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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 6-3 Tuesday night to endorse a name change for the Ashburn-based Washington Redskins, with the board’s three Republicans opposing the measure.

At Tuesday’s business meeting, Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) and Vice Chairman Koran Saines (D-Sterling) recommended the board send a letter encouraging Washington owner Dan Snyder to rename the NFL team.

The franchise, which practices and has its corporate headquarters in Ashburn, said last week it is undergoing a “thorough review.” The team plays its home games in Landover, Maryland.

The latest review comes in the wake of nationwide protests and rallies fighting against systemic racism and police brutality.

Supervisors Caleb Kershner (R-Catoctin), Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) and Tony Buffington (R-Blue Ridge) said they don’t think the county’s governing body should be telling a private business based in Loudoun how to conduct its operations.

“I have a concern when government begins to tell private organizations what they should and shouldn’t do when there is no stake or partnership and there is no agreement in place between the government and that organization,” Letourneau said.

Kershner added, “I don’t think the board should be involving ourselves in these particular matters. This is a private matter. This is an entity that has already declared they are going to be looking into it themselves. I think it’s largely political and I don’t think it really helps the citizens of Loudoun.”

FedEx, the title sponsor of the Redskins’ stadium, announced last week it wants the team to change its name. FedEx said in a statement on July 2, “We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.”

The name “redskin” has been commonly seen as offensive and insulting to Native Americans dating back to the mid-18th century.

“I am very happy that they’re talking, which ... they have called a ‘thorough review,’” Randall said before the meeting. “I think it is appropriate to take the thorough review. I think the name is an inappropriate name, and I do not think that continuing to profit and benefit from the historical pain of all cultures is appropriate.”

Randall said it’s important for the board to weigh in on the issue considering Loudoun is home to the franchise’s corporate headquarters.

Saines said he hopes owner Dan Snyder will change the name.

“As a lifelong fan and former season ticket holder, I pray Mr. Snyder does the right thing and changes the name,” Saines said. “If he truly wants to honor Native Americans, he would work with their communities to select a new name that is not derogatory.”

Supervisor Juli Briskman (D-Algonkian) said that she would support a name change adding that “as America continues its reckoning with race, such steps as this will show change is possible.”

Snyder, who has opposed the move in the past, has had ongoing discussions with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the subject, according to multiple news outlets.

Snyder said in a prepared statement last week, “This process allows the team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the franchise but also input from our alumni, the organization, sponsors, the National Football League and the local community it is proud to represent on and off the field.”

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Ok, don't change the name; change the logo to a potato. This fixes the problem and no one can complain without exposing their inner desire to demean Native Americans. The Washington Spuds!


EdMyers--actually that would not work as there would be a copyright violation. The State of Idaho, through the Idaho Potato Commission, has a potato mascot named "Spuddy". That mascot is copyrighted.


Different industry, different logo style, different name , no market confusion and hence not a copyright infringement. (It's infringement, not violation, btw!) P.S. Voltaire, I'm replying only to mirror back what you do for verbal dominance: you keep replying until you have the last word in any discussion. It reflects your character and maybe training and I'll play Captain Obvious to point it out just to keep you busy one-upping me.


EdMyers—No, you stated in your original posting as follows: ”change the logo to a potato”. BTW, I knew it was infringement. Cute. The symbol for a Potato is claimed by copyright by the Idaho Potato Commission. Now, if you want to pontificate further on this point, you can call the Idaho Potato Commission and they will be more than happy to discuss the merits of your “claim” that your idea doesn’t violate what is clearly an icon (“Spuddy”) that THEY copyrighted. Further, just who gave you the moral authority to judge my character? Nobody, so I don’t give a toss what you “think” my character is. As to your last statement, to quote Dirty Harry “go ahead and make my day”.


"“I have a concern when government begins to tell private organizations what they should and shouldn’t do when there is no stake or partnership and there is no agreement in place between the government and that organization,” Letourneau said."

I assume Letourneau will soon be submitting legislation for the BoS to remove all county laws and regulations which in anyway impact the operations of private businesses. I look forward to western Loudoun being filled with data centers and housing developments.


Just be done with it already: Build a 60,000 seat stadium in 2021, and move the team to Virginia Beach in 2022. Welcome the "Virginia Sandsharks" to the NFL, and never look back at DC again.Just my idea. Metro Richmond-Hampton Roads-NE NC region would support the stands always being filled.


