Suzanne Fox

Suzanne Fox

Leesburg Councilwoman Suzanne Fox has announced she is running for the state Senate in the 33rd District.

Fox, who is expected to seek the Republican nomination, hopes to take on incumbent state Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D-33rd), who was elected in January to succeed Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-10th) in Virginia's Senate.

Fox said her priorities include improving educational choice to ensure that all students have a quality education in a safe environment, expanding the local economy and providing infrastructure to support that growth.

“I felt like it was important that northern Virginians have a real choice in the 33rd District," Fox said. “It seems to me that while many in Richmond have been exclusively focused on hyper-partisan, divisive issues that attempt to paint voters into a corner, there has been less attention paid to the important issues that affect virtually all of us on a daily basis."

She added, “I believe that northern Virginians are pragmatic and want commonsense solutions, and many feel that no one is advocating for the issues they care about. When I saw that no one else was stepping up in my district to offer that choice, I felt like it was important for me to do so.”

Fox has served on the Leesburg Town Council for two terms since 2014 and as the vice mayor for two years.

She has served as the council’s representative on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority's Planning Coordination Advisory Committee and on Loudoun County’s Court House Grounds and Facilities Committee.

“If voters in the 33rd District want an extremist focused solely on divisive issues, I am not their candidate,” Fox said. “If they are looking for genuine, pragmatic representation in Richmond, someone to roll up their sleeves and work on the issues that really impact the lives of Northern Virginians every day, then I am their candidate.”

Fox is the owner of Legacy Weddings, a wedding planning and coordinating business, and is a civil celebrant in Virginia. She holds a degree in social work from Brigham Young University.

In January, Boysko defeated former state delegate and businessman Joe May by nearly 40 percent of the vote. No Republican has held the state Senate's 33rd District seat since William C. Mims in 2006.

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It appears Boysko has crossed the age divide and now is seen with anti Semites Samirah and Northam.


Boysko must have aborted her staff!


Not only her. Try getting a meaningful response from Senators Kaine or Warner. At least Congresswoman Wexton did hold a town hall.


Let us not forget the 460 million dollar mistake with health care expansion Boysco voted for. That is in the nth degree.


Maybe we can get the LTM to host a debate between Suzanne Fox and Boysko? I'd attend!


Naw, it needs to be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce where they charge $75 a head. Otherwise, the unwashed public may get in and even, depending on the format, ask a question!


Suzanne, If you are successful please do not ignore some of the anti-Loudoun actions those legislators you want to work with have been doing to Loudoun for years. Hundreds of millions every year deducted from what Loudoun should get for school support is taken via the composite index. VDOT is never given enough budget to properly maintain and provision the roads it is responsible for in Loudoun yet we never hear of our representatives fighting for Loudoun on the basics like FAIR TREATMENT.
Remember Loudoun when you are there and say hello to the Redskins as Richmond even stole their practices from Ashburn!


Refreshing that there will be a candidate to challenge Senator Boysko especially given Boysko’s position on late term abortions and support of HB2491. When challenged Boysko stated the standard party line that 3rd trimester abortions are illegal except to protect the loan fee of the mother or the fetus is not viable, The bill includes the language that third trimester abortion if the mental health of the woman is in jeopardy. This is quite a large loop hole as it does not require a mental health practioner to certify this true, only the attending physician. Hopefully councilwoman Fox will expose the intellectual dishonesty being perpetuated by Ms, Boysko and their Democrat colleagues.


Thank you for letting us know what the single issue voter is thinking...


LoudounClear, that is the first of many issues. As one of her constituents I wrote to her three times and called her office asking clarification on her position. Never received an answer. This tells me more than anything about her regard for her constituents. By comparison Delegate David Reid responded the first time reached.

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