Loudoun Public Schools Administration Building

The Loudoun County Public Schools administration building in Ashburn

In a Tuesday email to families, the Loudoun County Public Schools Department of Support Services distributed a survey to collect data regarding childcare concerns and needs from parents and guardians.

The online form, which officials asked parents to fill out if their child is in grades K-6 or requires special accommodations, is due Aug. 3 at 5 p.m.

LCPS intends to use the resulting data “to analyze the need for childcare and any possible solutions available,” according to the email.

LCPS and Loudoun County government employees are asked to complete the form despite having already been asked to provide similar information in a previous, staff-only survey.

Quality care for children of working parents appears to be among the district’s chief concerns after the Loudoun County School Board voted last week to implement a 100 percent distance learning model, with special exceptions, for the coming fall semester.

That vote contravened the board’s prior decision to implement a hybrid instructional model with a 100 percent distance-learning option, though that choice would carry questions regarding childcare as well.

“LCPS is working collaboratively with the County of Loudoun to identify the scope of the childcare needs for the community and meeting frequently to discuss possible solutions to meet those needs,” the LCPS email reads.

Parents can access the survey by going to bit.ly/LCPSsurvey online.

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Eagle Eye

I just want to bring it to the readers attention that I received a newsletter from Del. Ibraheems Samirah this week outlining his agenda for the House of Delegates to seek universal childcare and Preschool for all 3 and 4 year olds across the state. If LCPS is able to get the childcare for teachers issue passed in Loudoun, it seems to me it would give Del. Samirah a stronger case to mandate his agenda for universal childcare and preschool across the entire state. Below is the paragraph from the newsletter, "Weekly Checkup With Del. ibraheems Samirah", dated Monday, July 27, 2020 which I received:

Fixing Childcare and Providing PreK for All

The cost and availability of quality childcare in the US has been a constant issue for working families of all backgrounds. In Virginia, the cost of 4-year-old childcare runs on average $906 a month, which is almost $11,000 a year. It's easy to imagine how a parent who makes minimum wage (currently about $15,000 a year in Virginia) is effectively locked out of childcare access, in most cases making financial matters worse for their family.

Now, more than four months into a pandemic that has closed public schools, our nation's childcare crisis is becoming a full blown emergency. That emergency involves the hundreds of thousands of childcare workers who lack PPE, fair compensation, and reasonable hours. Plus, childcare facilities across the country are taking a big hit as enrollment plunges downward. Vox writes that: "to help child care providers stay afloat, many experts have called for a bailout of the child care industry, estimating that providers around the country need about $50 billion to keep paying their expenses amid lower revenues and potential temporary closures."

It's clear that a massive policy intervention is needed, and last week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stepped up to the challenge and introduced a new childcare program that can stabilize and rebuild our childcare system. The Biden campaign says that “As a first step, Biden will immediately provide states, tribal, and local governments with the fiscal relief they need to keep workers employed and keep vital public services running, including direct care and child care services."

His plan then calls for free, universal preschool for every 3 and 4 year old in the country. His plan also creates a tax-credit system to ensure that middle- and low-income families never pay more than 7% of their income on childcare for their kids under 3. Additional tax-credits will make it easier for employers to create new on-site childcare facilities for their employees. For childcare workers, the plan would substantially raise their baseline pay and ensure that they receive crucial benefits like healthcare plans and paid sick leave.

One of the very first issues I ran on when I jumped into the political arena was childcare and universal PreK. That's because it's an issue that runs deep throughout our economy, affecting public health, job opportunity, economic growth, racial inequality, gender inequality, and lifelong educational outcomes. When families can spend less on childcare, they can put that money towards better housing and opportunities for their kids. When childcare workers are treated and paid fairly, they can do a better job delivering quality care and education for our kids. That's why Biden's plan is a win-win for Virginians and all Americans.

For the record, I am a retired teacher (12 years in LCPS) and single mom who paid for daycare for my child for many years out of my own pocket. I do not support paid daycare for teachers or any Virginia State resident, nor do I support mandated preschool for all three and four year old children. My taxes are high enough already, and mandating state governed childcare and preschool I fear would create higher taxes for all of us during this unprecedented pandemic.


I have a question: How are we going to pay for this "free" government-controlled child care?


Our taxes go up to subsidize it. Having a kid is a choice. Just like college. Schools need to start handing out pamphlets that clearly explain the costs in involved in both. If you can’t afford to have kids working minimum wage. Don’t. If you can’t afford Harvard go to nova. Or find a trade.


