Sterling 7-Eleven robbery footage

Video surveillance footage of two alleged robbers at a 7-Eleven in Sterling on Jan. 7.

Two armed men reportedly robbed a 7-Eleven convenience store in Sterling Tuesday morning, prompting a Loudoun County Sheriff's Office investigation.

The two suspects entered the store in the 700 block of West Church Road around 4:10 a.m. and approached the clerk, according to LCSO officials.

One of the males reportedly displayed a firearm and demanded cash, and the suspects later fled the area on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

Authorities described the alleged robbers as being light-skinned and wearing black jackets and dark-colored pants. They reportedly concealed their faces during the incident. One of the suspects wore checkerboard-style Vans shoes.

LCSO detectives have released video surveillance stills of the suspects as part of the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects' possible identities is asked to contact Detective R. Reed at 703-777-1021 or to submit a tip through the LCSO app, which is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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Good Guy

At least they were caught on camera. Imagine what theft is being discussed in closed door sessions now that the Board of Supervisors is voting to keep us all in the dark - no public access, and leaks will be punished.


What???? Why would the BOS have anything to do with it? Wouldn't that be the Sheriff's dept.? I guess you are blaming everything on a select group of people.


And you think Mighty Mouse will come and save the day! Try South Memphis TN. The cops will not move! Even the Marines have been ordered to stay out! Only way is to pack heat! Cannot call us "Civilized'. You try. 60 years didn't do it for me.


What are you talking about? The riots in the 1800's?


Maybe they need to invest in a Ring doorbell. Or talk to the traffic cam folks. They get HD photos of moving vehicles that are clear as day. This quality looks like a witness protection cam, except for the suspect.


Why aren't local news outlets on top of the story about the Purcellville policeman who killed a teenager, lied about it, and by doing so has now put taxpayers on the hook for 3.9 million? Blue lives matter to be sure but truth and justice do too.


A better question is; why do the residents of the town of Purcellville not vote to dissolve the town charter and stop paying additional taxes for sub-par services and lawsuits?


Probably since it happened in 2014. Other outlets have covered the outcome of the case just not this paper. That cop got a slap on the wrist, justice was not served.


Why do all these surveillance images look like they were taken with a Bell & Howell camera from the early 20th century? Toddlers are walking around with better resolution cameras.


Can video surveillance quality get any worse? I think a Commodore 64 from 1983 has better resolution.


Did they escape on skateboards?


Vans are expensive, you might want to check the mall.


They might want to check your house. Your comment seems suspicious..



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