Loudoun Museum hosts traveling exhibit "1619: Arrival of the first Africans" in July

The Loudoun Museum in Leesburg

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to accept approximately $36 million from the federal CARES Act's coronavirus relief funds.

On Tuesday, the board voted 8-0-1 to accept the federal funding and distribute more than $6 million to its seven incorporated towns. Catoctin Supervisor Caleb Kershner (R) was absent for the vote.

With the new money coming in, the board also re-appropriated $156,000 back to Loudoun Museum. County staff is further expected to negotiate a revised agreement to give the Loudoun Museum $156,000 yearly for five years with a five-year renewal.

“I appreciate the chair for bringing this back, and I'm glad that we're able to do it,” Dulles Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R) said. "I do think we acted in a little bit of haste at the last meeting, and I anticipated there was going to be some help coming in, but it's here and the important thing is we are able to restore this money and keep our commitments.”

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said proposing the idea to reallocate funding to the nonprofits was done to support county citizens during the pandemic. She said she didn’t act "in haste” to make the decision.

Randall said one of the drivers for the previous shift was that Loudoun Hunger Relief has been seeing 26 new families every day.

“I have no regrets at all for doing that ... And if I could have found other money before this money came in, I'd [have] done that too because right now we're trying to feed people and keep a roof over their head,” Randall said. “Having said that, I'm very glad we can do this, and I'm very glad that this money has come back through.”

Virginia received approximately $3.1 billion from the federal government to cover expenses due to the impact of COVID-19. Revenue losses are not covered by the CRF funds.

Funding is being offered to localities across the commonwealth, including to Loudoun and its incorporated towns. Loudoun has incurred between $1 and $1.5 million in expenses, said Erin McLellan, assistant county administrator, during a May 12 finance meeting.

Personal protective equipment and disinfectant supplies have been some of the expenses, though Loudoun still has a shortage of disposable gowns and N95 masks.

The board is expected to use the CARES Act funding for personal protective equipment, specialized cleaning supplies, nonprofit support and emergency food and housing assistance.

In April, the federal government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act designed to provide funding for a number of different programs to address the coronavirus pandemic. One of the components of the measure is $150 billion in funding to assist state, local, territorial and tribal governments impacted by the coronavirus.

Allocations to states were based on population.

The state requires that each county equitably distribute funds to incorporated towns within its jurisdiction. The commonwealth determined county allocations based on population; the county used Weldon Cooper data to allocate funding to the towns in a similar manner. (See list below)

Paying for expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency is one way the funds may be used. The funds may also be used to cover costs that were not accounted for in the budget most recently approved as of March 27 and that were incurred during the period that begins on March 1 and ends on Dec. 30.

CRF funds are to be considered "one time" monies and should not be used for ongoing services or base operations, according to the state finance department memo. Because the funds must be expended by Dec. 30, localities are advised not to create services with expenses beyond that period.


Recommended distribution of funding to towns

-Leesburg — $4,797,036

-Purcellville — $891,932

-Lovettsville — $182,372

-Middleburg — $74,824

-Hamilton — $56,496

-Round Hill — $59,077

-Hillsboro — $15,125


Allocations, populations in northern Virginia

Loudoun — $36,079,596 (413,538)

Arlington — $20,663,551; (236,842)

Prince William — $41,034,915; (470,335)

Alexandria — $13,909,478; (159,428)

*Fairfax received $200 million since it qualified for funding in April. It has a population of 1,147,532.

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Fairfax has 2.75x's the population of Loudoun but got 5.5 x's the amount of money that Loudoun did. So i think this corresponds to the number of parasites...I mean .gov workers that are in your county.

The more .govs, the more graft you get!

Science Can Save Us

I hope you keep far away from any government assistance, don't use the post office, never ride on an interstate, don't use the internet, no one in your family gets social security and on and on. You are much more likely a parasite unless you're paying an enormous amount of taxes.


What? Have you looked at how it is being disbursed? Look at how much harder it has hit Fairfax compared to Loudoun. Fairfax county has had 34,187 cases, and Loudoun has had 1,700 cases.


Thank you for making the case that Loudoun shouldn't be grouped with Fairfax. Entirely different situations, and yet the (D)s want to continue keeping Loudoun locked down.


Ace it isn't Fairfax, It is the Metro area. the counties that surround DC. Did you really think this was done because of Fairfax? They aren't our only neighbors with a problem, look at Prince William.