Well, name calling, so mature! but seems to be the history with the local bully. So I am now"The next level coo-coo and Charlatan". Well, here we go, with facts, that will be ignored of course. Yes here are the LOCAL facts in regards to those rich LCPS teachers...

Early on, A LCPS teacher in Step 1 $56,614,Fairfax - $52,500, Man City-$52,530, PW, $51,675 (Yep, A teacher here makes more EARLY ON!)

Step 5- LCPS-$61,114, Fairfax-$61,331, Man City- $56,040, PW- $52,517

Step 10- LCPS-$70,614, Fairfax-$70,337 Man City-$65,654, PW-$60,628

Step 13- LCPS-$$74,614 Fairfax-$73,158 Man City-$74,595, PW-$68,650

Step 17- LCPS-$78,614 Fairfax-$$79,115 Man City-$79,341, PW-$75,563

Step 20-LCPS- $81,614 Fairfax-$83,903, Man City-$$87,127, PW-$82,479

Step-23-LCPS-$84,614, Fairfax-$$95,905, Man City-$95,633 PW-$91,078

Step 25-LCPS-$86,614, Farifax-$97,814, Man City-$101,730, PW-$$101,282

Step 27- LCPS-$88,614 Fairfax-$100,314,Man City-$108,214 PW-$103,062

Step-29-LCPS-$93,214 Fairfax-$102,936, Man City-$112,618 PW-$$109,609

Step-30-LCPS-$96,014 Fairfax-$$104,700, Man City-$113,638 PW-$$113,027

Amazing how as we go along how sadly behind more experienced teacher's get by far! Not even in the ballpark. So where do your stats come from agan Mr. Stats?

On top of this as I mentioned earlier in my "Charlatan mode" that Fairfax has an ERFC Pension ALONG with VRS. All VRS are the same for all teachers in all schools in Virginia by the way. You make it sound like it is only Loudoun teachers. Anyway, the EXTRA retirement Fairfax offers is HUGE!! After 5 years you are vested and get an extra LIFETIME retirement pension based on years of service and retirement.. Members contribute only 18% and the county contribultes 37% and the other 45% is drawn from investements that are guarenteed.

Prince Willaim has a ROP prgram for retired employess who have not reached Social Security age. They work 20 DAYS for the school calendar years and get 10% of their final years salary. This encourages them to go ahead and retire and get their VRS. The job they do is usually paperwork at their school board and a few people I know who work there get $14,000-$18,000 extra for working 20 days!

Maybe that 6% raise that you seem to know of that no one else does is to at least make up on the scale where we Loudoun is so lagging behind other area school systems. You keep pushing your hate agenda towards teachers due to whatever bad experience you had with one you may get your wish and then you will get more and more teachers driving from far away to work here to replace the veteran teachers who get tired of seeing the hate that community members like you continue to live by. Sad in a way.

Virginia SGP

mover, so confused. 70% of LCPS teachers has a master's degree, so why are you using stats from the bachelor's scale? Do you not understand the LCPS workforce?

Step 1 in LCPS is $59,500 in salary ($69,615 considering pension). In Fairfax, it is $55,000 ($64,350 considering pension).

Step 30 in LCPS is $101,192 in salary ($118,394 considering pension). In Fairfax, it is $99,304 (116,185 considering pension).

Based on the WABE guide, LCPS gets a platinum-plated, Cadillac healthcare plan worth $20K/year. Fairfax health plan is worth a whopping $15K/year but still $5K LESS than LCPS plan.

Not only do LCPS teachers get paid more at the top of the scale, they receive far more fringe benefits. LCPS teachers get fringe equivalent to 55.6% of their salary (typical private sector is ~30-35%). Fairfax teachers get fringe equivalent to 50.1% of their salary. I understand you've never had to calculate a payroll or figure out what an employee truly costs. Nobody who had undertaken such an exercise would be so clueless.

Over the course of their 45-year careers, LCPS teachers earn $241K more than Fairfax teachers in compensation. If they retire at the ripe ol' age of 52, then LCPS earn just $109K more than Fairfax teachers. I'm sorry you and so many teachers do not understand their paychecks. According to LCPS own data, teachers transfer into LCPS from surrounding NOVA districts at 3x the rate that they transfer out. All of your myths are just propaganda. With 5000 applicants begging to take these jobs, let any teacher too irrationally scared to teach WALK. Walk away now. They can easily be replaced with mroe effecitve, cheaper alternatives.


