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Rep. Jennifer Wexton’s {span}bipartisan legislation{/span} will expand research into the prevention and treatment of opioid addiction.

Loudoun County could seek nearly $80 million in damages related to the nation's opioid epidemic, the Board of Supervisors determined Thursday night.

Following a closed session meeting, the Board of Supervisors directed County Attorney Leo Rogers to retain and work with Sanford Heisler Sharp LLP, Kaufman & Canoles LLP and the Cicala Law Firm PLLC to initiate and prosecute ligation against opioid manufacturers and recover costs incurred. 

A board-initiated cost assessment found the county has a claim for at least $79.6 million over the last five years in the areas of criminal justice costs, emergency services costs, school system costs, mental health costs, family and children’s services Act costs and other expenses.

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Just goes to show, it's not illegals bringing drugs to the community, it's doctors. And yet I don't see any walls being built around hospitals...

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Think this is a lost cause for our local govt to go after. Perhaps we should just do away with this/these drugs. I've had at least a dozen surgeries(some major, 2 back fusions) and never finished the bottle of pain pills prescribed to me because it was more in the mind. I didn't sit around and baby the pain.


If 26 Virginia localities have already filed suit why shouldn’t Loudoun if it has cost the taxpayers $79.6 million already? If Virginia didn’t do a class action suit for all the county’s then they must do it themselves. Some states sued, like OK which has won 2 settlements. One against Purdue Pharm settling for $270 million and just won against Johnson & Johnson (settlement to be determined). Pulaski Co. in VA has joined a class action suit along with Wythe, Smyth and Russell counties. AG Mark Herring filed a separate lawsuit in state court in Tazewell County against Purdue Pharma. If their recklessness is costing the tax payers we should have every right to try to recoup the money. The Pharma giants are making a killing off of us. I don’t see how you can make a drug go away, once it’s there and there is a demand it will get here one way or another.

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These settlements will come back with higher prices for other drugs. Do you really think these companies won't pass it onto us? Heck look at Malpractice Ins for Doctors


This is a simple money grab by the politicians. Every legitimate study will show you that legal use of opiods is not a problem, it is the illegal use that is a problem. Our chairwoman should know that if her creds are real. Legitimate drug producers are not supplying the overdoses. Most of the opiods that result in overdoses are coming from overseas, particularly China, and not from oxycontin alone.
Government should not be involved in telling docters how to practice medicine, wilth
exception of limiting quantity per Rx. All that our illustrious POLs will accomplish is make it hard for people with legimate need to get the pain relief they need. It is cheaper and easier to get illegal opiods. Our politicians are more of a problem to health care than opiods will ever be, they should pray that they never have a time when their pain is so unbearable they want to shoot themselves to get it over with and there is not a pain pill in sight thanks to their ignorance and selfishness in getting those votes. This is a political problem from both the left and right, not medical. If a politician goes to jail for every overdose I would support it as a legitimate societal need.


What makes you think that? What studies have you looked at? I agree that she should try to recoup any monies that the county has spent because of the opioid epidemic when possible. You are right about the illegal drugs, they come from mostly China and Afghanistan. But according to Bridget G. Brennan, New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor “We didn’t develop an opioid epidemic until there was a huge surplus of opioids, which started with pharmaceutical drugs. They have finally gone after Rochester Drug Co-Operative, one of the top 10 largest drug distributors in the US, charging them with conspiracy to violate narcotics laws, conspiracy to defraud the U.S., and willfully failing to file suspicious order reports. If you give a town enough drugs that every person in it would get approx. 300 opioids a year than you know something is wrong. Between 2012 and 2016, Rochester Drug Co-Operative is accused of distributing tens of millions of doses of oxycodone, fentanyl and other opioids to pharmacies that its own compliance department found had no legitimate need for them. They found about 8,300 potentially suspicious 'orders of interest,' including thousands of oxycodone orders between 2012 and 2016, but only reported four. Governments need to oversee the use of narcotics for just this sort of reason. They don’t tell doctors how to practice medicine. But with some, including some here in Loudoun, open their door for suspicious people, many from W.VA, on a regular basis. There is good money in it. So they should see if the same people are coming in every month for a different ailment that they want opioids for. That is why they are limited on how much can be prescribed at 1 time and they have to be accounted for.


