Mighty Midget - Mom's lease

The Mighty Midget Kitchen will move back to the corner of East Market and East Loudoun Streets.

Leesburg Town Council voted Tuesday evening to award a 20-year lease of the town-owned Mighty Midget Kitchen to Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery.

Mom’s also plans to relocate the structure to the bakery’s premises at the intersection of East Market and East Loudoun streets, where the Mighty Midget originally stood for nearly half a century, according to council documents.

“If you’ve lived here any length of time — 25, 30 years — you’ll remember the Mighty Midget being at that location,” Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk said before the vote. “So to see it go back to that location, I think, is just another continuation of preserving the history of where we were.”

The kitchen, made from a converted 6-by-9-foot B-25 fuselage tank, has been a Leesburg landmark since 1947 and originally operated as a diner pit-stop before closing in 1993. Leesburg acquired the kitchen the following year.

From 1996 to 2016 it was rented by Gordon MacDowell of Macdowell Brew Kitchen, and it was most recently housed at German-Turkish eatery Döner Bistro.

After Döner vacated the premises last May, council voted unanimously the following month to put out a request for proposal from potential leasers.

Town staff issued that request Aug. 8, 2019, received three proposals in response and ultimately recommended Mom’s be awarded the lease at a rental rate of $50 a year.

“Council finds that award of the lease to Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery will serve the best interests of the town,” the accompanying resolution reads.

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[beam] This ,makes me so happy. Growing up in way Western Loudoun one of my favorite memories was the rare trip to Mighty Midget and I was so sad when it moved. Like someone said, when I drive by the "Y" in the road in Leesburg I still imagine it being there. Other memories, going to Winchester to the old walking mall for shoes at Wilkens Shoe Center and burgers from Snow White Grill. Welcome home Mighty Midget! Wasn't the same without ya!


In the Age of the Perpetually Offended,people will complain about anything and everything.My family came to western Loudoun in 1971.I recall a news story about the Mighty Midget Kitchen.My (then)neighbors,Eugene and I.W. Carbaugh,were being interviewed while having lunch in their truck.The reporter asked them if the food was as good as everybody said it was.Eugene held out his burger and said,"Have a bite".The reporter took one small bite,then really chomped down.Eugene laughed and said,"I said have a bite,not eat the whole thing!"


I could be wrong, but I recall that the structure is part of a WWII era bomber fuselage.


I have lived in Loudoun for over 30 years and patronized the MM many times in all its locations. I saw this headline and thought what a cool story about a local landmark. But a lot of the comments are about why $50, what took so long, why did they spend money on getting proposals, what an eyesore , etc. Wah wah wah. Some people just can’t be happy about anything. It’s local history — appreciate it.


Does it actually hold people? It's looks so tiny. Just a bad angle for the picture?

Either way, I think it's cool


Americans have such odd ideas about what constitutes a landmark and they largely appear to be skewed by the belief that a 73 year old diner is historical. I guess that makes sense when you consider that the entire country is only 3 times older than that diner...


America is a young country compared to Europe with its history going back thousands of years.


The Mighty Midget was a neat place when it was open. Opening it back up will add something to the community. I doubt if Mom's Apple Pie will make much if any profit on this venture. Sales volume is limited by its size, it has to be staffed and will use up management time from Moms. Instead of complaining about the $50 like this is a potential gold mine for Moms, I would like to thank them for adding a little back to our community.


$50 a year? Once again, the LTM is light on details, but why would the Town spend the resources of town staff to issue an RFP, and then take over a year to review the three bids, and then take up valued Council members time to vote and come to a decision to collect $50/yr. in rental income? Is this really a "landmark" or an old outdated eyesore in the Town? Maybe it should have just gone over to the Leesburg Airport if they wanted to preserve a piece of history.

Chris McHale

I agreed light on the information side. I could of why $50, because that may have been the best offer. This would relieve the County of storing and maintaining the "facility". It is also a landmark, so it being out in the community may be better than it in a warehouse. Either way it would be nice to know where $50 came from and why it is a benefit to County residents.


It doesn't relieve the county of anything nor does it have to be a benefit to any county residents beaides those that live in Leesburg because it is the property of the town of Leesburg and this decision was by the Leesburg town council and not the county.

Chris McHale

I stand corrected, it's not county but town property.


You are a millennial with no sense of character for what makes the town unique. I have lived in Loudoun for 50 years and every time I drive by the old Midget location I miss it as a landmark and a unique feature for giving directions. The old Mighty Midget also has the best fried bologna sandwiches. Congratulations to Mom's for returning a bit of history to Leesburg. Time for an apple pie slice from the MM soon.


It's a landmark.

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