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Loudoun County Public Schools announced Aug.27 that it would require all of its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and submit proof of vaccination by November 1.

In the announcement, officials said employees who are either already fully vaccinated or who are partially-vaccinated would be required to submit proof of vaccination by October 1.

Employees who fail to submit proof of full or partial vaccination against COVID-19 by October 1 will have to undergo weekly testing for the disease, and submit test results to LCPS, the statement said. Staff members will receive further details on the process early next week, LCPS officials said.

LCPS superintendent Scott Ziegler in the statement stressed the importance of “ensuring our staff has taken every precaution” to slow the spread of COVID-19. He referred to mitigation practices like vaccination as “an important step to help keep students in the classrooms as much as possible.”

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J Smith

Why not just test everybody all the time?

It seems like every day we hear of more and more “break thorough” cases of COVID among those who have already been vaccinated. Isn’t that why a “booster” shot is needed?

Apparently, federal health officials are now talking about COVID booster shots every 5 months. Why would we need a shot every 5 months?

Either the shot isn’t as effective as advertised or a policy of mass vaccinations is driving the virus to mutate to new strains. Either way, doesn’t that mean everybody should be tested all the time?

Or we could try something different.

The CDC says that those who are between 20-49 years of age have a COVID survival rate of 99.98%. Those who are between 0-19 years old have a COVID survival rate of 99.997%. With numbers like that, why don’t we just vaccinate our elderly, and those whose health is already compromised, and allow everybody else to live a normal life? If someone not vaccinated catches COVID, and if on the rare instance they need to be hospitalized, then treat them with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and remdesivir. These drugs, used very successfully in the treatment of COVID, come with the advantage of a long history, so physicians have a good understanding of their effectiveness and side effects. Knowledge it seems we are lacking when it comes to COVID vaccines.

LCPS superintendent Ziegler misses the boat by mandating weekly COVID testing for LCPS employees who don’t get a COVID shot. He’s leading our entire school system once again down the wrong path. Is anyone surprised?

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