Lynching Memorial Discussion -- Sen. McClellan

State Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan (D)listens to conversations with local residents and guests at the March 15, 2019, forum in Leesburg on racial reconciliation and Virginia history.

Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) is endorsing state Sen. Jennifer McClellan for governor.

McClellan (D-9th), of the Richmond area, announced her bid last week, launching a campaign video titled “Future,” which noted a focus on the economy, affordable health care and high-quality education.

Randall and McClellan first met at the Sorensen Institute for political leadership at the University of Virginia in 2005. The two connected through their views on education and justice, according to the Loudoun chairwoman.

“She’s a remarkable person,” Randall (D-At Large) said. “She cares about people and the things that I care about — justice, education, health care for all people, the environment. I just believe she is one of the most — quite honestly — one of the most remarkable minds and remarkable talents to come along in a long time. I full-throatedly support Jennifer. Not even a question.”

According to McClellan’s campaign, she has led legislation on education spending, growing small business, expanding access to health care access, banning discrimination and inequity, safeguarding workers’ rights and voting rights and criminal justice reform, among other issues.

Randall said she’s aware of the history McClellan would make if she became the first woman and first Black woman to become governor of the commonwealth. She would also be the first Black woman to be a governor in the U.S.

But Randall said she’s focused on McClellan’s credentials, stating the senator is a qualified candidate who has served in the legislature for more than 14 years, including 11 in the House of Delegates and three in the Senate.

“We have somebody who has just prepared for years to bring the right temperament, the right education, the right policies, the right foresight, the right vision to this position,” Randall said. “The fact that she also happens to be a Black woman is just for history’s sake ... ”

McClellan said one of the reasons she is running is to make sure no one is left behind as the commonwealth looks to rebound from COVID-19.

She said Loudoun County has been a big part of the commonwealth’s economic growth and will be critical in the years ahead.

She also said Loudoun has played a role in addressing and reckoning with the commonwealth’s history of racial inequity.

“I think that’s why it means so much to me to have support from Loudoun, but it also reaffirms to me how important it is that we build in a way that addresses the inequity and painful history that we’ve dealt with so that we can grow and heal at the same time,” McClellan said.

The senator said protests have shown people want to have faith in government’s ability to come up with solutions.

“As I have been out listening to, talking to not just protesters, but people in communities across the commonwealth, they are hungry for government officials to listen to them and include them in the process of solving each of the problems,” McClellan said.

McClellan is one of three women who could become the first female governor of the commonwealth. State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-11th) and Del. Jennifer Carroll-Foy (D-2nd), another Black woman, are also running for governor in 2021. Attorney General Mark Herring (D) and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) have also expressed in running for governor.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) cannot seek re-election. A Virginia governor cannot serve two consecutive terms in office, per the state’s constitution.

Northam won over Republican challenger Ed Gillespie by 233,086 votes in 2017.


List of recent Virginia governors

-Charles Spittal Robb (D), Fairfax County, Jan. 16, 1982–Jan. 11, 1986

-Gerald Lee Baliles (D), City of Richmond, Jan. 11, 1986–Jan. 13, 1990

-Lawrence Douglas Wilder (D), City of Richmond, Jan. 13, 1990–Jan. 15, 1994

-George Felix Allen (R), Albemarle County, Jan. 15, 1994–Jan. 17, 1998

-James Stuart Gilmore III (R), City of Richmond, Jan. 17, 1998–Jan. 12, 2002

-Mark Robert Warner (D), City of Alexandria, Jan. 12, 2002–Jan. 14, 2006

-Timothy Michael Kaine (D), City of Richmond, Jan. 14, 2006–Jan. 16, 2010

-Robert Francis McDonnell (R), City of Virginia Beach, Jan. 16, 2010–Jan. 11, 2014

-Terence Richard McAuliffe (D), Fairfax County, Jan. 11, 2014–Jan. 13, 2018

-Ralph Shearer Northam (D), City of Norfolk, Jan. 13, 2018– present

first Black governor elected

-Source: Encyclopedia of Virginia

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What are Senator McClellan's (D) thoughts on the performance to date of Governor Coonman (D) and Attorney General Blackface (D)?


Phyllis Randall is a flat out racist, PERIOD!


Her? How about you?

David Dickinson

This article fails to mention that Leesburg's own Attorney General Mark Herring (D) admits to dressing up and pretending to be black. Unfortunately, we can't say he would be Virginia's first black-faced governor, as that distinction goes to his Democrat buddy Ralph Northam. Statues must be removed, but these two clowns stay?


Maybe it's because that is not what the article is about, read it. And using the term 'black-faced governor' is racist. If you don't think so see how well t worked for Jerry Falwell, staff resignations, demands for his firing by influential alumni, an incipient boycott and a raucous protest in the university’s home of Lynchburg, Va., over the past week.


You seem to be screwed up yet again. Using the term 'black-faced governor' is accurate. The DEMOCRAT governor and the DEMOCRAT attorney general are racists.

You're welcome.


No you screwed up again. Did either of them do anything while they were in office? Nope. And that is what Falwell called him and was is racist every time you have used it and it still is now. It is you that is the true racist.