As always,you are so wrong, Published scale step stops on 23 for Fairfax for public viewing. Yes, your Loudoun figure is right $101,192 at Step 30 wiith a masters howerver, I just got off the phone with FCPS Human Resourcs and a teacher with a Masters and on step 30 gets approximately $128,115 on average. Also, Your pension figures are way,way off unless there is some other pension in LCPS that all 11 of my friends who teach in Loudoun are unaware of? Is the something besides VRS? 2 of my friends who have retired in FCPS get over $5000 from their VRS check with 32 years and one gets $3300 more from the Fairifax ERFC and the other gets $3500 more. Not sure how that equals Loudoun with a higher pension. Obviously though, you are obsessed with this and know it all. Beneifts may be better but I will check into that later. Have to actually go to work and don't have all day to reserching this.

Virginia SGP

You are sadly confused. Step 23 is the highest step in Fairfax. They even passed a 1 percent increase for "off scale step" teachers who had reached their maximum step (23) in FY2019.

The "average" salary for teachers in Fairfax is inaccurate. They may be including those who work more than a standard year but the same applies in Loudoun. If a teacher works summer school or ESY and works 10% more day, she gets 10% more salary in LCPS. Thus, the notion that teachers work all year for their salary is nonsense. Any time they work more than ~190 days (50 days more vacatin than virtually any other job), they demand more in salary.

As to the pension, I did not include pension as an extra benefit for LCPS teachers. The VRS pension is the same for both districts and represents a contribution by the district of 17% of salary each year.

You cannot dispute the fact that all employees look at benefits when considering jobs. If one gives a "deferred income" of $10K/year, that is considered. If one employer's health plan saves the family $5K/year, that is considered. LCPS health plan alone is worth $5K more per year. Each and every year. If you are onboard with bringing that inline with Fairfax (and thus saving $60M+ each year in the LCPS budget -> 12K workers * $K = $60M), then let's talk. Otherwise, it is included.

Fairfax teachers should be paid more. Not only is it more expensive to live there (see cost per square foot for house), but it is much more challenging. See the rates of ESL and FRL kids. Teachers consistently choose districts with lower rates even if there is a higher salary in the district with high ESL/FRL rates. There is no basis for LCPS salaries. None.


SGP what about Fairfax county FY 2021 TEACHER OFF-SCALE STEP ?

Virginia SGP

amerigirl, I don't follow. I haven't looked up the FY21 scales yet. I think Fairfax may have been temporarily suspended as well.


SGP, Fairfax has an off scale for teachers that have been there longer. It makes sure they don’t stop at the end of the regular scale and still get raises, I don’t know if Loudoun has the same ting or not. Here is the site. https://www.fcps.edu/sites/default/files/media/forms/teacher-off-scale-step.pdf There highest pay rate is $132,541, needing lots of qualifications.

Virginia SGP

amerigirl, you have no idea what you are talking about. Teachers work a standard 194-day schedule. They refuse to do any more work. If they take on longer years (say summer school) they demand pay for that. If they work 10% more, they get paid 10% more.. If they work 6 periods instead of 5, they get paid more. (that is actually more efficient than hiring more teachers because you eliminate the need for such fringe benefits as health plans and they are not paying overtime)

Loudoun has similar adjustments for teachers taht work more days.

You all need to understand the facts you cite before using it as propaganda.


SGP, you really don’t need to like it sound like I don’t know anything. I sent you the chart. It is adjusted for the number of hours worked and for the numbers of YEARS worked by the amount of education they have. It wouldn’t be me that doesn’t know what they are talking about it would be the facts put out by Fairfax Co. As I also said I didn’t know if Loudoun had the same thing or not. You think that the site I sent you was propaganda? Oh come on, that is their site and yet you feel the need to say I don’t know what I’m talking about I don’t know facts and I push propaganda? How did I use that as propaganda by giving you the site? Stop being such a bully.


Setting aside the question of why would you begrudge anyone for receiving health care, no plan worth $20,000 can reasonably be labeled “platinum-plated” or “Cadillac.” Perhaps describe what benefits you think are unreasonable before resorting to lazy, inflammatory, trite canards.

Virginia SGP

So you can look up the data, but health plans have a value associated with them. The cost of those plans are generally borne by both the employer and employee. The average cost borne by employers is mabye $15K for a family plan.

By contrast, the average employer cost of a health plan for an LCPS employee (including some singles) if $20K or 33% more than the average for a family plan. That is, by any definition, platinum-plated.


I want to hear more about the 1 in 100 in the LCPS who will die from Covid.

On second thought...

I will go ahead and post the data, just to save you some time.

In Virginia, the age-based mortality rate, based on the VDH dashboard through 30JUL, shows there have been 79,388 cases in those age <70. Of that group, there have been 541 deaths. Which is 0.68% mortality rate. Tragic. But let's dig into that...

