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Loudoun County public safety personnel are investigating a gas leak on Route 7 eastbound, according to county officials.

Route 7 eastbound between Cascades Parkway and Sterling Boulevard remained closed at 4:30 p.m., and motorists are advised to use caution, follow law enforcement direction, use alternate routes and avoid the area if possible.

County officials said the gas leak occurred Friday after a gas line was struck at the intersection of Potomac View Road and Route 7. It was unknown Friday afternoon how long it will take it resolve the gas leak, but residents and motorists should be prepared for an extended impact on traffic during the Friday rush hour.

Detours and closures are in place:

-All eastbound traffic on Route 7 is being detoured onto Route 28

-Northbound Potomac View Drive is closed at Benedict Drive

-Bartholomew Drive is closed at Route 7

-Potomac View Drive southbound is closed at Palisades Parkway

-Cascades Parkway to Route 7 eastbound is closed

-Cascades Parkway southbound to 7 east is closed

Loudoun residents can sign up for traffic alerts at loudoun.gov/alert. A real-time map of traffic incidents in the county is online at sheriff.loudoun.gov/traffic.

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Chris McHale

There were a large number of LCSO deputies on the scene to shutdown traffic. Unfortunately not one was DIRECTING traffic. Everyone I witnessed was in his vehicle on their phone or laptop. Basically these officers served the same purpose as orange cones.


Orange cones getting paid OVERTIME

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