The REPUBLICAN Governor of Alabama and the entire REPUBLICAN party are racists.


ReasonableVoice--OK, for the umpteenth time, I am going to discuss this. The fact that Governor Northam and Virginia Attorney General Herring "blackface" incidents occurred when they were private citizens before they were elected to their respective offices. They DID NOT do these activities while in office and cannot be removed for that. These incidents do not meet the requirements identified in the Code of Virginia for removal/recall action. Now, this logic ALSO applies to the Republican Governor of the State of Alabama. She did NOT do this activity while she is holding the title of Governor of the State of Alabama. Therefore, you cannot remove her from office on this basis. As to the general declaration you made about "REPUBLICAN party are racists". That statement is a blanket characterization and is wrong. Not everyone who is a republican is also automatically racist and vice versa.


It's only wrong if Democrats wear blackface. Republican Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama wore blackface in college as well. But got ZERO flack over it.


ReasonableVoice--as I stated in an earlier posting, just like Governor Northam and Virginia Attorney General Herring, Governor Ivey of Alabama shouldn't get flack over the "blackface incident" as that occurred when she was a private citizen. If people have problems with this, then they should have made that determination at the ballot box in the respective state that they are running for office.


And you know what, it was a different time. He was impersonating someone he admired not trying to degrade blacks. Maybe you should stop using the term just like your friend Falwelll because it is taken as racist.


Rather than dummy Randall dealing with this rescue crisis with Hemstreet and demanding terminations of incompetent Loudoun County 911 operators and this terrible fire chief, she is endorsing her girlfriend for governor! Terrible!


and who should deal with the rescue crisis


AG--that should be either the Fire Chief, as Chief of Department, or the County Administrator if there is action needed against the Fire Chief himself. Doubtful that action will be taken based on the current information available concerning the incident.


Volt, the fire chief doesn't have the authority to try and negotiate how to handle that. There should be no reason that our BS can't talk with their BOS and try to work something out.


Peterrabbit--OK, if there is a "crisis" in the Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Service, then that matter should be handled by the Fire Chief, as he is the Chief of Department. If there is a problem with the Fire Chief, then that is the responsibility of the County Administrator, Mr. Hemstreet. However, based on all the available information, I think that it is a stretch to remove the Fire Chief and the dispatchers when they were correct in following protocol concerning the jurisdictional aspects of the incident. Further, since the incident involved a water rescue, there are additional logistic considerations that have to be taken into account such as activation of Mutual Aid Agreements and the crewing/deployment of specialized Fire and Rescue equipment (water rescue teams).


The only racism's I see is perpetuated by blacks here in Loudoun. Every time they use BLM they seek to divide and Randall is great at identity politics.


Don't you just hate those uppity blacks?! Always asking for more like equal rights and such. /s


Therein lies your problem. You see them as dividing when they are just trying to be equal.

Virginia SGP

Is it a requirement for a candidate to be black to get Randall's endorsement?

I think there is a name for that when the person must be white to get an endorsement.


your racist remarks know no bound

Virginia SGP

You mean Randall's racism (endorses Muriel Bowser, Justin Fairfax, McClellan) of focusing on black politicans to support?

You see, the fake news narrative of the radical crazy Dems is just false. Two examples to illustrate my point:

South Carolina (my home state) is very conservative. They have 2 conservative, Republican Senators in Congress. It is a majority white state. Guess which Senator (white conservative or black conservative) received more votes? More votes from white voters?

According to polls a few years back, black citizens have less confidence in black police officers than in white police officers.

This notion that white citizens or police are racist is simply unsupported by anything other than the uncontrolled emotion of radical Liberals. White supported Obama in greater numbers than they did Kerry. But black turnout increases when a black candidate is on the ballot and black men are more likely to support a black presidential candidate even with the same policy agenda.

Voting based on the race of a candidate should be scorned, not applauded. In a rational society, citizens vote based on policy and character. It cannot be racist for black political scientists to point out the bias in black politicians or voters (the research I cited). You really need to get a grip on logic and reality.


I wonder what S. Car. would be if there wasn't all that gerrymandering, Not all police are racist, but they have their share.


SGP, your ego must be the only big thing you have. Yes, do you comprehend English? S. Car is one of the 13 severely gerrymandered states. South Carolina’s 6th District is a straightforward racial gerrymander. Do NOT question my intelligence, this can be a 2-way street. And no I moved here as an adult.


according to you, the only reason she got the endorsement is because of her race - there could be no other reason? You keep showing Loudoun how racist you truly are


Why of course, Amerigirl. ANYTIME progressives lose an election, it's because something was gerrymandered or it was racist or there were unfair hanging chads or there was cheating by the evil GOP or _____. Couldn't possibly be that your candidates suck and have the same old tired ideas they've had for a hundred years (rob Peter to pay Paul to get votes).

In other news, every child gets a trophy. If they don't, tantrums are sure to follow.


A racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, irredeemable deplorable in a basket clinging to guns and religion!


Lets, well of course ANYTIME conservatives lose an election it is illegals voting, bad mail in ballots, etc. but you got the rest right


What is wrong with you?


He told the truth.



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