Joshua Mowery

Joshua Mowery

A Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputy and school resource officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after being arrested for a domestic-related incident in Frederick County last week.

Joshua Mowery was arrested and charged early Sept. 16 with assault and battery of a family member, according to Frederick County Sheriff's Office arrest reports. The arrest happened around 3:58 a.m.

A Loudoun County Sheriff's Office spokesman on Monday confirmed Mowery was on paid leave pending an internal investigation.

Mowery, 39, is the school resource officer for the recently opened Independence High School in Ashburn, according to an Aug. 29 Facebook post from the sheriff's office.

Numerous calls to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office seeking more information on the incident had not been returned as of midday Tuesday.

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Whatever became of these charges?


Seriously you think that is tactical gear? The vest carrying all that equipment is a replacement to the old school gun belt. Having to wear that on your hips or perform any type of physical activity with that equipment around your waist isn't easy so the vests were a replacement. And if I'm not mistaken they also serve as body armor which is worn by just about every law enforcement officer in the country, either under their shirt or over top. And to even think the "uniform" influenced his behavior just shows ignorance.


Hello ,

First off to address the question as to in which Frederick county the incident occurred,it’s Virginia this information can be found by goggling Frederick county police arrest reports. This report indicates that a female, unnamed at this time, was also charged with the same charges at the same address, date and time as Deputy Mowery. Which could lead one to believe the incident occurred between Deputy Mowery and the female as stated above. I do however, want to state I do know Deputy Mowery, and his family on a personal level and violent is not a word I would every use to describe Mowery. As I have only known him to be quite the opposite he is a loving father and husband; I haven’t even heard him raise his voice in the 19 years of knowing him. With that said I do not want anyone to think I believe assault or battery is excusable or acceptable. I do strongly believe that Deputy Mowery would act in such a way unless there was imminent danger to himself or an immediate family member, in that case I do feel we all have the divine right to protect our own. I do hope this bring things in perspective on why such an incident would be put into action.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like this should have just been treated as a family matter since injury is not mentioned


In which "Frederick County" did the incident occur?


Good question.


A chance to throw shade at LCPS & LCSD in the same article? I hope someone at LTM got a promotion for this one!

Virginia SGP

Do you have a suggestion for which arrest records LTM should ignore? Or maybe which details (article about child porn charges against a social services worker should omit the fact the social services worker is in charge of child welfare) should be admitted from articles? Please, do tell us.


OMG seriously you think anyone at LTS(smearer) deserves a promotion.


The comments are MUCH more enlightening and entertaining than the LTM articles! And I know some of the regulars just LOVE to pull the tiger's tail because it's fun to watch their heads spin!


Gotta wonder how much making our police forces dress like they're patrolling the streets of Baghdad has to do with the violence they sometimes express? This isn't a war zone.


Blaming clothes for domestic assault. Hmm.. could we possibly detach someone from personal responsibility any further? I’m sure for someone who would be involved in domestic assault, and who is a police officer, their clothes and police accessories are the least of their worries or issues.


That is an idiotic comment.


You'd prefer they wear khakis and carry Nerf guns?

Chris McHale

Perhaps not a war zone to you and me, but I guess the 2 officers shot on Christmas Eve would disagree.


Dealing with Violent Gangs, cartel members and human traffickers on a daily basis warrants tactical gear. And if you don't think all three of those things are not in Loudoun and Fairfax County daily, better get "woke".


Back in my day Policemen wore ties and street shoes- they didn’t look like pretend Rambos and talk about patrolling their sectors. When was the last time you heard someone call a cop a Peace Officer?

And before you saddle up your ‘it’s more dangerous now’ argument you might want to review? Crime rates peaked in the early 90s. The country is a far safer place today than it was during my childhood, no matter what they say down at the gun shop.


Wow, you scared me, I was afraid to walk out the front door. But then I looked up the types of crimes in Loudoun, and thank God none of them happen very often. Yearly sometimes less. These are serious crimes and they do happen but not to the extent you are talking about. Most of the crimes are car tampering, and drunk in public.

More Cowbell

I'd agree. More dangerous today because criminals aren't held accountable, most are put back on the streets. As for the gear, 100 times better, wearing a vest with pockets vs the old gun belt around the waist.


Ameriguy, "They do happen but not the extent you are talking about" . Did I mention a frequency of occurance? No. I did not. Thanks for agreeing with me.


AFF, You can put your tie and revolver away, we'll take it from here. thanks,


Roundhiil, how desperate are you when you resort to name calling? Yes, you did mention frequency, you said “on a daily basis”. Are you calling yourself a liar? Read your own post. Still don’t agree with you, thanks for proving me right.


I don't know. Maybe you're too scared to be a good cop?

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