Per the CDC latest Covid Death Characteristics report, published 17JUL(using data through 18MAY), we see total deaths of 52,166. Within that group of victims, 10,626 were 65 year or younger.

Now here's where it gets relative to the issue of opening schools... the CDC is researching underlying health issues for a portion of those deaths...

For the group 65 years or younger, 83.1% of those who die from Covid have at least one UNDERLYING HEALTH condition.

Send the younger, healthy teachers into the schools to teach the students who want to be there, and the teachers who have ACTUAL health risk factors can stay at home and give online instruction.

This isn't complicated. Especially with the nearly-unlimited resources the LCPS has at its disposal.


and you think that only deaths should be a concern? Why not illnesses some of which cause extreme side effects?


From Johns Hopkinis as of today...deaths out of confimred cases overall in the United States. I am sure Virginia would have more is school had not shut down when it did. not a Northam fan at all but I have to say his medical background helped him in this area.. So actually it is 3.4% die out of 100 based on Hopkins of confirmed cases. We can't count the overall population. Not just considering Virginia and yes, I know many, many of those cases were nursing home cases. Of course many kids have elderly parents and grandparents who they would go home too. but, of course, they are probably the ones who chose virtual. Major league baseball now has 8 teams who have contracted the virus as of this am and there is a pretty good chance despite all of the precautions and money put into safety and no fans they will have to shut down anytime now. Young, strong athletic men, yes, most and maybe all will sruvive but is shows how quickly this virus can spread in a close setting.

Cases and mortality by country






San Marino 699 42 6.0% 124.32

Belgium 68,006 9,840 14.5% 86.15

United Kingdom 303,910 46,084 15.2% 69.31

Andorra 922 52 5.6% 67.53

Spain 285,430 28,443 10.0% 60.87

Peru 400,683 18,816 4.7% 58.82

Italy 247,158 35,132 14.2% 58.14

Sweden 80,100 5,739 7.2% 56.36

Chile 353,536 9,377 2.7% 50.07

US 4,494,601 152,055 3.4% 46.48

France 222,469 30,241 13.6% 45.14

Brazil 2,610,102 91,263 3.5% 43.57

Mexico 416,179 46,000 11.1% 36.45

Ireland 26,027 1,763 6.8% 36.32

Netherlands 54,249 6,166 11.4% 35.78

Panama 64,191 1,397 2.2% 33.45

Ecuador 84,370 5,657 6.7% 33.11

Bolivia 75,234 2,894 3.8% 25.49

Armenia 38,196 728 1.9% 24.66

Canada 117,677 8,974 7.6% 24.22

Switzerland 35,022 1,980 5.7% 23.25

North Macedonia 10,617 480 4.5% 23.04

Moldova 24,343 771 3.2% 21.74

Kyrgyzstan 35,223 1,364 3.9% 21.60

Iran 301,530 16,569 5.5% 20.26

Colombia 276,055 9,808 3.6% 19.75

Luxembourg 6,616 114 1.7% 18.76

Portugal 50,868 1,727 3.4% 16.80


I gave you a valid analysis of the data, and you want to now point to other countries? Including age groups which aren't a part of the LCPS staff and student population?

Are the baseball players suffering health issues or are they simply testing positive?

A reminder: the basis of your comment was DEATHS. 1 in 100.

Aren't teachers supposed to stick to an instruction plan?

If that's not moving the goalposts, I don't know what is.

Virginia SGP

ace10, mover's data is nonsense. It's equivalent to saying what is the death rate of cases so severe they were admitted to a hospital. That presupposes a severe case.

The data from the Geneva study is quite clear. The fatality rate from folks who acquire COVID are:

5-19: 0.0016% or less

20-49: 0.0092%


65+: ~5%

The scary part is all these LCPS apologists cannot read or understand facts.


SGP. Your stats are fine if you go with outdated data. Cases are hitting younger people now as the virus mutates. In California kids 17 and under make up 9.1% of the cases. Look at the demographics given by the VA dept of health, ages 0-9 has 3,127 cases almost up there with the 70-79 or the 80+ group. Ages 10-19 has 7,021 closest to the 60-69 age group. Loudoun looks even worse 0-9 184 cases, higher than the 70-79 group. 10-19 has 694 cases, over twice what the 60-69 group has, and 4 times as many as the 70-79 age group. You mentioned the Geneva but the virus has mutated since then and the demographics have changed. Look at the Georgia overnight camp group, 51% of the group ages 6–10 got it, and 44% of the kids in the 11-17 group did also. Just because we are in Virginia doesn’t mean that can’t happen. Not to mention the study that shows that these younger people are taking the virus home and infecting people with a higher chance of increased effects. washingtonpost.com/health/young-people-are-infecting-older-family-members-in-shared-homes/2020/07/28/b8cdc810-cd0a-11ea-b0e3-d55bda07d66a_story.html There are many multigenerational families in Loudoun. Please not that I did not try to make you sound like an idiot when I wrote this and I would expect the same treatment in return.

