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LCSO investigating Lovettsville gunfire complaints

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is investigating errant gunfire that has allegedly occurred over the last three years in Lovettsville, according to a Monday report.

Authorities say a resident in the 13000 block of April Circle recently issued a gunfire complaint in the area.

While an LCSO deputy investigated the claim, the complainant notified the deputy that a neighbor’s residence had been struck by gunfire between the estimated timeframe of October 2017 and November 2019.

The incident, which was not previously reported, remains under LCSO investigation.

In December, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of amending county ordinance with the goal of curbing errant gunfire.

Per the updated code, projectiles may not be fired within 100 yards of “all occupied structures” and may not cross into adjacent properties without the owners’ permission.

— John Battiston

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My family has been in Loudoun for generations. I got my first gun when I was 7.

These newbie gunnecks are obnoxious, easily entertained with the bang bang, and in no way represent the fabric of Loudoun County. We’ve called them townhouse farm boys since I was a lad.


KK153 must be a TrumpMoron...only his supporters check their brains at the door. How can you support someone who follows a doctor on TV who "impressed" him and she thinks we need to get DNA from aliens to eradicate the CV19. What is wrong with you people? When did your IQ match your shoe size?


I have found, in life, in general, those who who question the IQ of others are usually scraping the bottom of the barrel themselves.. but, call me a moron if you must... it matters not.


And your side burns cities , loots, graffiti, destroy everything in cite? What kind of IQ do you need for that?


I’ve lived all over Northern VA. We lived in Purcellville, the other side of the hills next of Lovettsville on Russell Rd. There was shooting heard all weekend. Takes some getting used to if your from the urban parts of VA, but it’s a normal happening here in the country side. The people are the best! Everyone says Hi. After living in Leesburg near the outlets, I yearned the country. It’s a whole different lifestyle. But I do agree, city folks are moving into new urbanizations out here and they’re not used to this life. If anything they are rude. They want everyone to stop living the lives they’ve lived for years just because the posh’s moved in. When I moved back to the country recently, I had to adjust. I had to notice what the neighbors were doing and try to do the same. I had to mold myself and my kids to this place. My neighbors have been here longer and I have to respect that. There is a code in these places that isn’t talked about, but if you want to survive and fit in, you need to figure it out real quick. As far as I knew, shooting was allowed if there weren’t houses on the other side or there was a big dirt mound to catch the bullets. In Leesburg my son got a CO2 rifle taken from him from the police even though it had nothing in it.


It’s not the shooting that’s the problem, it’s the shooting on other people’s property. No second amendment right there.


Is "a neighbor's residence had been struck by gunfire" the same incident that turned out to be a few falling shotgun pellets? ...Asking for a friend.


Phillips will tell us it is the sheriffs fault and they are profiling.


Let me tell you, during the pandemic the number of neighbors blasting away has increased dramatically in Western Loudoun. These people have no concern over the racket they're creating, and I imagine many care even less about the danger their "hobby" poses to others. They're exercising their rights, don't you know. Shame we can't loose a few rounds in their direction once and a while to broader their perspective on neighborly behavior...


more to Arlington... you'll fit in better there




I moved to the Country and was shocked to find people doing "Country" Things. Who knew? Why don't they all stop doing the things they do to suit me?




Just so you don't go too far with your simple explanations for everything, I have been here for 35+ years. These annoying neighbors are new arrivals.

LoudounClear, you don't appreciate the cult of selfishness that animates the right wing of American politics these days. As was pointed out the other day by an economist, the modern U.S. right is committed to the proposition that greed is good, that we’re all better off when individuals engage in the untrammeled pursuit of self-interest. In their vision, unrestricted profit maximization by businesses and unregulated consumer choice is the recipe for a good society. COVID-19 is giving us all a lesson in the limits of that mindset. One hopes even the worst of them figures it out sooner rather than later.


so a new arrival! that's great. welcome to Loudoun. now try to remember, if you don't like "rural" activities, there's lots of better suited shoebox housing 40 miles east.


Loudoun isn't Country anymore and hasn't been for a long time.


says the guy who lives in Asburn


I don't live in Ashburn.


that's not at all true. there are thousands of acres of corn , soy bean, etc etc planted in Western Loudoun. Lots of cattle farms. lots of sheep and goats. tons of Horse farms, most people have chicken coups. Western Loudoun is absolutely rural.


Hodor--You must be referring to Eastern Loudoun. You can thank poor zoning and development decisions made by the Loudoun County Government and Board of Supervisors for that. This problem goes back to about 1980.




LC - Again lumping everyone in together. Not all gun owners are as they are portrayed in Hollywood. Many of us take great care in responsible gun ownership and target practice. Rounds should not be shared in either direction in order to make a point.


Why not send a few back. Life is always more interesting when you taking incoming fire.


How would you know? You’re a fraud

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