Will there be a name-change contest? If so I submit Washington Wusses.They would have a cool WW logo.


I like the Washington tabby cats. They can play a loud purring sound when the defense needs a big play.


The county bos as usual not thinking any further ahead than than the end of their nose. It's not their business. If the Redskins leave Loudoun think of how much tax revenue is lost. Probably millions.


Actually, the county stands to lose very little. The Redskins have a training facility but basically just pay their property tax, while the former Republican dominated board voted to pay them $2,000,000 in 2012, and another $500,000 in 2014...


More importantly, defund the police... police once held slaves in the South


Flabio--partially correct. The North was not totally innocent either. For example, according to the National Constable Association, New England settlers appointed Indian Constables to police Native Americans. In addition, the St. Louis police were founded to protect residents from Native Americans in that frontier city too.


How well did woke work for Dicks Sporting goods and Nike?

Let It Rain

Not only am I outraged by the name R**skins, I'm also deeply offended by the name Washington DC. As this country's first president, Washington was in a unique position to end slavery but did nothing except perpetuate a system that led to a bloody civil war. That the District of Columbia derives from Christopher Columbus is equally offensive. Further, I'm embarrassed to live in a county named after John Campbell, the Fourth Earl of Loudoun. As governor of the colony of Virginia from 1756-1759, he had the opportunity to address slavery in the future commonwealth. Instead, he lifted not one finger to abolish or even mitigate slavery. Finally, I'm sick and tired of how L**oun culturally appropriates native American names like Catoctin and Sycolin. This too must stop!


Keep going, you're almost there! I believe in you. [smile]


Man oh man. Some of these comments reflect good sound thought and consideration of the true facts. Others? Far from it, like this one. Washington was a valiant leader so pretty much led the saving of our nation from the British by his God given innate skills. He did so much more than can't really be quantified. To try to take today's awareness and higher enlightenment and try to apply it backwards to a person or culture of over 150 years ago is reckless and immature. All men are sinners period; unless Jesus Christ lied. You judge a man by his heart and actions and soul and God is the judge.


Let It Rain—OK. No, George Washington was not able to do anything about slavery. At that time, there was nothing in the U.S. Constitution that granted the President the power to abolish slavery. It should be noted that until 1808, the Federal Government could not even ban the slave trade under the terms of the Constitution. Washington was careful to remain within the boundaries of the Constitution. Nearly a century later, incoming President Abe Lincoln agreed that the President did not have the power outlaw slavery. It was only after the war began that he assumed that power as a war measure. It did not become permanent until after his death, with the passage of the 13th Amendment. Of course, the President has no role in the amendment process.

As for Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus was not perfect, but he is innocent of most of his alleged crimes. Indeed, “Columbus was mostly benign in his interaction with native populations. While deprivations did occur, Columbus was quick to punish those under his command who committed unjust acts against local populations… Columbus did not engage in the savage acts that have been pinned on him.” In addition, “Columbus strictly told the crew not to do things like maraud, or rape, and instead to treat the native people with respect. There are many examples in his writings where he gave instructions to this effect. Most of the time when injustices occurred, Columbus wasn’t even there. There were terrible diseases that got communicated to the natives, but he can’t be blamed for that.”

As for General John Campbell, the 4th Earl of Loudoun, he was only in Virginia for two years before being recalled by the British Crown in December 1757. During his time here in the colonies, General Campbell was busy fighting, as Commander-in-Chief of British Forces, the Seven Years War with France and the Indians. To say that he had time to worry about slavery in that short time is debatable.

As for Loudoun County using Indian names to describe places within the county. That is incorrect. The American Indians named those places and those names have stayed with those locations. The American Indians used those names to describe their landscape. According to the Smithsonian Institution, most of these names are from the Algonquin Indians. The spellings were varied because the Europeans who first heard the words spelled them differently. The process of identification occurred with a European pointing to a feature such as a mountain or stream and the Indian would say its name.

Lastly, I would contend that historical figures should be honored by their great achievements, and not their mistakes or weaknesses. f we cannot honor anyone in human history that did not have flaws or imperfections, we cannot honor anyone at all.


I believe let it rain was being sarcastic.

