Loudoun County's COVID-19 case count on Friday stands at 2,837, according to the Virginia Department of Health, a 43-case increase from Thursday.

No new deaths have been reported since Tuesday, leaving the county's coronavirus-related death toll at 67.

Loudoun has seen 175 hospitalizations related to COVID-19, and the current 7-day average for percent positivity in testing has fallen to 10.1 percent.

A date for Loudoun and northern Virginia to enter the second phase of the state's reopening plan has not yet been determined.

Statewide, the number of cases on Friday jumped by 676 to 48,532. There have been 1,453 deaths, 5,008 hospitalizations and 361,519 tests administered.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at CDC.gov/Coronavirus and Loudoun.gov/coronavirus.



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What in the world will the Loudoun Loony Liberals do now that the WHO has declared that COVID asymptotic people, that do not have any symptoms, are rarely if ever going to infect others. People sneezing and coughing, of course they have to cover up. Also, ironically, so far since these riots and protests have begun, the COVID numbers (confirmed cases only) have actually gone down. This can of course go up and based on what the "experts" tell us, if there's going to be a significant spike, it should be noticed before the end of June. I for one hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, I suspect the Liberal Loons will have to find some other reputable health expert to worship.


In the past seven days of reporting in Loudoun, three have over 100 positives. There have only been eight 100+ days since the start of the pandemic.

Live your life

Go out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal with friends. If they can loot and burn with government approval, your restaurant can serve you inside without it.


It appears to be a lot of racist nut jobs on here. Its not a Democrat or Republic thing. Supporting that trash in the Whitehouse is crazy. What make it really crazy is he consider all of you to be poor trash. You just too stupid to see that

pual mase

Guest while you claim it”is not an Democratic or Republican thing” you attack the president. Whose the nut job?


I see you are doing your part by criticizing people that do not agree with your views. Seriously? Stop being part of the problem.


WHAT is going on in this comment section!? Seriously what on Earth is this? You honestly think the dems created COVID? Have you taken leave of your senses entirely? Please get a grip.

pual mase

Hey Guest I don’t see anyone making the claim that Dems created Covid.

What is undeniable that the Dems used the China virus to attack trump and republicans, usually with lies and revisionist history.


Look at FrogEmotions comment from June 6th. That is exactly what that person is claiming.


Some of you people are so dense you have to be watered twice a day. Democrats made up COVID-19. Man we got to get these folks out of Loudoun and into West Virginia.


Do you work for the West Virginia Department of Tourism? You are doing a remarkable job trying to attract people to visit the state.


“Democrats created COVID”...Last I checked the US Democratic Party is not in China 🤔


Keep checking or maybe you just don't want to see it


Kavanaugh Hearings --> Mueller Investigation --> Impeachment --> Pandemic --> Riots

I don't believe in coincidence.


All were created or exploited by Democrats to gain power


I don't think it's a D or R thing. The establishment feels threatened.

We elect a few hundred people. Much of the rest in DC are the establishment. They don't turn over with each election. They are lifers.

pual mase

Comey and the corrupt FBi lifers may have committed the crime but the Dems made it hoax scandal


Across all the administrations, over the past few decades, majority of FBI hirings are democrats? How is that possible?


So Democrats created COVID19? It's a worldwide problem, but you are like a frog in a well that thinks the well is the entire world. Grow up.


ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Have people sadly died from COVID and we don't want to see any of that. However, for months, public health experts, politicians, citizen experts, the media have urged Americans to take every precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19—stay at home, steer clear of friends and extended family, and absolutely avoid large gatherings.

Now some of those experts are broadcasting a new message: It’s time to get out of the house and join the mass protests against racism. “We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus,” Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday. “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

Again, I'm truly sorry to those that have lost loved ones due to COVID, don't wish that on anyone. I am done with the self righteous expert worshippers and i honestly feel bad for them. I genuinely do feel bad for them because they (like the rest of us) have been told time and again over the past 3 months what we have to do to save society. People believed in what they have been told and now the experts are saying, ah protesting "systemic racism" is far more important than the harm a virus may bring. Talk about being duped, lied too, played and disrespected. Perhaps I'm the only one that is fed up that now BLM is far more important than COVID. BLM is a singular purpose and does NOT include all people, that's hateful, racist and disgusting.