Virginia SGP

Ace10, folks are confusing the frequency of cases in an age range with the fatality rate of cases in an age range. Mover commented on alleged fatality rates but only includes severe cases where the person had a positive test. Obviously, that is an egregious error. The fatality rate can only be considered when we have all cases,a not just the ones tested while the person had symptoms.

As to the frequency of COVID by age, that is less relevant. Our cases are not surging, kids are less likely to get it and less likely to spread it. Additionally, even if someone has COVID in school (this will happen) it is unlikely to be spread given the precautions.

This thing is just not that dangerous unless you have significant medical issues or are elderly. They should protect themselves.


The mutated strain that is coming up from the south is getting more and more children sick. The median age for coronavirus victims in Florida, went from 65 at the beginning of March to 36 this week, according to the Florida Department of Health. They are reporting more cases, hospitalizations and deaths starting at the age of 5. Other studies have shown that many of the older people that are now dying are exposed in the home. The averages for people getting covid keeps getting younger. Nearly half of new coronavirus cases in the Seattle area are showing up in those in their 20s and 30s according to state data. In California 44% of their cases are under 30 and an uptick in new cases is evident in both children and teenagers as well as adults. This virus mutates, you cannot rely on old data for stats.

More Cowbell

Just another waste of time and money by our AWOL/corrupt leaders in Loudoun. Curious if Day care will be distant day care? If it's safe to send kids to day care, it's just as safe for kids to go to school. Williams and other Chiefs have had 5 months to prepare. And they still don't quite know what it is they're going to do this school year. This upcoming school year will be 100% distant learning, from Aug to June. The media over hype of this will not go away, nothing will really change over the next 3-6 months.


Sad, but so true! Taxpayers are being duped, the survey is lip service, as it was before. It would appear that LEA, Williams and some teachers believe it ok to risk the lives of daycare workers. Afterall, that is the claim LEA and SOME teachers are making about being in school with kids.


From what I heard it was supposed to be 100% in the fall and then they were going to access going into a hybrid depending on what the state of the area is by then. Always subject to change though. There is no mention of going from the entire year with all distance learning.


Brookings just put out a great study called "School reopening plans linked to politics rather than public health." If this is true, I predict schools will continue distance learning, even if cases are dropping nationwide, until Biden is inaugurated in January. If they open before then, Trump gets the credit, and we can't have that can we? I can't wait until the school board demands another raise for teachers next year...


Did you read the article? It doesn’t mention that it is politically charge with the democrats, just the republicans. It starts with Betsy DeVos’s legacy as secretary of education will be the way she has politically charged complicated issues in education. It goes on to blame the Trump administration desire to open school doors, no matter what, including negotiations between the White House and Republican legislators suggests that almost half of funds for K-12 schools in the COVID-19 aid package could be unavailable to schools that do not reopen with in-person learning. CDC guidance on school reopening has become so politicized that it now lacks credibility.


Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything.

Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.

Just a remider of rules for what some of us clearly do not understand. by the way, It is NOT just LCPS who has made this choice to do virtual for now. There was a legitimate effort to go hybrid and most parents voted virtual and things have since changed. No one watched the Governors update on Tuesday I guess. Not a big fan of his but numbers are numbers. Hampton did not help and parties and large get togethers, but it would be the same spread if schools were held in person no matter what statistic from Timbuktoo you share about schools staying open. Mask's being worn would be a joke, kids following proper procedures would be a joke. 6 feet apart?? sure? In what world? Why would snot be rubbed on a desk like any other school day. I am a conservative, but I get disgusted with other conservatives attacking teachers, lying about what they are doing to prepare for the school year. Lying about the teacher scale being more than surrounding areas, (Check Manassas City, Prince William, Fairfax scale and they have a matching retirement) telling veteran teachers with pre-existing conditions they should find another job. Yeah sure,,people with 27,28, 29 years in and 1,2 or 3 year from retirement should just quit and get less than 1/2 of their retirment to survive in their later years in life. Saying teachers are scared while you sit in the comforrt of your home and blog on newspaper comments all day. (would love to have your job) Sure, Who is scared? Sad only a few local school systems are opening up possibly in our more rural western areas. Just in the last week some of the office staff and leadership have contracted Covid. Not in news yet. Of course only 1 out of 100 will die so it is not a big deal. Getting to know more and more people who are having lingering side effects and permanent damage from this virus. I am sure Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriquez is wishing MLB had never begn with the heart damage this young athlete is not dealing with. And Freddie Freeman's experience, despite surviving, was quite an ordeal....but he is soooo old...Hopefully one of these vaccine's that seem to be closer and closer to beinng approved will be the answer. One of these days those who attack teachers and constantly berate them will get what is coming to them in life for sure as we reap what we sew. Sad that we have to sit around all day and throw so much hate out toward a group of people whol do so much. If you only knew what it takes to do all this virtual prep and totally redo everything. It is MUCH MUCH easier to teach in person.