Let It Rain

Voltaire, I see that LetSanityPrevail and Chocolate Dinosaur (I think) were in on it! Mission accomplished though in that you penned a most eloquent rebuttal to the absurdity that I wrote. Your response was measured, thoughtful and balanced and captured the essence of how I believe we should respond to those who would have us scrub and sanitize our history to meet some modern day social stand. It's a sad commentary however that something so idiotic isn't immediately recognized as tongue in cheek.


Let's just change everything that suits you.

Let's change Leesburg to Sharptonville. Let's Change Loudouns name to Farrakhan County. Washington DC to Berry (After Marion) Would that make you happy?


My Black co-workers from PG County commented that they are life long skins fans , their parents are life long skins fans and they want the name left alone. My Black co-workers form South East said the exact same thing. I defer to them. This is just more woke politics from woke White social justice warriors from the suburbs.


Wasn't there a poll taken a couple of years ago and 90% of those polled wanted to keep the name. The political correctness wave is out of control where the ideas of the self-righteous few have produced a knee-jerk reaction. Tearing down statues haphazardly including Grant and Washington. Columbus, OH is discussing renaming their city! And this is after they tore down the statue for Columbus there. Spare me.


So? Whats your point? Maybe you're just a WCT (White complaining traditionalist)


LCS - So when you complain about ALL the things you don't agree with what do you call yourself? I know my answer but they would never print it.


EASY, JUST A CRANKY GUY who's willing to debate based on facts (or videotape) but not willing to just go with the staus quo when society is changing ........But your idea of arguing is to just call people unprintable names when you don't like what they're saying or dislike their personality? It makes you feel empowered doesn't it?


LCS - did I hurt your feelings: ( I am so sorry. You can go back to insulting people when you don't like what they are say and not get called out for it.

You are one of those people that has no self awareness.


LCS--his point is as follows: "The political correctness wave is out of control where the ideas of the self-righteous few have produced a knee-jerk reaction.". ExitRamp has a legitimate point. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with being a traditionalist or appreciative of history.


volt: fine, that's your opinion, spsngrdad has his, we all have them. My point is just accusing someone of political correctness, or sjw or anything doesn't prosecute the discussion further. You think people are "self righteous" and only interested in political correctness or destroying historical symbols. Many take my viewpoint: if a statue or name is offensive to a large measure of society, the preservation of it should be remediated to a non-public venue. The "Redskins" name will always be in the history books as one of the names of the Washington team; it doesn't disappear, nor do the various statues and monuments disappear if placed on private museum property.

On how people respond: One could say that traditionalists have a knee-jerk reaction when people want to change things. I just don't think that either side is totally "right" and neither is 100% wrong . I also feel strongly that folks seem too quick to label people. It's an easy but lazy rhetorical device, because it serves no particularly useful purpose in a discussion.


LCS—I think that there is a fine difference between your viewpoint and what your contemporaries think. I basically agree with the majority of your viewpoint that if a statue or name is offensive to a large measure of society, the preservation of it should be remediated to a non-public venue. I do think that, concerning these statues that the context does matter. I think that Civil War statues should be placed either in a public or private museum or on Civil War battlefields. As for the Redskins, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. You are right though that the "Redskins" name will always be in the history books as one of the names of the Washington team. The problem is that there are others who hid behind the ideals of “social justice” and being a “change agent” and in reality want to do nothing but destroy property and create pandemonium. Until the “social justice” movement gets those people under control, you are going to encounter hostility as the media fails to show any positivity coming out of the social justice but does show the other side with vandalism, destruction, and violence in order to get juicy ratings.

As to traditionalism, I agree with you that either side is totally "right" and neither is 100% wrong . I also agree about your feeling that folks seem too quick to label people.


Correct. And one minor point that native Americans aren't complaining! Race and victim mentality stokes are whispering in their ears "past! You ARE offended right"!



John M

While I don't care what the Redskins do with their name, I don't understand why your African American friends would have a say in the matter. They have as much to do with Native Americans as white people do. I've been a Skins fan for 45 years, I love their helmet and colors, and I always looked at their name as one of pride for Native Americans and having read quite a bit about this over the years, there is really only one group of Native Americans who are demanding that the team change its name, and that group has always been known as a far-left group that has been trying to extort the team for a big fat check.


