Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) and Vice Chairman Koran Saines (D-Sterling) are supporting a name change for the Washington Redskins.

At Tuesday's business meeting, Randall and Saines will be recommending the board send a letter encouraging Washington owner Dan Snyder to rename the NFL team.

The franchise, which practices and has its corporate headquarters in Ashburn, said on Friday it is undergoing a “thorough review.” The team plays its home games in Landover, Maryland.

The latest review comes in the wake of nationwide protests and rallies fighting against systemic racism and police brutality.

FedEx, the title sponsor of the Redskins’ stadium, announced last week it wants the team to change its name. FedEx said in a statement on July 2, “We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name.“ 

The name "Redskin" has been commonly known as being offensive and insulting to Native Americans dating back to the mid-18th century.

"I am very happy that they're talking, which ... they have called a 'thorough review,'" Randall said. "I think it is appropriate to take the thorough review. I think the name is an inappropriate name, and I do not think that continuing to profit and benefit from the historical pain of all cultures is appropriate."

Randall said it's important for the board to weigh in on the issue considering Loudoun is home to the franchise's corporate headquarters. She said the board was notified on Monday about the intentions of her and Saines, and a draft of the letter was emailed Monday night.

Saines said he hopes owner Dan Snyder will change the name.

"As a lifelong fan and former season ticket holder, I pray Mr. Snyder does the right thing and changes the name," Saines said. "If he truly wants to honor Native Americans he would work with their communities to select a new name that is not derogatory."

Snyder, who has opposed the move in the past, has had ongoing discussions with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the subject, according to multiple news outlets.

Snyder said in a prepared statement last week, “This process allows the team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the franchise but also input from our alumni, the organization, sponsors, the National Football League and the local community it is proud to represent on and off the field.”

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When they changed the name of the Washington Bullets , violence in the City stopped immediately. It was a catalyst for immediate change in DC. Oh wait......


My prompt to letsbreal was to look at the big picture considering that he was accusing the BOS of being the "morality police." The issue is really one of ethical and taxpayer-focused decision making (which I agree with). I don't think immorality is using county funds for economic development issues related to legal sports activities.


Let me clarify. These are two separate subjects.

1) In general, the BOS are acting like morality police when that's not their job.

2) The $25 million to a team of 35 players at Loudoun United is bad policy, not a morality issue. It takes money from the tax payer and gives to a group of strangers. Loudoun gets nothing out of it, except "projections" that it may pay for itself in the long term. Those projections often don't come true. They're just a rosy way of funneling dollars to a certain organization and the BOS should never have done that. Let people spend their $$$ where they want to. If they like soccer, it will flourish on its own. I say the same of subsidies to big energy, Tesla, big pharma, big enviro-cause, ethanol, etc. Let people spend their money where they want to instead of artificially propping things up that people don't want. It's a perversion of the tax code and more and more of the economy is becoming "structured" towards special interests without them having to earn those consumer dollars.


I agree with #2


LetsBreal--I partially agree with Item 2. You really can't compare money given to sports franchises to other subsidies. That's comparing apples to oranges.


As a lifelong sports fan I've always enjoyed the adding of teams to leagues, alternative jerseys, and the occasional rebranding. I also understand that a name change won't suddenly make Haskins an NFL quality QB, but maybe everybody will be so distracted by the name change that they won't notice that this team is once again garbage until later in November. If there is a season at that.


Does anyone know what the new name of Leesburg is? and whether Monticello will be bulldozed?


While we're at it, can we change the name of Leesburg.....I'm thinking wokeburg would be more appropriate at this time....


L4T--nah, go big or go home. You should change the name of Loudoun County as this county was named after a British aristocrat (Gen. John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun). Or better yet, let's change the name of the Commonwealth of Virginia as that was derived from the name of a British monarch.


Excellent ideas Voltaire....thank you for the history lesson....when will this nonsense stop....meanwhile, our county government refuses to educate our kids on a full time basis.....priorities priorities.....


She has every right to announce an agenda item she is bringing forward for BOS to consider. I believe she has an equal responsibility to send a follow-up if the BOS does not vote to support asking for a name change and if the BOS does vote in favor they can publish that decision. I wish the BOS would also publish the top ten problems of the County they are actually working on and also publish progress toward solving those problems. I would hate et think taxpayers are spending a kings ransom in taxes (highest in the state) exclusively to move a statue and change a name of a sports team. (traffic (interstate and local), VDOT failure to maintain local roads, many school issues, burying garbage above target levels, mental health improvements and overall efficiency improvements etc,. :-)


Bob--I don't believe that the Board of Supervisors can tell a state agency (the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)) how it should maintain state roads. Further, there are a lot of variables involved with funding for construction/maintenance of roads and VDOT is responsible for most of the public roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Chris McHale

And in other news tomorrow will be hot.