Why do peoples bad choices always cost us the taxpayer?




Is this the type of litigation a county typically takes on? Ms. Randall should first find a county attorney that hasn't been arrested for assault (or whatever the charge was involving his wife) because that directly costs a county $, an attorney that actually pays his own attorneys and does not need to be sued over bills, an attorney that does not spend $150,000 to lose a constitutional case against the chair, and an attorney that wasn't personally sued for the deprivation of civil rights... then, maybe a county attorney can uphold the law and not engage in boondoggles for show. #MeTooForLoudoun


Why wouldn't you ant the money if she can get it? It's tax payer money that is covering the cost of the epidemic, if we can get some of it back we should go for it. Are you just saying that because she is democratic? Would you really feel the same way if a republican said they were getting money that tax payers have to pay?


The opiod crisis is more than prescription drugs...we have a "heroin" epidemic that is consuming the is not just started with a prescription for pain. There have been far more deaths from recreational opiod use than prescribed at least in my personal experience. Too many!! We have a problem that is coming in to Baltimore through that harbor. Not to get political, but it seems to me that we have enemies who know exactly how to kill us. Here's a thought.... Are most of our physicians foreign? Do most of the drugs come in from foreign countries? We have a huge problem... The ignorance of ourselves!!! We do what we want, ignore what we don't want to see, and blame someone else for everything! Ridiculous! When we open our eyes and accept responsibility for allowing this to happen, we can finally do something about it... money only puts a bandaid on it.


- Opioids accounted for more than 47,000 deaths in 2017 in the US
- Loudoun County is seeking $80m from Opioid manufacturers
- Alcohol related deaths account for more than 88,000 each year in the US
- Loudoun County is seeking $0.00 from alcohol manufacturers
- Sleeping pill related deaths account for more than 100,000 each year in the US

Whether death by opioid overdose, alcohol or sleeping pills, it's all bad. But aren't people accountable anymore? 7 months ago, my daughter went to a friends house for the first time. The mother of her friend made it a point to let my wife and I know that they "don't have any guns in the house". Why? Because society is being conditioned to believe that all guns are bad? I have an extensive collection (locked up), trained my kids too shoot and I openly clean them and load magazines in front of them. Guess what, their level of curiosity regarding guns was squashed years ago and they've learned to respect them. Ok back to the parents with no guns in the house. So while they didn't have any guns in the house, they're active alcoholics. Find the logic in that. Schools have DARE and MADD and while slightly different they share common goals, educate kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Why? So they don't end up dead from either. Why would we not do the same with guns? People are attracted to the things they are curious about or are told they can't have. Personal accountability seems like a long lost concept that our society lacks.


Do you want alcoholics to own guns? Why? That doesn't make sense. They have every right to ask about guns in a home. You have every right to ask about alcohol use. Then make a decision about the suitability of the family as a place for your child to play. That is accountability.


You can educate til you're blue in the face, not everyone will listen, especially kids. As we all know they think they know more than anyone else and are always right. Hope you never make any mistakes with your guns, things happen, safety first.

Chris McHale

I will first say that I agree that addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. With that said for Chairman Randall to imply that "opioid by themselves " have resulted in the death of individuals is blind. What about the Dr.'s in Loudoun prescribing it or the Pharmacist filling it. I had a chipped bone with and estimated 14 days of pain recovery, I was prescribed 60 days of Oxycodone?????


Did these two law firms bid for the right to represent the County in this litigation? Can we assume there has never been political donations between any members of these law firms and either party or any current BOS members? Can or should we assume that these firms will only receive remuneration if they achieve a positive settlement? Can we assume there are no family involvements with either firm with any BOS family member? I only bring these items up as this type of litigation can be VERY time consuming and with 44 or so states also suing these firms they could very well become bankrupt prior to any settlement meaning the only winner is the law firm via heavy billable hours. Shouldn't all legal retention be openly bid especially if it is highly likely to be extensive? Shouldn't such bidding apply to the school board as well. (it doesn't)

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