Ida Lee Recreation Center

Ida Lee Recreation Center in Leesburg

A theft and assault occurred Monday afternoon in the parking lot of Leesburg's Ida Lee Recreation Center, according to the Leesburg Police Department.

Authorities received a report around 3:40 p.m. that two male suspects had assaulted a woman on the property at 70 Ida Lee Drive NW.

Upon arrival, police located the 45-year-old victim, who had reportedly suffered apparent minor injuries.

Per the LPD, the victim located one of the suspects in her vehicle and confronted him, after which the suspect reportedly exited the vehicle and the second suspect assaulted the woman.

The two suspects then reportedly fled the area in another vehicle.

Authorities later determined personal property was stolen from the victim's vehicle.

An ambulance transported the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The LPD Criminal Investigation Section is investigating the incident and asked witnesses to contact Detective D. Moreau at 703-771-4500 or

Witnesses can remain anonymous by calling the Leesburg Crime Line at 703-443-8477 or by texting 274637 and beginning the message with LPDTIP.

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A Gupta

LTM doesn't investigate or ask, as usual. Just copy/paste from press releases.

There is information about the perps. It was broadcast over the radio in a BOLO to LPD and LCSO units. I can't remember the exact details, but it was hispanic or Arab males in a Nissan SUV, a partial Lousiana tag was provided.


Lol at these people dying to know what shade of brown they can get their hatefix on for today.


What would be nice would be a description just in case these two individuals try to rob someone else. They seem pretty brave and are willing to attack a woman and are on the loose.


LPD has no problem releasing descriptions when they have them available. Per their facebook they are still working with the victim to get them.


I read the official news release. Timestamped 0923 on 04AUG. No mention of any such thing. Only information given regarding the two suspects were that they are "males" and that they fled the area in "a vehicle."


All that information should have been provide to the police yesterday when she talked to them. Appx height, weight, sex, clothes and race take just minutes to get from the victim.


Sure. I'm sure they could've jumped into the ambulance with her and gotten a sketch on the way to the hospital. Good lord, the woman was just assaulted and was probably incredibly upset. Some pretty unrealistic takes here.


Hodor - Who is asking for a sketch? I have been through what she went through so I know what happens and what questions the police ask you when they reach you.


Squaks - I made an exaggeration and in hindsight it was an uhelpful one. I generally think LPD does a pretty good job but I do not know why there was not more info when this was released. At the time I made my original comment, they were responding to posts on FB. I imagine whomever handles their PR or their higher-ups look at comment sections like these and wonder WTF.


You're assuming that the suspects are brown?

Wow. Racist much?


I don’t see this as a racist comment. Really guys simmer down. It would be nice to have more facts here. The place is in Leesburg hear Rust library If it is true that you don’t know Ida Lee rec center.


I don’t understand how this relates to the assault and robbery


why do you assume the suspects are a shade of brown?


Because you groan over every. single. article. aout brown people LOL. KK...numbers.


That's a deflection.

Why DO YOU assume that the perps must be a shade of brown?


Honor you are so right. Bunch of sad sacks. But their world is disappearing, hopefully they will move to Idaho.

Loudoun Observer

Last week the BOS in Montgomery County passed an ordinance significantly restricting the ability of their police department to engage, detain and question potential suspects. If this were in place here and the victim gave a description of the suspects, LPD would be prevented from stopping or questioning them if they saw them leaving the scene. Montgomery County is now prevented from engaging a potential suspect until the victim has positively identified the person.

The BOS would have ultimate and total authority over how the police operate and policies like this. Imagine being a victim and watching the police drive right by the person that just assaulted or raped you and them not being able to stop the person. This is not some pipe dream for Montgomery County liberals now - it's real.


Hey Chris -- The Leesburg Rec Center may be in Brambleton. Although LTM only refers to it as Brambleton when a new store opens or a library, Crime falls under the 'catch-all' of Ashburn.


If this was an LCSO investigation, wouldn't the public be made aware of any additional details of this violent assault?

Is it the policy of the LPD Chief to not release details or does this come from his bosses?

Is this one of the "benefits" the people of Loudoun could look forward to if the County were to move to a BoS-controlled police force?


Ace10--I compared this news item with a LCSO press release on an assault case in Sterling and both news items provided the same types and amount of information.


The question is, did the LEO restrict the information, or was it restricted by the reporter? That would be interesting to know.


LetSanityPrevail--I agree with you.

Chris McHale

What part of Sterling or Ashburn is the Leesburg Ida Lee Rec Center located in?


Chris McHale--You sure it is Sterling? It could be located in Potomac Falls!


Description of criminals? I think I know why.....

MAGA Hats Turning Up On EBay

Because they're probably Trump supporters? I know why you'd want to keep that on the down low...


It doesn't help the police or the citizenry by providing non-descriptions. When political correctness gets in the way of solving crimes or protecting citizens we all suffer.


I seriously doubt that.....I have seen bernie bros. rioting looting killing stealing raping on and on in major cities that last few months....all non-Trump supporters....nice try, you are about as honest and accurate as CNN - who just paid up millions for falsely attacking a 17 year old kid....sick people we are dealing with for sure....

John M

Wow. There is someone out there who is so ridiculous that they actually created an account named "MAGA Hats Turning Up On EBay". I bet it sounded funny in your head, MHTUOE, but it's actually hilariously pathetic.


Well, you're right. Closer to the truth would be that many of those MAGA hats are showing up in the trash.


Na, they have jobs.


Jussie, is that you?


Yes, no description(s) that would help protect the public, and catch the bad guys. Sad.


No description of the two suspects in this violent crime that was committed during the daylight hours of a public parking lot?

Vehicle description?


Speaks volumes.

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