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Screenshot of the Safe2Talk user interface

Loudoun County Public Schools and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office have released a new app, Safe2Talk, that allows LCPS students and parents to submit anonymous tips to the LCSO.

LCPS Director of Safety and Security John Clark announced the new app in an email to parents, saying that student and staff safety is the school system's "highest priority" and that the app will provide an alternative to students and parents who do not wish to directly bring sensitive information to a school employee or public safety official.

"While we prefer that all information is brought directly to the attention of a trusted LCPS staff member or law enforcement officer, we understand that some students and parents may wish to remain anonymous. Safe2Talk provides that ability," Clark wrote.

School officials say Safe2Talk features an user-friendly interface that allows users to specify which school a piece of information might concern and the type of activity or behavior to which the tip pertains. These issues include use or possession of alcohol or drugs, bullying, presence of weapons or explosives and mental health concerns. Users can also upload video or photo evidence.

According to the Safe2Talk web page, all reports through the app are monitored 24/7 by LCSO Emergency Communications Center dispatchers. LCSO patrol deputies and school resource officers will be immediately notified should an imminent threat be made known.

The app, which can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, is part of the LCPS "See Something, Say Something" campaign, which encourages students and staff to play an active role in monitoring suspicious activity or behavior. Clark asks parents to speak with their children about the app and help them download it onto their devices, as well as download it for themselves.

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Snitchin' is Bewitchen'!


I already told Mike I thought the program on balance had a lot of positive potential but far more important would be for him to design the travel of his deputies to deliberately be near all our schools so that if an emergency were to occur the response times would be reduced from what they would be today as the travel is not focused on deliberately being near schools. I expressed to Mike that seeing deputies parked on the sides of roads and in commercial parking areas chatting is insulting to our primary concern about 83,700 children in our schools. I made the motion . when I chaired the health safety and wellness committee of the school board to install panic buttons in ALL OUR SCHOOLS but that should have been updated since then to be wireless from anywhere on the grounds not just in the main office. The school board should spend more time on security and less time on national political issues in my opinion. Bullying and assault reports should be produced every month by school so parents and taxpayers can see how large this problem is and what is being done about it!


Shouldn't LCPS' "highest" priority be the education of the county's children? The statement by Mr. Clark reminds me of Obama's NASA chief saying that his top goal was to make Muslims feel good about themselves.


After their safety. But how many teens will misuse it? again [offtopic] using the Obama statement. Focus! BTW you don't seem to realize that it was the easiest way for our scientist to work with their top scientists.


If "safety' is the NUMBER ONE priority of a school system, then there is no reason to build schools or pay teachers. Just keep the kids at home. Rolled up in bubble wrap. A school's PRIMARY FUNCTION is to EDUCATE. And when an administrator fails to understand what their organization's mission is, then they are failing at their job and their boss is failing at their job, as well. It's adorable that someone who has near-zero reading comprehension is suggesting that I need to focus. I told you previously that I'm not playing around with you any more.


Great, so now our children can "swat" their friends and friends' parents.

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