Leesburg attorney Peter Burnett, who recently launched a little free food pantry on Edwards Ferry Road, wanted to take his project a step further to help community members who are feeling the economic impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

So he thought, "Why not provide as many free prepared lunches as he can to help those in need?"

Seven days a week, the Ampersand Pantry Project will give out 50 to 100 lunches from a takeout window starting at 11:30 a.m. The window is located in the former Tastee Freeze building at 338 E Market St. in Leesburg, across from McDonald's.

Burnett partnered with several local restaurants and caterers to kick-off the project on Thursday.

“We have commitments from a number of local restaurants who are still open. What we have proposed is we raise money and pay the restaurant their food costs, and they produce lunches each day,” Burnett said.

Leesburg resident Kimberely Evans, owner of Generations Gourmet catering, has signed up to join the effort.

“Our plan is to support this mission by giving absolutely everything we can to help this community. There are so many people in need, and many of us are wondering how we can help. A call with Peter motivated me to go beyond the pantry delivery. He touched my heart!,” Evans said.

Other business partners include South Street Under, Jasmine's, Spanky's, Lowry's Crab Shack and Solo Pizza, which provided the sandwiches on Thursday.

“This is to fulfill an immediate need for those that need assistance. There will be a quality sandwich, a piece of fruit and maybe a cookie or sweet and a drink. Something that's good for the body. This is just one more way to get food to people,” Burnett said.

Burnett is looking for support to keep the project going as long as possible. There is a donation box at the Ampersand Pantry building on East Market Street. Checks can also sent to The Ampersand Pantry Project, a 501(c)(3) charity, at 105 Loudoun St., SE, Leesburg, VA 20175.

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Attorney Burnett has always been a class act as have many lawyers and local business people who support our Loudoun non-profit charities. :-)


Great story, thank you. Wondering. Isn't Herring an attorney in town?


Great idea about the gift certificates. Make sure we support the small businesses and since the phase 1 opening has been outlined let's get Gov. Northam on the program to have these restaurants back open and not shut things down for another month like he announced. It is not necessary. Phase 1 federal opening is the way to go.

More Cowbell

Gov Northam is a lost cause when it comes to small businesses.


Maybe if the stimulus money went to small businesses instead of 82% going to large corps there wouldn't be a problem they would be covered. But most of that money went to real estate and investment brokers at an average of $1.7 million each. Guess king trump had to cover his investments first. His phases are a joke because he has no say in it but wants to make everyone think he has the power.


wow, you're all over your Google research.


tolerantleft, at least I research and verify instead of making it up.The things I said were actually in the papers and on the news. You would have to watch something other than fake news on Fox to know that,


cow, then by your thinking the majority of governors are lost causes.

Jeanne T

Another great idea is to buy gift certificates to these restaurants and give them to those who are struggling. It benefits both the restaurant and the recipient. It's a win win gesture. [smile]


That's a great idea. Thanks

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