Goose Creek Village East Concept Design

A concept design of Goose Creek Village East in Ashburn.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved several applications Tuesday night to rezone 13.9 acres and develop an additional 282 multifamily units in Ashburn.

As part of the development project known as Goose Creek Village East, applicant Goose Creek Commercial LLC proposes a maximum of 232 multifamily stacked units (townhomes), a maximum of 50 studio and one-bedroom multifamily attached units and 18 Affordable Dwelling Units.

The project site sits north of the Dulles Greenway and south of Sycolin Road in western Ashburn.

Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) touted the applicant’s transportation proffers, which amount to around $20 million. Buona said he’s also pleased with the road improvements the applicant has committed to for Belmont Ridge Road and Sycolin Road.

“Nothing is ever perfect when it comes to these, but this is what we envisioned in the comp plan,” Buona said. “It’s in the right place, it fills in the rest of what I think is a very solid development, so I ask for your support.”

Buona’s motion passed with a 7-1-1 vote. Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D) opposed, expressing concerns about its impact on  schools. Dulles Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R) was absent.

“Folks have kids, and kids are wonderful, but we have to educate them, and no matter how much is contributed up front by the developer ... It’s an annual cost to the taxpayers of the county whenever we need to invest in education, and I just think we are going down the wrong road with all these approvals,” Umstattd said.

Buona disagreed.

“These units are not going to put that many kids into the schools," Buona said, adding that all the neighboring schools have the capacity to support the project.

Included in the list of proffers are recreational areas, including a full-size tennis court/multi-purpose court, three fitness/workout stations and/or other active recreation facilities. Additionally, the owner is making road improvements at Belmont Ridge Road at Sycolin Road and Ashburn Farm Parkway Intersection, and a capital facilities contribution of more than $25,000 for each market rate multi-family stacked unit and more than $15,000 for each market rate multi-family attached unit.

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I’ve thought highly of Buona, but this is crazy. Traffic in this are is becoming a mess with all those newly built appatrments crammed down the street, and these proffers aren’t worth a darn compared to the associated education costs.


No it means 4 more traffic lights because they can’t make it out of their development without getting into an accident


This was proffered open space at one time funny how new boards run roughshod over past accomplishments by the BoS. See the baseball park at One Loudoun for another example or if you really want to be abused look at what they did to the Bles Park area.


"“These units are not going to put that many kids into the schools," Buona said." This statement makes me wonder what color the sky is in Mr Buona's world.


It's GREEN! Thought this was data center paving over lichens and other nature stuff! Drove past there yesterday and nearly drove off road when I saw the sign! How did these people get re elected...was this the best Loudoun could offer up! Maybe the alternative was worse? But we will never know as the Gold (green) maketh the rules!


This BOS has to be the dumbest ever. Whenever they approve more and more houses, they always default to the proffers the slime ball developers offer. They are so naive and easily wowed without regard to the costs down the road; schools, roads, public safety etc. When are we going to get leaders who look down the road, not the shiny object they gush over?


Every article I read, I see "Dulles Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R) was absent." Is that normal for a Board of Supervisor member?

Chris McHale

Is Letourneau in the hospital? He seems to have been absent from several of the most recent votes. Also if he doesn't show up is he still getting paid?

Transportation proffers mean things like "a turning lane so the massive number of cars they've added to the highway can sort of halfway get out of the way of cars that aren't turning into the latest developer's beehive of homes."

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