This is next-level cuckoo.


LCPS has provided a us with a false choice under the guise of caring about the input of parents. It is more than likely that LCPS has already made the decision not to use the schools for childcare purposes, and simply presented a survey that will appear to support their "decision" based on the "will of the parents." If parents answer 'no' to whether they have already lined up childcare for their kids, and 'yes' to whether they would consider allowing LCPS to use the schools for childcare, then it backs up the teachers' contention that parents don't care about anything other than having a place to keep their kids while they go to work. On the other hand, if a parents responds 'no' to whether they have childcare options already and 'no' to using the schools for childcare, then LCPS will simply say that "the will of the parents" decreed that LCPS facilities should not be used for childcare, therefore supporting their initial behind-the-doors decision.

Of course, there is always the possibility that LCPS didn't consider any of this when they sent out the survey. If that's the case, then it makes one wonder why they would feel that teachers' lives are more important than those of childcare workers...who themselves could collectively stand up and say they are not going to provide childcare in LCPS facilities, right? The value of a life is not based on whether one has a Master's degree in education or not.


I agree with the Distance Learning plan because covid is still out of control but that was meant for ALL. If Loudoun makes a u-turn and offers daycare to *some* then may as well open up school 100%

Virginia SGP

Question: Are you ok with private schools offering in-person school and advancing their students along the normal academic path while LCPS only offers distance learning and loses months of learning? Or should the governor require all schools to bar in-person instruction?

Are you ok with kids participating in DL while housed in daycare centers staffed by workers paid 1/3 as high as teachers? There is likely far fewer controls in place in daycare than in school. Or should the governor ban daycares as well?

One of the strawmen arguments is that hosting kids in schools will cause spread in the community. Not only does the evidence show kids don't effectively spread COVID, but the alternative of daycares is even more likely than school to spread it.

Would you support providing daycare workers with the curriculum of LCPS, let them teach kids in their facilities, and furlough the LCPS employees who are unwilling to come in? We know that somebody must interact with these kids. Many teachers won't. Why pay 2 adults (DL teacher and in-person daycare worker) when there is no reduced risk? This is especially true since DL teachers are only being asked to provide ~2.3 hrs/day of live instruction.


The schools shouldn't get involved in this - it is the parent's responsibility to secure child care . Schools educate, not babysit.

Frankly, the BOS should be stepping in to provide Financial assistance to parents who require it for child care, parks and rec can look at expansion of programs. What about local churches and community organizations providing reasonably priced programs and/ or financial assistance?

LCPS isn't the only school district in the nation to decide on full distance learning, so stop acting like we are in a bubble here. Every child in this country is going to be impacted in some way, not just Loudoun's . The teacher bashing comments are disgraceful besides illustrating ignorance of the realities of public schools.

Life isn't a walk in the park, character is built by moving forward in challenging situations.

Virginia SGP

No data, no research, and no logic.

No, every kid in the will not be affected. Kids in Florida will be.... in school. Same with kids in NJ. Even kids right here in Loudoun who attend private school will be racing ahead. If we had true charter options, they would be in school.

The only place where the kids are punished is where teacher unions have influence. One can only imagine the laughter of hearing a private school trying to convince a prospective student that "because schools don't babysit", it will be effective for that child to learn from home for 3 hours per day but still pay full price. The only person who could possibly believe that is a .... public school teacher. And even they don't believe that in their hearts.

We have heard about the "greatest generation" taking on enormous challenges. We now know that public school teachers represent the "worst profession" scared to take on jobs that daycare workers assume (actually teaching kids these days) at 1/2 to 1/3 the pay.


No, I said every child will be impacted IN SOME WAY. The effects are not limited to their educational experiences.


Why wasn’t this survey sent out to all tax paying loudouners? Any money that is not spent in this years school budget actually teaching students should be returned to the tax payers. We shouldn’t be paying 70 cents on the dollar in the first place to educate these kids. Spending money for daycare is absolutely crazy. This is not even a responsibility for the school system. Another waste of tax dollars. They want to audit the loudoun county govt and police? They need to start with the school system.


