Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that all of Virginia is expected to enter the third phase of the state’s COVID-19 reopening plan on July 1.

Northam (D) last week delayed Virginia from entering the third phase because state officials needed more time to review the state’s health metrics. He said the metrics “look good” at Tuesday’s briefing and, barring a dramatic shift in the figures, the pandemic restrictions will be further loosened next Wednesday.

“I want to reiterate that everybody should continue to take this pandemic seriously,” Northam said. “Cases are on the rise in many other states as I said previously. I don’t want to see that happen in our commonwealth. Be cautious and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the people around you.”

Under the ”Phase 3” guidelines, social gatherings can include up to 250 people, child care facilities will be open and the capacity cap will be lifted for nonessential businesses, restaurants and beverage services.

Entertainment venues such as museums, zoos and other outdoor venues will be allowed to open at 50 percent capacity (up to 1,000 people). Gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools may open to 75 percent capacity.

Personal grooming services such as hair salons will still have to follow social distancing guidelines. Overnight summer camps will remain closed.

Loudoun County as of Wednesday morning had seen 84 deaths and 258 hospitalizations related to COVID-19. The county had confirmed 3,683 cases since the outbreak began.

Local percent positivity in testing had dropped to 8 percent as of Tuesday.

Statewide, the commonwealth on Tuesday had seen 1,645 deaths since the outbreak began, 58,994 confirmed cases and 5,913 hospitalizations.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and

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Thurs: The CDC chief says Covid cases could be more than 10 times greater than whats being reported. Says 92-95% of the population is still at risk of contracting the virus.

All you "freedom-loving" "let's open everything up now," "this is a hoax" "not gonna wear a mask cause its a liberal thing" people: The grim reaper is coming hard for conservatives, libertarians, right-wingers, trumpites and other disbelievers just like everyone else.

You've been set-up Jim Jones-like and drunk the hydroxy kool-aide. Good luck to you all.


Funny how you left protesters and rioters of your list of people getting ready to meet the grim reaper.

It seems like you only read the LTM and have not read the stories of the "conservatives libertarians, right-wingers, trumpites" in NYCand boroughs drinking and partying in the streets with no masks.

You must have missed all the "conservatives libertarians, right-wingers, trumpites" in California flocking to the beaches and boardwalks with no masks.

Your biased comments are tired and boring.

In regards to the 10x infection rate if what the CDC is saying is true that means the mortality rate of Covid-19 is no where near as high as they are currently saying.

Protect those at risk and wear a mask at a store!


I would like all those folks who state unequivocally that the covid pandemic is no worse than a flu epidemic explain this projection: the University of Washington model just predicted 179,000 deaths from covid by Oct 1. (If 95% of Americans wore masks, the death toll would drop to 149,000.)

So I'd like to see how all you "no worse than the flu" people dance and spin now.


Many are still reeling from the discovery that where they were once "dependable" for the President, they're now "expendable." That's been hard for them to take so it might be a few days before they process that this virus thing is worse than they were led to believe...


LOL, you are just hurting your own position in trying to make a point by referencing IHME's coronavirus projections. The two worst modelers have been IHME and The Imperial College of London. We could have done better by throwing a dart at a dartboard or spinning a casino wheel for a prediction. You can't call the models credible. But I your point, 80,000 Americans died from the seasonal flu in 2017-18 flu season. But we didn't intentionally collapse the economy then, bankrupt companies, borrow trillions for our kids and grandkids to deal with, and turn society on it's head like we did in 2020.....due to bad modelers and so-called health experts that turned out to be mostly clueless. Go and spin now that the coronavirus has caused 1.5 times more deaths than the seasonal flu. Be happy with yourself that you were "right" about the virus.



---> CDC 61,000 seasonal flu deaths 2017-18

So we're already twice the worst flu season in the last 10 years and still counting. And that's WITH mitigation. You seem to forget that if the world (not just the US) had not had some form of lockdown, the death counts would be much higher. You also don't seem to understand the fact that the contagion factor of coronavirus is much more than seasonal flu. Without mitigation, our death counts would easily reach a million. This is not a seasonal flu.

With seasonal flu there are vaccines available that are 45% effective. WIth coronavirus, there is no defense except social distancing, masks, and testing/isolation. Models can only be as accurate as the variables that are used at that point in time. Each model needs to define the parameters used in their estimate. Unfortunately, since most models include how humans behave and react to their role in controlling the virus, we now must adjust our numbers higher. This is because so many people ignore the threat and behave as if their is no pandemic. Just turn on the news to see the result. Populous states are reaching record daily cases. I invite you to compare the extremes of Brazil (no lockdown) and South Korea (lockdown and human compliance). Compare the US and Europe and you begin to see what we're doing wrong.


HA! All those "I hate Costco cause I have to wear a mask fools" and the "wearing a mask takes away from my freedom" nuts, will love this 3rd phase!!! If people don't wear their masks, we are going to look like Florida, Arizona and Texas in a month or two!! Then you can blame the Governor for that too. Carry on...….


It's not people shopping in stores, you fool. It's protestors in all cities burning, rioting and looting in close proximity.