Any the County Voted to remove that confederate statue from our courthouse


Who cares what she thinks? 90 percent of Native Americans don't find it offensive; that should be a bigger story.



But but but buuut buuuuuut... we have to be offended about something?!!

Without a manufactured crisis, there's no impetus for stirring the pot for the change WE want and yelling racism whenever we don't get our way. Then we would have to follow laws and create bills in legislatures that may not pass votes. Better to force change through intimidation.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel (D-imbecile)


I find the name Koran offensive will the BoS support his removal?

Sunday Sinner

Maybe if they rename them the Washington Email Servers the right wing will be mollified.


I bet you thought it was funny when you wrote it. You were wrong.

Sunday Sinner

Just shootin' the stuff with my fellow white noise, garbage posting County-mates. Thanks for joining in!

John M

Sunday Sinner (such a clever username by the way)- I bet if they named the team the Washington Obamas you would be in heaven.


let'sbreal: your major point was not the appropriation; it was about "morality police."

So my point was: it's your morality vs hers.

If you're now re-writing you original post...go ahead

By the way the $25million for soccer you cite IS covered in your very nice job description under "appropriates funds" Again, you just didn't like to decision.


Actually, NO. My decision would have been don't do it and let the tax payer (the EARNER) keep more of their money. This was a transfer of $$$ from tax payer to the soccer team by a Board that's way out of their lane.

You want morality police, go live in an Islamic country. I have. It's not something I care to see again.


If you've lived in an islamic country, then you know the BOS aren't the "morality police"

And I did note that you did not like the $25 mil decision so I don't understand your last post.

And if you really want to get inflamed, read the details of what the gov't did with the PPP. Where do you think THAT money is coming from?


LCS--with regards to the PPP, that program was intended to provide loans to businesses to guarantee eight weeks of payroll and other costs to help those businesses remain viable and allow their workers to pay their bills. Overall, the program did work. However, as is most emergency programs, it has very little oversight and there were flaws in the execution of it.


LCS--actually it does NOT fall under the general areas of appropriation as specified by the Loudoun County budget. In the 2021 budget, there are three areas that fall under the "Schedule of Appropriations". They are (1) County Projects (Administration and Information Technology; General Government; Health and Welfare; Parks, Recreation, and Culture, Public Safety; and Towns) (2) Transportation Projects; and (3) School Projects. I don't believe that the $25M funding for the soccer stadium falls under the Schedule of Appropriations and would question the legitimacy of it being considered a "proper" appropriation per appropriation law.


Hail to the Washington Indigenous persons, hail victory... Na doesn't work sorry.


Grow a pair Dan make REDSKINS all capital letters!


2 little Indians/


I'm reading the duties of the Board of Supervisors:

"Loudoun County is governed by a nine-member Board of Supervisors. The chairman of the Board of Supervisors is elected by the voters at large. The other supervisors are elected from each of eight election districts in the county. All nine members serve concurrent terms of four years.

The Board of Supervisors sets county policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the State Code.

The Board appoints a county administrator, who manages county operations; the Planning Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity on land use issues; and various other boards and commissions."


Seems to me, they're acting more like morality police than doing their job spelled out under their charter. Get back in your lanes and do your job.


So what's your point?

There'd be nary a peep out of you if she voiced an opinion you agreed with. You are nothing more than another opinion grasping for rationalization.


My point is, this is not what she is being paid for by the tax payer.

The BOS is adept at very poor decision making, like shoveling $25 million of tax payer $$$ at soccer teams for no reason under the sun (other than maybe for kickbacks). They should concentrate a little more on their actual jobs instead of telling everyone their opinions and driving wedge issues to win more elections.

That's my point. You got my point now?

David Dickinson

If Dan Snyder changes the name, then his legacy will be the guy that utterly destroyed the Redskins in every possible way.


News flash for you; that's already his legacy. The Redskins are so tainted that a businessman with any sense at all would embrace a rebranding effort if only so he could sell all that sweet new merchandise.


RandomName2019--you may get your wish. Amazon just announced that they have pulled all Redskins gear from their online platform. That'll force some action one would imagine.


The writings been on the wall for some time now. The fact that Snyder couldn't address it says a tremendous amount regarding his lack of business acumen.

David Dickinson

Koran Saines (D) wants the name changed, but says, "As a lifelong fan and former season ticket holder..." Apparently, the name hasn't bothered him too much in the past.


You make a good point. Going with Redtails, but too many other things going on to worry about this. But I am sure the comment section will be lively.


I like the red tails suggestion.


The Tough Skins, then you can still call them the Skins.


What the Chair supports is meaningless and has no impact on the Redskins. Her input is about as useless as my own input on the matter. But like Springerdad said, this makes for great click bait to boost eyeballs on LTM and rake in the revenue from ads.


Another click bait article to get people sniping at each other. You are getting really good at this.

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