Mopar19--I totally agree with your comment.

Master Bedroom

YES, what Mopart19 said!!!


Doctors lose their medical liscence when they dont properly treat patients. Lawyers lose their ability to practice law when they dont adequately represent their clients best interests. Teachers should lose their teaching certificate when they refuse to act in the best interests of the children. Counties should lose federal tax dollars when the dont budget nor spend that money on the children. This is a moral and ethical issue now! Wake up!!


LCPS to suggest that you would support ANY form of daycare before actually educating the children of LoCo is an absolute abomination. Maybe some parents need to form a coalition to take LCPS to court?

LCPS You are failing miserably you have one job to do, it's to put our children first and to educate them at the highest level possible.

I've said it before, defund LCPS, and let the money follows the child. Once we have freedom to choose where our children attend school watch how fast they open back up.


How can you possibly think its appropriate to turn public schools into for profit daycare centers! All of us hard working taxpayers deserve better. Our children deserve better. Doctor offices, hospitals, dentists, grocery stores, salons, restaurants, gas stations, etc....are all open!!! Why are the schools closed. This is nothing more than corruption and greed. I hope all teachers, administrators and union scum get fired and go to jail for misappropriation of government tax dollars. I hope you all lose your teaching certificate and are no longer permitted around children as you clearly dont have their best interests at heart. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. My heart breaks for our children.


Your are terrible people. I truly pray that LCPS has a moral and ethical awakening. Be better, do better....OPEN SCHOOLS not for profit daycares


My heart breaks for our children. I am disgusted in the leadership who allowed greedy teacher unions to close schools. Completely hypocritical that you won't allow our children to attend school and get a quality education in traditional atmosphere with qualified teachers, but you will allow schools to now be daycare centers for profit? Dentist offices, doctor offices, hospitals, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, etc...are ALL OPEN!!! open our schools!!! Children are our future. If a teacher doesn't want to be around kids then they should find a new profession and resign or get fired! Enjoy life without the comfort of knowing hard working tax payers wont pay your salary anymore! Down with PTA, down with helping schools with supplies, down with teacher appreciation day! We have all supported our schools for years and this is how you repay us...by refusing our children a quality education. I hope you find yourselves without a job soon and can see what it's like on the other side! I personally look forward to the day I can throw teachers and unions in jail for fraud and misappropriation of govt tax dollars.


It took LCPS an entire week, after satisfying the Unions, to consider part of the impact on our children. Shouldn’t children be the number one concern for LCPS?


Nicole23, there are no teachers unions in Virginia. And no, children are not the Number 1 concern. This is ultimately a workplace safety issue.

Virginia SGP

You didn't recall LCPS' motto? "Adults before students, always!"

And yes, the LEA is a union. They say it. They post it on the walls at LCPS schools. It's pretty sad you lie about it.


Do you think the purpose LCPS is to employ adults or educate children?

This *should* be a really easy one, but I suspect you might struggle...

Barry Hussein

LCPS is hopeless - they are accountable to no one for their decisions, ignore input from parents, and now wants to help find solutions to child care? Not an issue for them since teachers and staff get to work from home. I wish I had that luxury Comrade Williams. What a joke. How about making distance learning less of a debacle and cutting expenses (art teachers, PE, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and all the others going through the motions while working from home) until kids are back in school? That's what other organizations do to survive but, hey, it's taxpayer money so who cares?


It's ok, after the election in November, the pandemic will magically end and the return to normalcy will begin (led of course by the savior Democrats) and they'll be back in school in January. Just watch.


This is a wonderful opportunity to remind all to make sure that you are registered to vote, are familiar with your polling station location, and that you have a plan for November 3, 2020. There are 97 days left until the election, make sure that you are heard and leave no doubt about the outcome.



ChocolateDinosaur, I am always in favor of reminding people to vote, but I don’t know what that has to do with this news or LCPS doing DL. I suppose it makes some sense to hold the Trump administration accountable on a national scale for this debacle, but that’s about all I can take away from your message. It’s not like the school board is on the ballot this year.


BDVA, you are good people. I will continue to recruit voters of all backgrounds irl and online at every chance. In this instance I was responding to another comment regarding this coming November. Be well and continue to keep your family safe. Ignore me as needed.


The schools were built and funded for education, not day care or summer camps or any other use private companies are paying for. Education. Until LCPS gets back to the core of its purpose, none of this is going to make any sense.


I'm really confused here...

First they offer two options for the 2020-21 school year.

Then they ignore the parents who voted for hybrid.

Now they want to hear from parents again?

