northern Virginia, $10,000

Tree of Life $5,000

Windy Hill, $26,000

The grant earmarked for Blue Ridge Speech and Hearing is for new audiology equipment.

Catholic Charities will use its grant to implement a new program "to provide Loudoun County's most nutritionally at-risk population with balanced meals that lead to improved health and wellness."

INMED will use its grant for a homelessness prevention program for families at risk of becoming homeless. The grant will support case management, referral to government agencies, instruction in financial management, emergency financial assistance and transportation assistance.

The grant earmarked for the Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter (LAWS) is for its Shelter Transformation Project, including the purchase of new furniture designed for use in shelters that will hold up well and minimize the potential for bedbugs and other infestations.

Loudoun Interfaith Relief will use its funding for the expansion of its Summer Pack food program that provides extra food during the summer to families with children.

The Loudoun Literacy Council grant is earmarked for the expansion of its existing program designed to increase literacy in family members of Head Start students.

Loudoun Therapeutic Riding will use its grant funding to buy new riding helmets for ongoing programs.

LCPS Backpack Coalition Challenge Grant and the Loudoun Education Foundation grant are earmarked for 100WomenStrong's initiative designed to target and include all the children who are food insecure in Loudoun County schools and offer them weekend assistance at highly cost-effective rates. Loudoun Education Foundation will provide administrative support to the Backpack Coalition.

LCPS Head Start will use the funds from 100WomenStrong for its enrichment program and will reinstate field trips that were eliminated due to funding cuts during the sequestration.

The Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers grant is earmarked to support an ongoing program that transports elderly and disabled residents to Interfaith Relief and provides food delivery to them.

SCAN of Northern Virginia will use its funds to raise awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and provide the community with concrete strategies to recognize, prevent and respond to it.

Funding for the Tree of Life is earmarked for dental vouchers for indigent and low-income residents of Loudoun County.

Windy Hill will use its grant funding to build a new community area with a playground for its residents.

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