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Loudoun supervisors approved Loudoun West, a 95-acre industrial center project focused on housing a cluster of data centers in Leesburg.

Loudoun West, a proposed 95-acre industrial center housing a cluster of data centers in Leesburg, was approved Thursday by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

The $2 billion Loudoun West project is set for the east side of Sycolin Road (Route 625), north of the Dulles Greenway (Route 267) and south of Cochran Mill Road (Route 653).

Among the changes to the initial proposal, Leesburg-based NuVu Real Estate has increased the total area of tree conservation area around the perimeter of the property from 575,000 square feet to 651,000 square feet, or an increase of 1.74 acres, and modified its commitments to the transportation improvements.

Altogether, Loudoun West is expected to include more than 2 million square feet of data center space.

“I want to thank both the staff and applicant for working through this process and the application,” Catoctin Supervisor Geary Higgins (R) said. “I really do think that you guys have a great product here and the application with the changes also sets a new tone for data centers where this data center will be potentially one of the largest in the county and yet you’ll have to know it’s there to know it’s there, so that’s pretty cool, and you should be commended for those efforts.”

Located in the Transition Policy Area, the site is undeveloped and generally forested, according to county staff.

The project site is also surrounded by the Panda Stonewall property – formally known as Stonewall Hybrid Energy Park – and Stonewall Creek Business Park to the east.

Higgins made the motion to approve the application. It was backed with a 7-0-1-1 vote, with Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) absent and Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) abstaining. Randall was absent from the transportation committee meeting when the item was forwarded to the board and changes were shared.

“I don’t have an issue,” Randall said. “I just want to know what I’m voting on before I vote.”

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Better a data center then 200 new houses. Data center will add about 10 cars on the already overcrowded roadways. Better 10 than 2 or 3 hundred.


All these data centers definitely gonna ruin the climate in Nothern VA. Do public get a vote here in Nothern VA? I am not sure how they can give permission to build that many data centers here. Already ruin the natural beauty of loudoun county and now going to ruin our climate as well.


Really glad to see a data center built somewhere other than Ashburn and Sterling. Spread the misery around a bit.


Did BOS ever consider asking datacenter builders to help with the problem of lack of Broadband in western Loudoun? A couple of miles away from the datacenters, with no way to use them....


They didn't think to insert contract language mandating Verizon, Comcast, et al to serve the rural homes in front of which their fiber passes. No reason to think they would act in anyone's best interests other than their own. The BoS is truly a worthless lot.


David D. and Loudoun Clear - you guys are right on target. Randall doesn't know how to prepare for a meeting after 4 years as chair and BOS is caught keeping our tax rate 33% above average in Virginia even when we have sp much extra revenue from data centers. Shame on us for not voting these clowns out on Nov 5th1


How would they lower taxes? The data centers are plugging a hole we have because so many folks live here but work in fairfax. My kids class is 24 students to one teacher and no assistant, which seems crazy.


County Supervisors in Southern VA likely thought mega landfills were a great idea, too.


Some pretty libelous statements being made here. LTM should take them down if there is no proof of actual bribery. Those posting should back up their charges with proof if it exists. Otherwise, this is a reckless thing for LTM to allow.


I dont' know about libelous or that the LT should take them down, but I agree these comments are way overboard. The revenue from the data-centers have been a huge revenue windfall for the county


Just what we need more data centers! Do you realize what a target this makes for terrrorists, a big target! Thank God the election is coming...so we can get rid of this Higgins guy who does not look at the big picture he only looks at what benefits him!. I see he is also for the 4-laneing of Route 15 north of Leesburg. He has rocks in his head! I know two people on the MD Governors staff who tell me that MD has no appetite to build a four lane bridge at Point of Rocks...maybe closer to the Cabin John, but not Point of Rocks...so what is the sense of building a 4 lane highway that feeds a 2 lane bridge? You know why they don't want to build a bridge at Point of Rocks? Well sir, it is because they do not want MontCo to look like Loudoun! They see Loudoun as a huge failure in land management and they want no part of it. So to say that MD is interested in a new bridge at Point of Rocks is just plain false.Ask them! We have elections in this county and this is a great way to remove these blots on our county; Higgins and Buffington. Probably the worst BOS members we have ever had. We used to think Steven Snow was bad, but these guys take the cake. Remember their votes come election day! They do not have Loudoun County well being at heart.

David Dickinson

I'd be happier about data centers and the revenue they generate if the spendaholics on the BoS didn't waste the funds these cash cows are generating. Our property taxes should be 20 cents/$100 lower than they are. 10 years ago, we were saying we need more commercial revenue in Loudoun so property taxes weren't carrying the tax burden. Well, good job. We got that commercial tax revenue. And then we squandered it. Shame on the BoS for throwing away the golden eggs the goose (creek?) has been laying.


I do not see that much waste. Yes, the county has some dumb programs, but they are relatively small. I have a child in LCPS and the classes are huge and the teachers seem fairly compensated. Fortunately, the BOS does not seem to be run by the teachers union like in many other areas.

David Dickinson

The waste is primarily the LCPS budget. This BoS has approved budget increases for LCPS that are 3x enrollment growth. That is crazy. Biggest waste is the Academies of Loudoun. That school is an expense that should have never happened. It is a school layered on top of schools that the students already have available.

loudoun fan

A data center a mile away was the worst decision ever according to Higgins. Now he's making the motion to approve and praising the application. I guess the True North folks didn't "donate" as much as the this developer. If you're opposed to data centers in this area once, be opposed always. Nothing has changed in the last 2 years. Maybe it wasn't money. Maybe Dick Black gave him permission to vote yes.


Higgins is a developer shill that should not go to Richmond. Which one of developer/builder lawyers guided Higgins and staff through the process? BFF Minchew? Drain the swamp.


When did Phyllis Randal start this "know what I'm voting on" thing?

Chris McHale

That means the cash enveloped hadn't arrived yet.

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