The LCPS administration is a clown show. I want responsible professionals spending my tax dollars.



I think they needed a number of students for hybrid option just to realize that even with 50% attendance the classes overloaded and they can not do that. Most likely they now need a number for the daycare and they probably wont be able to supply any as well


I will recommend to the school board that they hire you since you clearly have all the answers and appear to be very understanding.


A billion plus dollar budget doesn't deserve understanding.

Thousands of Loudoun's children being left behind doesn't deserve understanding.

Earn your paycheck, or get out of the way.


After listening to the LEA, some school board members and LCPS for the last month telling us that it is too dangerous to teachers to open schools, they now want provide child care. Aren't the lives of child care workers just as important as teachers? The money spent on childcare could have been spent on PPE for teachers.


Speculating here but perhaps they believe that although schools are too crowded to allow all students to come back they can assist some parents struggling with daycare needs. Just guessing but I'm not going to criticize any attempts to do something.


Is our public education really being taken away from our kids and being put into the hands of parents (not that parents don't make good teachers). Single parents, parents that work full time or ESL parents? I know I personally don't learn near as much when I attend my webinar's and online training as when I used to attend real classes related to my government job. I also bet A LOT of kids will now be straight A students with mom and dad available to "help" 24/7. If it is going to be 100% remote give money to the families so they can use it to help instruct in some way...internet service, in-home classroom setups, supplies, etc.


I agree. We had to buy new desk, chairs, another computer, upgrade the internet and wifi to accommodate all of us working at home.. We had to order food and buy frozen because after teaching kids for 4-5 hrs I did not have time or strength to cook. Not to mention that we need a new carpet, paint and furniture after kids were home going nuts for so long.


Teachers buy those same supplies using their own money too. They also teach 30 kids all day for 6+ hours (even more if you count the extracurricular activities and clubs they host unpaid) and then come home and cook dinner for their own families. You will be okay.

Virginia SGP

This does not happen. Elementary classes rund about 22, 23. MS and HS teach maybe 4.5 hrs/day max (some just 3 hrs).

In Q4, teachers were teaching what 30-90 min per week? Even now, teachers are expected to teach 2.25 hrs/day max.

More delustional myths by the unions.


We have the list of supplies to bring each year to classroom. If that is not enough they should extend the list rather then spend own money. They chose profession because they love working with kids. They enjoy teaching and talking to kids and they have skills doing so. Unlike us.

Jeff Mach

I can't wait to hear how this will be financed.


LCPS refuses to educate our kids, but now they want to baby sit them. Our tax dollars at work folks.

Master Bedroom

Disgraceful! LCPS repeatedly prove that they don't give a rats arse about Loudoun families.

Wasn't this supposed to be part of the consideration when DL and hybrid modes were being evaluated?

Williams and his merry band lied again.


I think everyone means well but ironing out the details is complicated. For example - how do you know all the teachers were going to work under those conditions? How do you know some of the wealthier parents weren't going to form small groups and "poach" the teachers, thus, leaving the schools with fewer teachers to teach? What happens to a classroom if a chld gets the virus - does the whole class get quarantined for two weeks? If a teacher gets sick, then who teaches the kids? will the school get a substitute to show up for $100/day? Get real. On and on it goes with the issues. It isn't that easy to figure out and comments such as this aren't helping.


Details are certainly complicated and that’s why tax dollars go to administration, to make sound and reasonable decisions. This idea of wealthier parents poaching teachers is pure speculation and if they really have the money then there’s always the option of private education- at the steep prices of 30k+ Year depending on the school and grade. And that just multiples when you have more than one kid.Right now, if the idea is to provide childcare in facilities why not simply implement an in person model? Hideous to be paying for extra people to take care of children in schools and while there have distance learning classes. This has been An absolute disregard for working parents, single parents, kids with special needs, etc. the spring semester was a joke already. We will never going to have an environment there’s disease free. Contingency plans should have already been in place for questions such”if the teacher gets sick, who will teach?”. Since when COVID is the only disease around? What we need is discipline to implement safety measures and solutions that actually help the county- pretending to educate the children and leaving working parents with a new day job is certainly not viable.

John M

Another survey that Supt. Williams will completely ignore.


You must be kidding! 80,000 plus students with thousands of single parents and thousands more parents who both work and NOW you are asking to what extent your decision turned their lives upside down. Are you prepared to hire thousands of in-home teachers to fix this? How does that match the virus protection emphasis even if you could do that? What happened to laying out the details and considerations of this decision during the spring when you had all the time in the world to fairly evaluate it? Signaling now that you care is bit late and disingenuous in my opinion. :-)

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