Four more Loudoun County residents have died as a result of COVID-19, state health officials reported on Monday, bringing the county's total number of the coronavirus-related deaths to 66.

The age and sex breakdown of the deceased are as follows: 52 have been 80 years old or older; 10 have been between the ages of 70 and 79; three have been between 60 and 69; and one has been between 50 and 59.

Loudoun County's confirmed COVID-19 cases stand at 2,611 on Monday, according to the latest figures reported by the state. The case count increased by 36 from Sunday’s reporting. 163 people in Loudoun have been hospitalized.

Loudoun County's current 7-day average for percent positivity in testing has fallen to 13.3 percent. On Monday, a second round of testing is being held in Leesburg.

Statewide, the number of cases on Monday jumped by 791 to 45,398. There have been 1,392 deaths, 4,694 hospitalizations and 322,568 people have been tested.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) on Thursday said the commonwealth was at least a week away from entering the second phase of reopening guidelines. Northern Virginia reopened for the first time last Friday.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and


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Arson and looting makes you immune to covid. Democrats are showing us the way.


When the stay-at-home-forever crew (and there are/were quite a few of them on LTM) come to a FULL STOP commenting on these COVID scoreboard stories a mere three days after the (D) leadership has finally given their blessing to a reopening phase, YOU KNOW DARN well this is a political issue, and nothing more. Where are all the cries about killing grandma? And having no soul? And being selfish? And, and, and? Apparently, the crisis has run out of political hay and they've moved on to some other topic they can scream about and try to use as a lever against the other half of the people in the country. These people are disgusting.


Did I miss anything? Wave 2 should be here in 2-3 weeks. Stay safe


springerdad, et. al., = totally agree ….lost my Mom a year ago at 90 y.o. and glad she's not having to deal with all of this.....


TCB, I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. I know what that's like. I lost my mom six months ago and feel the same way as you do.


52 of 66 Deaths have been people over 80 and nobody under 50.

Please tell the media to stop scaring people, because this pandemic really only impacts the elderly.


Conclusion: social distancing, masks and limited size of groups, & business restrictions are all obviously working. Thanks for pointing out the obvious LoudounPulse!



---> "Please tell the media to stop scaring people, because this pandemic really only impacts the elderly."

You're using numbers from Loudoun County and then concluding that the entire pandemic only impacts the elderly.

...People ages 20 to 44 account for 20% of Covid-19 hospitalizations and 12% of ICU admissions, according to Paul G. Auwaerter, MD, at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

... they indicate that around half of all Covid-19 deaths are among people younger than age 80, and more than 20% are among people who’ve yet to reach retirement age.

... that means 29% of Covid-19 hospitalizations involve otherwise relatively healthy individuals.

...But in fact, the disease has killed people in all age groups, including children who have developed a rare toxic shock syndrome, according to reports in recent days from New York and elsewhere in the United States and other countries.

We need the media to report the facts so that we can be informed. If that scares some people, then that's another issue. What you need to do is look at all the data before drawing conclusions.


Yes, we need all the facts, not just the facts that support your predetermined outcome. How many of the "less than retirement age" people that were hospitalized or died had preexisting condition(s)? Why not include those figures as well? This has always been a virus that took the heaviest toll on individuals with underlying conditions and the elderly. There is data from the New York City of Health which is a pretty large statistical sampling and a USAToday article. I'll try to include the links.



I drew no conclusion. Thanks for the links that agree with the data I pointed out.

Because coronavirus is more than just a respiratory virus, it also attacks the endothelium leading to strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms in people with no apparent underlying conditions (and not necessarily death).

Again, you can draw your own conclusions but "because this pandemic really only impacts the elderly" needed correction.


Looting and burning businesses cures covid.


@Thebroof - That was the laugh I needed tonight! You're absolutely right! The LTM COVID posts were lighting up and now, my comment will be the 9th.


Since all the stay at home people and mask shaming people are too busy with the protests I will say I am sorry for the loss of four more lives.

Lets hope we are on the downward trend.




Spot on with that comment.


Love the way that just last week you were all about lifting the yoke of government tyranny so you could shop again and now you have no problem at all with curfews.


Another clueless comment by BLT. I have always been for wearing a mask and social distancing while opening up the county.

It seems like you are the one that wanted to be left 6 feet part from someone unless it is a crowded protest.


I am part of an enormous, underground, totally secret antifa organization that is plotting the overthrow of a morbidly obese dictator wannabee who occasionally stops thumbing out tweets to strut across the street in his heel-lift shoes and absurdly long red tie, wearing an orange ferret on his head, all the while carrying an upside down Bible somebody handed him. Don't tell anyone but we plan to strike on election day...


The man is a menace and I wish we could get rid of him today. However that has NOTHING to do with people protesting and standing inches apart from each other.

Is that concept too hard for you to understand???


For those families that have lost a loved one due to COVID-19, I am very sorry for your loss and hope that you find solace/comfort during this trying time.

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