Ms. Briskman is right if I understand her statement. All references to color and race should be banned as it conducts discriminatory, un-American policy. Just like President Clinton had a problem with what "is" meant it appears some folks don't understand that "ALL" "equal" means all are equal and that ANY USE of color as a discriminator is discriminatory. I hope she is prepared to remove all use of the word color in all places and signage including organizations and placards! We are a melting pot of many people who as citizens should be known as Americans without regard to color whatsoever or else it becomes one more effort to gain preference for a few in my opinion. :-)


You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.




The President won't let this happen to OUR WASHINGTON REDSKINS! Take that snowflakes! Boycott Nike and the NFL again until they relent! No mercy! #winning


The only thing your President and Dan Snyder have in common is that they ruin everything they touch. The team name will change, people like you will whine for a little while, and then you'll be back to watching it.


Here's another gem from a student of the school for the gifted and talented. No President has accomplished anywhere near what Trump has beneficially done for our nation.


I'm sorry, but you're completely delusional and disconnected from actual facts. At best, Trump has barely managed to not crater our economy despite his every action. It's a testament to the overall robustness of the recovery that occurred beginning in late 2008.


RandomName2019--I would beg to differ. The reason that the economy is still working is due to the extraordinary nature of the actions taken in both fiscal (the four+ stimulus packages) and monetary policies (huge infusion of liquidity and establishment of multiple credit facilities by the Federal Reserve System).


No need. All of the retailers are refusing to sell the gear. Danny Boy ain’t about to go broke. Name change coming quickly. I mean the racist, Danny and all you fools in Loudoun are probably saying, dang we never knew one bad cop could so totally upend our lilly white world. Gotta love America.


Lawman -

This is what your movement is really doing. While you celebrate a statue or name change you have not helped the people who really need it. Just so you know you may be getting money from George Soros but he is using you and will discard you as soon as he gets what he wants. You better bet that will be televised.

Riot-Torn Twin Cities Are Already Forgotten

‘Black Lives Matter’ signs are everywhere, but minority businesses bear the brunt of violence.

The national media might have “moved on” from the riots in Minneapolis, but residents have nowhere to go. Much of the Twin Cities is still in ruins. Boarded-up storefronts still display makeshift notices that read “black owned” or “minority owned” to ward off further destruction. Many locals are reluctant to speak on the record, but some are eager to do so.


springerdad: look, you just use every pretense possible to bash social change and people who seek a more just society. You're tiring and redundant.


LCS - I tire you SJW's like you that use people and when someone points out the consequences of your actions you don't own up to them.

I am all for change but doing it the right way. Imagine if the BLM movement had burned down the buildings you own and manage. I am sure you would be fine with it since it is for the greater good.

You are the part of my party that drives me insane.


LCS--what constitutes a "more just society"? Who defines that term? This country is a democratic/capitalistic country that affords everyone the freedoms to achieve whatever they want, within lawful purposes. Is a "more just society" a socialist model like what they use in the Europe? If I wanted that, then I would live in Europe. The way you "social warriors" are headed with this socialistic wealth distribution, the tax rate there will probably be lower than here.


Springerdad it is always entertaining when white dudes try to give a Black man a lesson on what’s good for Black people. Keep searching that pile son, you might find that horse.


Lawman--Did you ever give George Soros back his money yet?



Imagine the massive sales racked up for those retailers if the name were to change - new mugs, jerseys, hats - anything with the name or logo gets replaced.


If Danny boy handles this right he will make money and be seen as an agent for change. But judging by the way he ran this once proud franchise into the ground, my money is on him messing it up.


Four cops charged with Floyd’s death, 2 Caucasian, 1 African American, and 1 Asian.

Have a great idea if a politician in Congress at the time Rodney King was beaten as well when Floyd was killed should be thrown out of their elected position and never allowed to run for office again.

Regardless of the side you vote on it would get the leaders who compromised and allowed that issue to be swept under the rug to have consequences. Ever watched 93LA? Somehow it feels like these issues don’t ever really get resolved.


Of course the 3 Republicans who stated it is not part of the Superviors job to send a letter like that to a private business. Democrats just want power. Have they sent a letter to Target, since it has a bullseye as a logo or Southern States since obviously it connotates the confederacy??? Vote Democrat and lose your freedoms to government. FACT!


