Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge Jeanette Irby, who was assigned to preside over a pair of ongoing recall cases involving school board members, is recusing herself from the cases, according to court records.

The court records did not include an explanation for her recusal.

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She is highly thought of in our house Creigh Deeds not so much!

Ellie Lockwood

Having recused herself after the Barts hearing and working to identify a Special Prosecutor, I see nothing different in Judge Irby’s decision here. It appears to me Ms. Thomas is a bit premature patting herself on the back.


Mrs Thomas has become nothing more than a goon for the leftists in LoCo.

J Smith

Interesting strategy by Ms. Thomas, president of the NAACP, to disparage a distinguished Loudoun County circuit court judge.

I’m sure the other Loudoun judges won’t care that the person representing the NAACP and wanting to join the case is making those types of comments about a colleague of theirs.

But that is a strategy of once great organizations that have lost their way and are now just an action arm (tool) of the democratic party.

I still can’t figure out how in Ms. Thomas’ eyes a recall, proceeding according to Virginia law, is somehow undermining voting rights. I guess that and the race card are the only two cards the NAACP has these days. Too bad. They could do so much for the black community.

Maybe Ms. Thomas and the NAACP don’t care about the School Board denying First Amendment rights to parents and covering up sexual assaults of two girls in our school system. Two issues that parents of all skin colors in Loudoun County have united behind.

Oh, by the way, first time I heard that our District Attorney Buta Biberaj was a member of the private Facebook group that was seeking to silence Parents (of all skin colors) Against Critical Race Theory.

Boy, if that’s true, DA Biberaj better get ready for new employment. Elected members discussing public matters in a private Facebook group is a gross violation of rules governing conduct of elected officials. Particularly from a district attorney who knows better.


I would be willing to bet my house that Irby being worried about the Naacp would be the farthest reason possible to make her step down. The only people that should be afraid of the is the taxpayer who they try and bilk, non-stop.

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