Sleeter Lake | Franklin Park Map

The property will essentially connect Sleeter Lake property with Franklin Park, according to county officials.

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors on Thursday approved the county's $1.2 million purchase of 105 acres in Round Hill for parkland. The seller was Round Hill Investors, LLC.

The board approved the action following a closed session. Supervisors also waived the county’s rezoning condition. 

Pending the due diligence analysis of the property, which lasts until Dec. 15, the board authorized the county administrator to execute the sale and directed county staff to proceed with rezoning the property that sits south of East Loudoun Street/Route 7. 

“This is a big deal for western LoudounEverybody is looking for more parks, trails and recreation, Blue Ridge Supervisor Tony Buffington (R) said. 

Buffington, whose district includes the property, said he’s been in talks about the land for several months. He worked with Round Hill Town Council members and county staff. 

Should the sale be finalized, the supervisor said, the 105.96 acres will connect Sleeter Lake and Franklin Park. 

Buffington said the move could also stop homes from being built on the site and make western Loudoun’s parks “one really big park” with trails, places to sit and equestrian trails. 

Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said, “One of the number one things in the Comprehensive Plan that people said they wanted was more bike trails, more parks, more open spaces for passive and active use. So, there you go.” 

The board passed the motion unanimously. The property is assessed at $981,500, according to county records. 


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I am happy to see that the west end of the County is receiving some thought. However, I wish they would spend this money making the existing Franklin Park more appealing. It is essentially a large pasture with ball fields. If you've ever attended a game or practice there, you are always sitting in the blazing sun. How about planting some shade trees around the fields? I recently went to Freedom Park for one of my sons games and recognized how it was landscaped and shaded.

There were actual bleachers to sit on etc. Much more user friendly when compared to Franklin.


How about purchasing some land in eastern loudoun or in the transition area.


Good luck finding an area large enough for a park in eastern Loudoun. Whats wrong with a park there? Someday that area will be built up but that space will be preserved.


"...Everybody is looking for more parks, trails and recreation,” Uh, no. Some of us are looking for less government spending and lower taxes.


Guess you aren't in the majority. Most people love parks, a break from the hustle bustle in a family setting.


The politician who made the blanket statement didn't say "majority." Or "most." He said "everyone." RIF.


You can always move to a place such at that.


True, he could take his gun and move to the Midwest. Much quieter, less taxes, actually less of everything. .


Fewer idiotic commenters, too?


If one can overlook the obvious pre-election timing this seems to be a very good decision assuming no side deals were made to incentivize the trade. Imagine if Chairperson Randall didn't approve the continued exemption from property taxes for the very private and very wealthy Howard Hughes Medical Institute which has a $500 million building and 660 prime acres in Ashburn from paying ANY property taxes. We could but a park like this or protect some prime farmland every month!


Isn't it tax exempt because it is non-profit that does medical research?

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