Delirium Cafe Outdoors

Outdoor dining and drinking space at Delirium Cafe in downtown Leesburg.

From July 31 until Oct. 24, the Town of Leesburg will close South King Street from Market to Loudoun streets on Friday and Saturday evenings to give some downtown restaurants the option to expand capacity via outdoor seating.

Participants in the new outdoor dining program will include Black Hoof Brewing Company, Delirium Café, Echelon Wine Bar, King Street Oyster Bar, Leesburg Gourmet and The Wine Kitchen, according to town officials.

As the COVID-19 health crisis has forced many Virginia eateries to heavily reduce their capacity under the various phases of reopening, town officials are aiming to offer relief to local businesses without increasing risk to public health.

“We have been looking forward to a program like this even before COVID, where the Town of Leesburg would create the ability to enjoy outdoor dining,” Echelon Wine Bar Owner and Wine Director Aimee Henkle told the Times-Mirror.

The street will close at 3:30 p.m. on scheduled days, and outdoor dining hours will be from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Town officials say designated on-street parking spaces for delivery and pickup will be adjacent to the King Street intersection on East Market Street and West Market Street.

Further, customers must maintain proper social distancing and will not be permitted to congregate in the street.

No live performances or other outdoor entertainment is scheduled during this time frame, though patrons are encouraged to visit downtown shops while waiting to be seated, according to Wednesday’s announcement.

“We are very excited about not only the ability to serve more guests, but also that the community and town came together to make this all happen,” The Wine Kitchen majority owner Jason Miller said.

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Doug Glatt

Congrats to the Town of Leesburg for taking steps to help small businesses but what about those that are not located on South King Street?

Chris McHale

Agreed, only a limited number of Leesburg restaurants benefit from this. They should close the entire "downton" area.


Here's the thing for me... I don't really frequent any of the places in the center of Leesburg, but i do get carry out from the other side of town. If you close too many roads, I will stop going there for carry out. Everything is a tradeoff.

Chris McHale

Ace - I understand but will you not get any takeout or will you adjust where you get take out from? If no takeout its a loss. If it's adjusted to another restaurant at least someone is getting your business.


Won't head toward Leesburg.

And the impact on the food delivery services in town would be significant if the two main East-West roads through Leesburg are closed. It's bad enough that Market Street has been closed for weeks.


I'll take a table, at 11p at night. Time to institute the Italian Dinner Time model.


I cannot wait to dine on hot asphalt when its 95+ out!!


Hodor--Yes, I agree. The hot temperatures should bring out the smell of the asphalt and give you a great ambiance to enjoy your meal. Bon Appetit!

This, combined with the removal of the asphalt, should have happened years and years ago. Sad that it took a pandemic to help city fathers (and mothers) figure out that cars didn't really add all that much to the downtown experience!


A pedestrian mall like the one in Winchester and the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder would be a wonderful modification to down town Leesburg. Those walking spaces bring people in for dining, entertainment, socializing and don't seem to be negatively impacted by the loss of traffic.


But they are calling for rain and lower temps. Either way it's not real promising.

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