Loudoun County — Broad Run | Regency Property

Star represents the central point of the parcel/parcels identified within Regency Property application proposed by The Peterson Companies.

A detention pond making up less than an acre is being considered in a housing development proposal near the intersection of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard.

The Board of Supervisors after a July 18 closed session voted to include the pond in the Regency Property application proposed by Peterson Companies. The detention pond would be owned by the county.

Peterson is proposing to rezone approximately 9.27 acres from the CR-1 Zoning District to R-24 for up to 224 residential units, which may be comprised of up to 176 two-over-two stacked multifamily units and up to 48 attached multifamily dwelling units, according to a June 9 memorandum.

The pond is considered as a potential right-of-way abandonment.

Detention ponds temporarily store stormwater runoff, thereby reducing the peak rate of runoff to a stream or storm sewer, according to a detention basin fact sheet from the Dauphin County Conservation District in Pennsylvania. They help prevent localized flooding and, if designed to do so, provide some water quality benefits and reduce streambank erosion downstream.

“If the board wanted to approve the rezoning -- and this only means if it goes forward so the board can consider it -- then the county administrator signs off on the county’s interest in that,” Loudoun County Attorney Leo Rogers said.

The site, located in the Broad Run District, sits southwest of the intersection of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard.

The board voted 8-0-1, with Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) absent from the business meeting.

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