Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk at Loudoun Board of Supervisors

Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk addresses the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors during a 2019 meeting.

Leesburg Town Council began legal action against Loudoun County on July 10 after the Board of Supervisors voted to make Loudoun Water, and not Leesburg, the presumed utility service for residents in the Leesburg Joint Land Management Area, or JLMA.

Council voted 6-1, with Councilman Ron Campbell the only nay vote, after an hour-long closed session.

The JLMA is land bordering Leesburg that has been managed jointly by the town and county since 1991. Leesburg has the choice to annex the land as it grows. The area exists to help Leesburg plan for the future, and the town considers any potential utility funds a vital part of future revenue.

In the resolution Mayor Kelly Burk read after the closed session, Leesburg criticized the county for not discussing this change with the town before voting on it June 20.

“The process was poor, it was not transparent, it was rushed, there was no study, there was no input from the town or any other stakeholder, and there was no good faith effort demonstrated by the county to meet with the town to discuss and negotiate positive solutions for both parties,” Burk read.

Council instructed staff to bring legal action against the county challenging the amendment, to initiate annexation studies of all or part of the town’s JLMA, to appropriate $150,000 from the fiscal 2020 budget to cover the cost of studies and litigation, to communicate with the county that the town is still open to negotiation and to continue its discussion with the county to annex the part of the JLMA that contains the new Compass Creek development. Council initiated this annexation in fall 2018.

Most on council made no comments about the vote, but Councilman Ron Campbell thought the lawsuit would bring more problems than benefits.

“I believe it is ill-timed, without careful thought and study. I believe it has negative consequences to the future of this town and all the residents without proper consideration of the risks as well as the advantages,” he said.


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I would suggest LTM and the Mayor of Leesburg reveal why the County took the action to be the water and sewer provider of the subject land parcels......because Loudoun Water has substantially lower rates that will allow them to attract commercial development rather than repel it based on the Towns excessive rates. Loudoun Water's rates are less than half the Town's rates. The Town's water authority is a heavy-handed monopoly that will disconnect service by hanging a door hanger on your house and turning off your water if you are a couple weeks late on your payment, or on vacation. They also lost a lawsuit a decade ago for over-charging out-of-town users. Serves the Town right to get a piece of their own medicine......congrats to the Board of Supervisors. On a follow-up note, why doesn't Town Council divest itself and sell it's water authority to Loudoun Water? Why does an over-priced monopoly allowed to stay in operation? Town residents should make this happen.


That is rich one Loudoun4Trump! Talk about wasting taxpayer dollars...how about all the golf trips this guy has taken, on our dime, when he said he would be too busy to golf when he touted his lies during the campaign...thanks for the chuckle...and btw, you are brave to tie yourself to this guy...really brave.


I'm not sure who is advising Leesburg to sue the County, but I can't find any decisions or case law that would give them standing to do so. They can't assert the annexation of land within the County without the County approving. if the County doesn't approve, it doesn't happen...


What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars....this will not benefit anyone, but local backwards lawyers...

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