Loudoun Public Schools Administration Building

The Loudoun County Public Schools administration building in Ashburn

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams emailed families and staff once again Thursday evening with updates on the division's preventive strategies against COVID-19, answering several questions that have emerged since he addressed the public Thursday morning.

According to the email, the county's School Nutrition Services staff will serve free breakfast and lunch outside all school buildings every day during the school closure period, which is currently scheduled through March 20.

"Meal service will run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Meals will be available at each school and students will be allowed to receive two meals daily (a breakfast and a lunch) and can choose to take both meals simultaneously," Williams wrote.

LCPS has also postponed SAT examinations scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at numerous high schools in the county. Makeup dates and locations are yet to be determined.

Williams said the College Board will notify students who had signed up for testing this weekend of new dates, times and locations "as soon as information is available."

Further, the superintendent said the division-wide teacher work day originally scheduled for March 20 has been moved to March 18.

He also reminded recipients that school buildings will be available for short visits until 1 p.m. Friday for students and staff to retrieve important belongings they might have left behind.

"LCPS acknowledges that families are inconvenienced by our decision to close schools and appreciates the understanding many people have expressed," Williams wrote in closing. "We are working to provide as much information as we can, as quickly as we can, and will continue to update you as more details are available."

More information on COVID-19 lcps.org/COVID19.

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Wow this is a very good thing! It's nice to see that people are worried about those that struggle day to day without this "virus" causing more havoc.

More Cowbell

Are they busing the kids in to eat? Is every school cafeteria open during these times? Too bad Williams and LCSB didn't think up a better plan.


I can't swear this is true but from what I understand the schools have a list of students that receive those meals and they are used when the child picks up the meals. What better plan? It sounds like you didn't even know there was a plan. Yet you are condemning someone for not having something when you don't even know what they have. How fair is that?

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