Compass Creek Walmart

Loudoun County Circuit Court on April 28 signed the final order to expand the Town of Leesburg corporate limits by approximately 122 acres in the Compass Creek area between Dulles Greenway and the Leesburg Executive Airport, according to town officials.

"The Town of Leesburg remains a very desirable business location," Town of Leesburg Director of Economic Development Russell Seymour said in a prepared statement. "By expanding Leesburg's corporate boundary line, this action will enable additional local employment opportunities and expand the local commercial tax base, resulting in a benefit for all Leesburg residents."

Acreage owned by CC Skating and Peterson Companies are now within town limits, alongside 106 acres newly-owned by the town. Peterson Companies developed Compass Creek, while CC Skating owns the ION International Training Facility within the development.

The boundary line adjustment resulted from months-long negotiations between the Town of Leesburg, Loudoun County and the property owners. Before the final agreement was reached, the boundary line ran through the ION facility, which opened last June.

Leesburg's Department of Plan Review is currently reviewing a site plan for development of the Peterson Companies property and an adjacent parcel of land already within town limits. This development is expected to generate an estimated $521,000 annual General Fund revenue at full build-out, town officials said.

A restaurant with a drive-through lane and two multi-tenant retail buildings are included in the proposed development, as well as five pad sites planned to house a hotel, restaurants and office buildings.

Town officials say a second boundary line adjustment to bring the currently under-construction At-Home store into the corporate limits is underway. Further, the town is pursuing additional boundary adjustments for the Walmart Supercenter and the remaining Compass Creek parcels.

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Leesburg is clearly trying to get Walmart back within the town zoning so they can extort local taxes from them, right? Seems dirty that they could just expand to encompass already-owned land and then start collecting from said owners.


The photo attached to story is so misleading, as Walmart property is not part of the rezoned annexed land! Why not show the skating rink? It was likely the real reason for this annexation because the article states it's property was partially in the Town and partially in Loudoun Co.


Just wait. All about the money, but what will it be allocated to and will they really pay those taxes or has a deal already been cut with some bizarre proffers being offered. Another open space which is exempt.

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