HarvardMustang—OK. Why would the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors send a letter to Target about their bull’s-eye logo that has been in existence since 1962? There is nothing controversial about that logo. As to Southern States, you are completely wrong. The name has nothing to do with the Confederate States of America. The Southern States cooperative, one of the largest farm cooperatives in the United States, was founded in 1923 as Virginia Seed Service (VSS) when Virginia farmers were unable to buy seed guaranteed to grow in the Commonwealth. About 150 farmers started the company with just $11,000 in capital, two employees and a second-hand typewriter. Today, Southern States has grown to become a $1.5 billion agribusiness with over 200,000 farmer-members.


letsbreal: so your last comment is equating my claim of verbal sparring with the level of threats and harm in the incidents you cite? You're a piece of work. (or my words do seem to land a serious punch or two on you with no serious counter)


Loudoun County is going the way of Fairfax County, into the toilet. Do nothing Democrats on a scorched earth crusade. This is getting out of hand. The Patriots need to stand up and say enough!!


This is an anti business stance in economically challenged time. The Board should focus on ways to attract business to Loudoun County not chasing them away. Whether the Redskins need to change their name is not of relevance to the Board. The County revenue will most likely decrease so they should focus on ways to make it increase. This is additional proof that Phyllis and Company do not understand their jobs.


Society Sanitizers not supervisors


Not very business friendly....hopefully the REDSKINS will move to another area in the metro region.....this board is acting like AOC and the squad.....


How often must people be reminded: elections have consequences.

Question: What if we had a national leader who would be an example for "staying in his lane" and not getting wrapped up in the 1st and 2nd amendments, contradicting science to the detriment of millions, threatening a free press and attempting to silence dissent? Leadership starts at the top with role models.


That man lives rent free in your head and that is coming from someone that hates him. I don't think you can put together more then 3 sentences without mentioning him.


It's giving a little balance to the avalanche of commentary in 2017 following the last national election. Much of what we heard was "get over it" and continual bashing of Hilary et al. And no, I don't believe that there is a fraction of distance between those "in the tank" for djt and those bashing local and state officials. Gratuitous shots at liberals, democrats, people who advocate for justice and social change and the like seem to fill these comment columns. So a few return volleys seem OK to me.


Volleys? Oh, you mean like shooting Republican representatives at baseball games, professional comedians beheading Trump in effigy (soooo funny), democrat activists going into restaurants and confronting and threatening Republicans while they're living their lives, and the Southern Poverty Law Center creating "hate maps" for targeting people which have almost gotten some people killed, like Floyd Lee Corkins attack on the Family Research Council, and other actions by whackadoo leftists (redundant)? The SPLC still makes the maps today.

Yeah! Now that's "balance" all right. //sarcasm//


You still don’t get it. People didn’t vote for Trump to be like the last administration which was more of a community organizer than a leader. Funny how all these statues, Redskins name, history of our country, police officers, etc...are all Trumps fault. Oh yeah...the virus is all his fault for the entire world. Answer us come all these rioters burning down businesses, destroying property and bringing harm to people are in Democrat controlled cities and states? Seems liberals are the people of hate and violence. But you accept this violence and hate because we will never confirm to your ideology, so it makes it okay. So when you use the words “hypocrite”, “bigot”, “racist” may want to look in the mirror.


waterfordres: You make no sense: I've seen no commentary that blames trump for these society-wide problems. He is taking incoming rounds for failure to address them adequately, and in some cases, tweeted to make the situation worse.

waterford resident is just dumping on the opposition with typical tropes and dog whistle swipes. The only problem with his diatribe is that there's plenty of videotape that debunks his moans about trump's "unfair" accusers.


Why yes, leadership does start at the top. Now a message from top leader Joe Biden (D-Clown Shoes).

"Biden Forgets His Own Proposal Even While Reading Teleprompter, Insists He's "Taking Too Much Time" - Youtube


Loudoun Observer

The triggered mob could not care less what those folks think.

Hopefully the Redskins will move out of Loudoun to a more welcoming place.


Covid-19 must be completely under control in Loudoun county. Everyone take off their masks.


I'm glad the BoS decided my tax dollars should be used to tell a private business how to conduct its operations. Stay in your lane!


AshburnRez--I am sure that it didn't use up that much County time or cost to generate a letter that stated its opinion on their name. Further, the County didn't direct the Redskins to do anything. It is up to the ownership of the football club to do that action, if he so chooses.

David Dickinson

Loudoun no longer has a Board of Supervisors, we have a Board of Agitators.

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