The US saw around a 45k jump in new cases reported YESTERDAY.


LetsBreal--actually, it is both situations that are impacting the COVID-19 case count.


This is positive news! For all the negativity out there, we the people, have done a good job up here. Training for the Fall when kids start school again. Good job, neighbors.

Take care of yourselves. Wear your masks indoors and make decisive decisions when it comes to predicting what others around you are going to do - assume they do not have your safety in mind.

Science Can Save Us

I celebrate with all those who say it's great that we're reopening. I also feel like if we changed this sentence in the story just a bit more people would understand we're going to reopen but we're not out of the woods: an unseen killer, still loose and roaming across Virginia has killed 25 people in the past few days.


Grow up kid


Matthew--OK, what exactly did Science Can Save Us say in his post that was wrong? Actually, the poster is technically correct. People shouldn't forget that COVID-19 is still active. That is what the medical community is now communicating to the general public.


Good news! Someone was able to read the data for Ralph to move VA forward.....better late than never....


I guess we should be pleased that you've upped your rhetorical game and now refer to the Governor of Virginia as Ralph (though you're surely biting your racist lip to keep from typing your usual coonman). Incremental improvements are, as you suggest, better late than never. Wish we had a thousand years to watch you evolve into something resembling a sentient adult...


I don't really follow these boards and I've never seen anything else "Loudoun4Trump" has written. Don't really care to see it, either. But how is it racist to call the Governor by his own self-professed nickname?


ashburn76--the problem with it is that Northam didn't "self-profess" it. There were two "friends" at school with him that called him that name. He stated in an interview that he didn't know why they did that. It is disrespectful to the Office of Governor to call the Governor names like "coonman" "blackface". Along a similar line, it is disrespectful to the Office of the President of the United States to call Donald Trump names like "orange hair mussolini" and other variants.


Voltaire - No, the history is clear. Stop trying to rewrite it. From CNN:

Northam confirmed he was in the medical school yearbook photo, and said in a statement that the costumes were "clearly racist and offensive."

"Earlier today, a website published a photograph of me from my 1984 medical school yearbook in a costume that is clearly racist and offensive," Northam said. "I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now.

"This behavior is not in keeping with who I am today and the values I have fought for throughout my career in the military, in medicine, and in public service. But I want to be clear, I understand how this decision shakes Virginians' faith in that commitment."

He added, "I recognize that it will take time and serious effort to heal the damage this conduct has caused. I am ready to do that important work. The first step is to offer my sincerest apology and to state my absolute commitment to living up to the expectations Virginians set for me when they elected me to be their Governor."

Later, in a video posted to his Twitter page, Northam indicated he does not plan to resign despite numerous calls for him to do so from both sides of the aisle. He said he intended to win back the trust of Virginians. - CNN, February 7, 2019


Voltaire, they don't get it. They love coming on here and calling people racist names and the LTM allows it. I swear some of these people must be the ones passing out the KKK fliers in Roundhill. However, don't get me started on the President. At least my names for him are not racist, even though he is one.


LetsBreal—actually, contrary to your conclusion, it is about as clear as mud. I am not “rewriting history” which you claim and factually inaccurate. If you had bother to read my posting, before making unwarranted assumptions, then you would have saw that I am not disputing the question of Northam’s blackface incident when he was in medical school. What I AM saying is that it is disrespectful, no matter what the individual has or hasn’t done, to call them names and it is disrespectful to the office that they occupy. That logic applies to Northam, Herring, and Donald Trump. I would have thought that the rules of manners/etiquette would have taught everyone that. It would appear that I am mistaken. It is juvenile behavior at its finest and disturbing.

Loudoun Observer

All posts that amerigirl doesn't approve of result in her calling people racist.


LO--you stated "...all posts that amerigirl doesn't approve of result in her calling people racist." How is this relevant to the basic question that Ashburn76 asked? Answer, it isn't. [offtopic]

Science Can Save Us

Think about it..

Virginia SGP

Actually the word is Hypocrat.


Virginia SGP--Going by what Loudoun4Trump showed in his post "Hypocrit", then the proper word would be hypocrite as defined by the dictionary. I don't consider slang words from the Urban Dictionary "source of the word Hypocrat" to be proper words in the Queen's English.


I don't think the governor has used his "nickname" as you call during his professional life. If you use it you're just being not only disrespect to him, you are lessening your influence as a commenter.

Calling people names is easy; making convincing arguments is a bit harder and maybe beyond your capacity, so perhaps we should be sympathetic?


I realize the truth hurts...I just want to remind democrats of who they are....kimmel latest blackface hypocrit!


L4T--if you are going to call people names, which is juvenile, at least ensure the word spelling is correct. The word is hypocrite, not hypocrit. Thanks, Chief Constable of Grammar & Spelling Constabulary


Ralph, you mean Blackface Northam?


Workhardgetahead--cute. The man's name is Ralph Northam. It does not have "Coonman" or "Blackface" anywhere in his official name. Sure, you, and other posters, may not like the Governor but can't you just call him by his real name? How hard is that?

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