Joshua Walakovits mugshot

Joshua J. Walakovits

A man was arrested in Sterling Monday afternoon after allegedly trespassing and damaging property at a hotel, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded around 3:48 p.m. to the 45000 block of East Severn Way for reports of the incident and made contact with the male suspect upon arrival, directing him not to return to the hotel.

Later in the afternoon, authorities were reportedly called back to the hotel when the suspect returned and refused to leave.

When deputies arrived and issued the man a trespass order, he reportedly threw it on the ground, and when the deputies approached him he actively resisted and assaulted them by kicking them, according to an incident report.

After being transported to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, the man reportedly continued to refuse all orders and again assaulted a deputy, causing minor injury.

Joshua J. Walakovits, 19, of Leesburg, was charged with resisting, assault and battery and dumping trash.

Authorities say Walakovits was later released from the detention center on a personal recognizance bond.

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Random X

At first glance this sounds like someone with mental illness, unless there's more to the case that isn't being reported. If he is mentally ill I'm not sure arrest is the right path to go


Sounds like a spoiled entitled disrespectful person who thinks they are above rule regulations and LAW.


Great way to start off your life as a productive adult in society.

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