Beaverdam Park Plans

An illustration showing plans for the upcoming Beaverdam Reservoir park in Ashburn.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday night approved development plans for a public park at Beaverdam Reservoir and an adjoining property.

In collaboration with Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks, the site will offer visitors a pavilion and several shelters, a boat dock, an eight-mile hiking trail and facilities to offer educational opportunities on water protection. A target opening date has been set for early 2021.

The 71-acre site includes a portion of Beaverdam Reservoir, a 622-acre reservoir owned and managed by Loudoun Water, and the adjacent 370-acre Brambleton Regional Park owned by Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

Beaverdam Reservoir, a source of local drinking water, was previously used for recreational purposes and predates current zoning requirements, according to county staff. But at the end of 2016, water access to the reservoir was closed to the public to repair the dam and infrastructure. Existing trails surrounding the reservoir and managed by NOVA Parks remain open.

The collaborative proposal is expected to enhance water- and land-based recreational activities, transforming the current offerings into a formal park with accompanying facilities.

The site is bordered by Brambleton Community Park to the east, residential uses to the northeast, the remainder of Beaverdam Reservoir to the northwest and west and Brambleton Regional Park and Golf Course to the south. It can be accessed from an existing driveway from the intersection of Belmont Road and Northstar Boulevard. Gated emergency access would be provided from Alford Road.

Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run), whose Ashburn constituents have long called for more parks, praised the board's move on Facebook late Wednesday.

"This will be a tremendous asset to our community," he said.

Supervisor Tony Buffington (R-Blue Ridge), whose district includes Beaverdam, said he couldn't be more excited for the project.

"Loudouners will now have yet another park with trails and water accessibility to improve their quality of life," Buffington said.

Beaverdam Park -- Paddlers

Outdoor recreation activities will be among the new offerings at the upcoming Beaverdam park in Ashburn.

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Parks are great! Now-how about meeting the county’s biggest priority-ROADS!


Sandy Run Regional Park and Fountain Head Park on the Occoquan should serve as the blue print for this project. We've needed a "Central Park" in Ashburn and this could serve as one. Now get it done! The project is already 18-months behind schedule and we all remember other broken promises...such as the Rec Center off Truro Parish and the Hal and Berni Hanson Memorial Regional Park. I'll believe it when I see it.


I hope that a good fish restocking program is part of the master plan.

More Cowbell

Hard to believe no houses being put up in this plan.....


Excellent! This will triple the amount of trash around the shoreline.

David Dickinson

The reservoir has long been an underappreciated jewel in the heart of Loudoun County. I am very glad to see the park coming to fruition. That said, the Loudoun Water Board is packed with developer-friendly people. If they are building a park on the east side of the reservoir, the I will guess they are planning major development on the west side of the reservoir. This park will enhance the area and increase the desirability and thus, drive up the prices of the houses they are plotting for the other side of the reservoir. Further, under the guise of public safety, the Watson Rd/Evergreen Mills road is being planned to be remade. It will be safer, and that is good. But, again, the impetus for change isn't people dying but, rather, the development planned for the western side of the reservoir. So, regarding the park, be happy, but don't be fooled.


Interesting perspective. How do you rate the current members of the Loudoun County Planning Board and our Board of Supervisors? Am I mistaken that there has been a tendency to break with some restrictive county land-use positions regarding building in the "Transition Zone" between rural and suburban Loudoun?

David Dickinson

Planning Commission is a "D" because they wasted enormous amounts of the public's time for the charade of getting public input and then ramming a developer plan through Loudoun 2019. They flat-out lied to the public. BoS is a "C+." Some things they do well at (County has a larger commercial base of taxation) and others they don't (appointed the developer-friendly people on Planning Commission, Loudoun Water Board, etc.; special exemption for data center the the transition zone).


A park sounds great but we really need to have a road that would cut through this area. If you look on a map, there is no access through this area for miles and miles. We really, really need an essential road built. Transportation in this county is a 'must have' element in Loudoun, before building a park, which is a 'nice to have'.


Good use of public funds. Keep adding more parks, because it gobbles up the land and prevents it from being developed and turned into more residential units.


Agree 100%...we need more parks even if they are limited in size

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