LCPS Chromebook Distribution - Aug. 2020

Dozens of Chromebooks await their new owners before the 100 percent virtual start to the 2020-2021 academic year at Loudoun County Public Schools.

Loudoun County Public Schools has begun distributing district-owned Chromebooks for students in grades K to 3, LCPS officials said Tuesday.

The school system plans for every student to have a device at home to assist in the 100 percent virtual learning environment.

In late March, mere weeks after the COVID-19 health crisis closed schools indefinitely, LCPS distributed more than 11,400 Chromebooks to the district’s older pupils.

Only students in grades three to 12 were able to have Chromebooks until the Loudoun County School Board voted May 12 to approve learning devices for younger students.

According to figures LCPS presented in May, purchasing devices for a projected 18,000-plus students would result in an estimated cost of $5.79 million.

Officials said the current distribution cycle covers kindergarten through third-grade students because rising third-graders would have been second-graders last year, and therefore would not have previously had devices.

More than 100 LCPS Department of Digital Innovation employees are assisting individual elementary school staffers in contactless delivery, which is taking place as late as 7 p.m. for families’ convenience.

Pickup times are scheduled according to grade level, according to LCPS Director of Digital Experience Justin Donovan.

Per Donovan, these devices will not only give students the ability to participate in synchronous, real-time instruction, but will also help them interact with peers and build in-class friendships.

“Our goal is to put smiles on kids’ faces and get them the education they deserve,” he said in a prepared statement.

More back-to-school information for Loudoun County Public Schools is available at

— Times-Mirror Staff

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More Cowbell

No COVID in the news. Curious if LCPS will consider opening their doors earlier? Or are they still getting fake data?

Virginia SGP

We know that if the reverse were true (in-person school but rising COVID cases), they would say "we must change as the data changes and now we must close schools". This isn't about science or risk. It's about hysterical, irrationally paranoid teachers pushing school board members to carry out their whims. It's disgusting. A shakedown of epic proportions.


Who do you think is changing data? You know they closed they schools when the counts were going up.


What news do you watch that doesn't give you all the news? It is still on every night, in fact they said there was a slight increase in the Metro area last night, they also give the counts. We can only hope that it gets lower or a vaccine is put out and mandatory so schools can open. Fake data? Who even makes fake data?


Chromebooks are worthless for students in parts of western Loudoun, where broadband internet in not available.


Hot spots were provided


*Somebody* doesn't know that there are areas in the county (where children live that should be attending school) where 4G-or-better wireless service doesn't exist.


Somebody didn’t know that LCPS took care f students without internet with hot spots over 5 months ago. The first wave of hotspots arrived on Wednesday, March 18th

Virginia SGP

ace, you just can't fix .....


Good grief. This is stupidity on a mind-boggling level.

A "hot spot" only works in a location WHICH HAS WIRELESS SERVICE.

There are many small areas all over western Loudoun which DON'T HAVE WIRELESS SERVICE.

You know NOTHING about this topic, yet you spew stupidity endlessly.

LCPS thinks these kids are going to sit in the backseat of mom's car while she parks outside a library in order to take in a full day's worth of "learning."

Ain't happening.


This reminds of the guy everyone knows... goes out buys all the materials for a big project... incessantly talks about his grandiose ideas... doesn't bother with a plan... and wouldn't have the first clue how to execute it anyway... weeds grow up and over the materials... then a year or two later he lists all the weather-worn junk on Craiglist.

Yup, that's our LCPS. Only big difference is that they're spending OUR money and not their own.

More Cowbell

What did k-3 do last year if they didn't get chrome books? How do they get around Phys ed requirement? No music class, art class, cooking class. Get use to it, distant learning all school year.


This isn't a permanent solution.

More Cowbell

This isn't any solution. Over half the kids will need to repeat same grade since schools will be closed all year, only distant learning. Heck, most teachers are confused, bored from all the meetings from the chiefs that have been out of touch with teachers, parents and kids.


I thought they were suppose to keep evaluating if it was possible to open? Not trying to be smart but do you have info I don't?

More Cowbell

Teachers are getting conflicting info. Teachers asked how do you evaluate a student that doesn't participate? Assist Super, we'll decide on that later.

John M

I don't think kids will need to repeat any grades because they're all going to be given passing grades, no matter what their scores are.

Virginia SGP

John M, what else is new.


K-3 using Chromebooks for 8/hrs a day? I hope these kids won't be graded, because all of them will receiving F's, since the Board expects these children to stay turned in for hours in front of a laptop. 100% DL will be a disaster.


K is a half day for most schools. They expected them to stay in desks too. Was that a disaster? You don't know how they have their scheduling so why are you making comments about it?

More Cowbell

K is full day in Loudoun.


Oh yeah, didn't they start that about 2 years ago? It's been along time since I kept track since my kids are 30ish.


LOL. The "expert" strikes again.


Can the LTM take out that picture of Trump on the voting poll that shows up here? I can't stand to look at this face without vomiting.

Virginia SGP

You should respect YOUR President.


The POTUS is a Twitter troll lol.


Hodor--your assumption may be correct. You may not like the current occupant of the White House. However, you should respect the Office of the President of United States.


Volt, just being president does not automatically mean he deserves respect. Many of those who did respect him now don't. That man does not deserve respect. He has done enough to lose many peoples respect. Respect is something you cannot force on people, they have to feel it themselves. the office can be respected that doesn't mean that the current hold of that position should be respected.


Respect is earned, if anything that president has earned distrust with his constant lying, illegal ways and lack of empathy

John M

Haha...CindyLou, you're so fragile! To be triggered by a photo of the POTUS is hilarious. People crack me up!


Really? You have to comment on people? You can't come up with something like how you view the pic? Pretty sad.


Wow - how thoughtful and generous. Now how are poor folks without high speed internet or parental support around Plaza Street and the homeless supposedly protected by Mckinney/Vento Legislation going to use those computers? How many on the school board actually considered what was involved in being the check and balance on behalf of the community before running for the $20K/year stipend?


Bob O. probably just like they did in the spring, they distributed hot spots. If the homeless are in shelters then they will have a hot spot also.

Virginia SGP

We now have Supt Williams promoting "distance PBL" where teachers "rethink education" and only use live (synchronous) instruction to introduce a topic and check in with students at the end. In the meantime, those students are on their own with these Chromebooks. Hello Spring 2020 disaster repeated all over again.

At some point, will teachers be required to teach? Will our officials stop being irrationally paranoid or succumbing to the demands of selfish teachers and their unions and put KIDS' interest first?

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