Dozens of Loudoun County Public Schools staff members gathered in the parking lot of the division's administration building Monday afternoon for a "Solidarity for Safety" rally, which was hosted by the Loudoun Education Association.

As LCPS senior staff and the Loudoun County School Board worked in previous weeks to decide what type of learning model or models would be available for next school year, many division employees petitioned administrators for 100 percent distance learning, fearing any other model would put staff safety at heightened risk.

Monday's rally was in opposition to the district's decision to implement a hybrid learning model with an option for 100 percent distance learning, which the School Board endorsed June 29. While LCPS asked teachers to indicate whether they would prefer to teach in either the hybrid or distance model, officials said that preference would not necessarily determine a teacher's assignment for the next year.

Many of those in attendance at the LEA-organized event arrived in cars plastered with window chalk and posters bearing pleas for the division to consider staff safety going into fall classes. At one point, protesters inside their vehicles honked their horns in unison, loudly vying for officials' attention to their needs.

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Solidarity for sitting at home and getting paid. Get back to work and teaching the kids. If you're elderly or high risk, maybe you can work remotely and let the kids in the class room watch you on a laptop. Zero Loudoun county kids have died from Covid, less than how many died from the flu last year yet we didn't close the schools with that sad untimely death. Get back to work or find a new profession.


Good for you because the Mango Mussolini and that crazy eyed Devos do not give a dang about your health or your life. Living in America has become like a boxing match, protect yourselves at all times.


Everyone has to go back to work, it's a part of life. It's no more dangerous than me working my warehouse in close quarters with 100 of fellow workers. Teachers unions have gone too far. Find a new job.

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