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Eighty percent of the rental housing stock has three bedrooms or more with just 5% of units being 1- bedroom units, 14% being two-bedroom units, and less than 1% are studios or efficiencies. Yet 45% of all households are single or two person households.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted the Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan (UHNSP), which was designed to help the county and its partners improve housing access, quality and affordability for all families, according to an Oct. 1 release.

The plan identifies strategies and actions to address unmet housing needs in a systematic and comprehensive way with integrated programs. The plan also creates housing targets over the short term and the long term.

Plan objectives

The UHNSP has five objectives with specific strategies and key actions that officials said will help the county address housing needs:

  • Establish a coordinated, collaborative and integrated housing network.
  • Secure land resources needed to address unmet housing needs.
  • Obtain viable funding sources.
  • Provide incentives, establish priorities and increase access to affordable housing.
  • Implement policy changes to support affordable housing production and preservation.

The five objectives and their associated key actions provide a comprehensive approach to begin to address affordability gaps that exist in the county, the release states. The approach is based on research, best practices and Loudoun County’s specific housing needs and housing market.

Attainable housing goal

The UHNSP sets an attainable housing goal for 2040 of 16,000 units; this goal falls in line with the land use planning policies of the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan, which calls for 20 percent of forecasted new Loudoun housing to be affordable housing.

The plan, the release states, would add 8,200 new affordable housing units to the supply by 2040. An additional 7,800 affordable housing units would be developed from existing housing.

Developing the plan

The board initiated the process of developing the UHNSP in September 2019 with public participation being a key element. In addition to comments made directly to members of the Board of Supervisors, members of the public were encouraged to attend community meetings about the plan and respond to an online survey on housing, community development needs and fair housing issues.

The public can follow the progress of implementation of the UHNSP by viewing quarterly updates to the board’s transportation committee. Visit loudoun.gov/housingneeds for more Information.

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Open your wallets here comes the Board of Supervisors to take your tax dollars and provide housing for those who do earn enough to live in Loudoun County. Another way to funnel money to a special interest groups in return for their votes!

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