We were told to stay inside because covid was reported as killing whites, now that we realize that it is killing blacks, latinos etc, its proper to go outside and gather to protest racism. That is a backward as it can be. Bottom line this is and always is a Flu, period. Mixing the protests with covid is just another way the media will attach things that have nothing to do with each other. We need to protest for racial and income inequality, or the future for our country will be another Bastille Day. Heed this warning.


Please let me guess, your white. Your born racist so you would not understand. Watch Paul Mooney and educate yourself.


Ironic that blacks crying racism to every else act in some of the most racist ways.

What a bad joke of a cause.

Loudoun Observer

He should educate himself? Like you? I bet he knows the difference between "your" and "you're".


Unfortunately you are not the only one, Scott, that believes racism does not exist in our county, state or country


You're an idiot. Never did I say that racism doesn't exist. Learn how to read.

pual mase

Yes racism exists but most are not racist. The difference is most minority groups figure out how to overcome obstacles of life and not blame others.

BLM protests racism by practicing racism.........it will fail like other movements based on lies.


To your comment about BLM not including everyone: the protest I went to included men, women (and some kids) of every age and race. Seemed pretty inclusive to me! They welcome anyone who supports them ❤️


Unless you want to support more blacks than what they tell you to believe. I find it baffling that people are so willing to rally around a group who claims to care about black lives. They only care about the black lives that fit their narrative and not all blacks. If they did, you would see more signs that are bringing awareness to the large numbers of black lives lost at the hand of other blacks. Not too mention their goal of eliminating police departments. Is ones dedication to a group that selectively chooses who to care about and wishes to abolish the police really a group to support? Read it on their website. They are hypocrites and very dangerous to a civil society of all races.

pual mase

Guest, your naïveté is pathetic


Democrats showed us rioting cures covid. Now they want to abolish the police which is basically covid vaccine.


I am so glad that no one died of COVID. Not so true of the rioters and looters and of the police that have been killed and the innocent African American business owners all across liberal insane cities. So sick. Change these inner cities for good. Make them all Conservative controlled.


ex times reporter Alex Berenson's pamphlet on covid calls into question everything the government and media has told us (actually, media refuses to report on it since it doesn't fit their narrative)....lockdowns do not lower the spread of covid -- the data doesnt support it ....I urge all to read it, amazon tried to take it down since they want to perpetuate the fear of this virus....back up now.....educate yourself people...time to open up!


Please explain how limiting the contact between people doesn’t limit the spread of COVID.... It’s spread person to person so if you limit contact infections will go down. It’s common sense.


Is it common sense? All health experts and politicians have told us to lockdown and wear masks. Yet they tell us now that protesting with BLM to end racism is a greater health concern than a "virus". Dr. Fauci said just two weeks ago that masks are only necessary if you have covid or are visiting someone with covid, which makes sense. The rest of it is all suspect.



Please provide your source for Fauci comment.



---> "lockdowns do not lower the spread of covid -- the data doesnt support it"

Tell that to Brazil, UK, or Sweden. UK and Sweden had to reverse their "limited restriction" strategy after too many people were dying. Brazil, with virtually no restrictions, is seeing deaths soar.

Almost all other countries had some form of lockdown. Why is that? Were they all wrong? Do you know something that no one else seems to know??


All the numbers are trending the right way. Covid-19 is yesterdays story. One day the world was ending according to the media and posters here and now it hardly gets a mention.

When a local election gets more posts then Covid-19 you know it has jumped the shark.


I hope that COVID-19 is yesterday's story. It is an awful virus and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


Maybe the fact that the President threatened to bring the troops down on innocent civilians distracted the media for a bit ha. At any rate, I still see COVID stuff everywhere. Maybe less so because everyone already knows about it and fresh coverage is less necessary now than previously.


I am very glad that nobody died from COVID-19 today. [smile]

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