LOL. Nice attempt to wiggle out of that hole you dug for yourself. None of Loudoun's stats look anything like Fairfax or PW counties. Western Loudoun borders Clarke, Fauquier, Jefferson and Frederick counties. Are any of them still totally shut down? NO. But since you enjoy misery, and misery loves company, you insist on linking Loudoun to the counties which have poor stats.


Ace, look at a map of the entire county not just the western part PW is to the southeast, FX is to the east, Fredrick(modified) and Montgomery MD are to the north are all on lockdown. You insist on linking Loudoun to counties with low populations. You mentioned Clark to the west but more of the western part of Loudoun touches Jefferson W VA, which also has restrictions still in effect even though you said they didn't.


You insist on linking Loudoun to the large counties in the East and South, and ignore the rest. Awfully convenient when you're trying to push YOUR agenda. You want to pretend there isn't a western half of the county. One that looks more like Clarke, Fauquier, Jefferson and Frederick than Fairfax and PW. Your argument is shallow and hollow.


Really ace, I connect Loudoun to almost all the surrounding counties and that is your answer? You want to compare to 2 counties that are very rural where people aren't as exposed to each other. SAD!


Science Can Save Us, KK153 has a point and so do you. However, social security is a fund we pay into all of our working lives. I would prefer not to pay into social security and save that money for my own retirement. I have never understood that people don't understand that the government never efficiently manages money. Social security is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.


At least that ponzi scheme pays off after years of working. If the stock market crashes with your retirement in it you are just out of luck.


amerigirl has the typical non logical answer that i would expect... "at least the ponzi scheme pays off..."

yeah... all Ponzi schemes pay off...until they don't


Seriously. Ponzi schemes don't "pay off." They shift money between the suckers who are involved. So many comments, so little knowledge and understanding.


Exactly KK and Ace, if it was a Ponzi scheme how are people getting retirement checks?


OMG, this is one of the more humorous times you've been completely wrong. A "Ponzi" scheme is also known as "Pyramid" scheme. Picture the shape of a pyramid in your mind. Google it if you must. Then think of the top as the very first people who put money into the pot. There are few of them. Then, as the operator of the scheme moves along, they must get more and more people to put money in, order to satisfy the earliest ones. Eventually the whole thing collapses because there isn't enough new money to "pay off" the early participants. All the while, the operator is skimming money from the pot. Baby Boomers are the ones who will drain the pot and nearly collapse the pyramid. There aren't enough subsequent generations to fund their "pay out" a/k/a retirement checks.


1, The USPS is the only entity of anything you list below that is Constitutionally mandated... and it's also the only one that does NOT use tax $'s. It's mandated by law to pay for itself through the sales of postage...which you pay for

2. you act as if the government is giving you something. they are not. government creates no wealth, it produces nothing. when you send a dollar to DC for "roads, or social security, or any of the other BS you list, it comes back to you as .78 cents for you to use... of the money you sent them

3. almost half of the US tax filers pay NO federal income tax. so why then do they get to use and of the things you insist the government is so kind to give us?

4. There was no federal income tax in the US until 1913. Wonder how this country was built with a small federal gov and no income tax?

David Dickinson

I'd like to thank Donald Trump for giving all these funds to Loudoun and Virginia to help people who need it. Unlike Randall, who says she cares and then voted to increase all Louduoners property taxes (after she voted for her own pay raise), Donald Trump actually delivers $$ to the people that need it.


Why? Did trump have a hard time picking up that pen to sign the bipartisan CARES Act's created by the house ad senate? Trump didn't deliver squat, he had nothing to do with the way it was drawn up. But we know trump he will take credit for it.


The last time I checked the U.S. Constitution, the Executive Branch does not write legislation and can only implement legislation as passed by the Legislative Branch. The CARES Act was passed by Congress and was administered by the Executive Branch under Trump since he is currently the Chief Executive of the U.S. Government. Therefore, he is logically entitled to take credit as his administration is providing it to the public. This country should not want to have a Chief Executive (President) who wants to be both the Legislature and Executive. I believe that type of power is found in monarchs which is a concept that I believe we fought the War of Independence against the British Empire (United Kingdom now).


Voltaire, please show me where in the constitution says that one? He takes credit for everything, it’s his nature. He is the one that wants to subvert the separation of powers listed in the constitution. Hasn’t he constantly attacked the Justice branch? Hasn’t he said he is the ultimate power?


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