Lovettsville Elementary during the 2019 election

Voters line up at Lovettsville Elementary in 2019.

The Loudoun County Office of Elections is scheduled to speak publicly on Sept. 1 to address questions and concerns about the upcoming General Election.

Some of the concerns locally and nationwide stem around safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, mail-in ballots and foreign interference.

Offices on the Loudoun ballot will include president and vice president of the United States, members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Virginia constitutional amendments and Loudoun County bond questions. Some local ballots will also include offices for the mayor and town council seats in Leesburg and Hillsboro.

Due to the large number of inquiries about the safety of the upcoming election, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said she wanted to have the elections office staff answer questions at the upcoming business meeting.

“At this point, the most efficient way to answer your questions is to invite the Loudoun County Office of Elections to the Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 1,” Randall (D-At Large) said in a message to the public. “Director Judy Brown and her staff will provide a full report to the board. It is my goal that every Loudoun voter is assured that their vote will be counted.”

The business meeting will be televised live on the Loudoun County Government cable channel — Comcast Government Channel 23, Open Band Channel 40 and Verizon FiOS Channel 40. Meetings can also be viewed live online via


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Just remember: Trump wants to hurt the postal service, has no plan for health care, no plan for immigration reform, threw states to the wolves on covid and can't stand up to Russian interference. If you love him after all that, fine. But you also don't have a leg to stand on to criticize Democrats.


But you left out so many other things !


I trust Judy Brown to run a through voting process more than I trust the political hacks on the Board of Supervisors to do what is right for the county by a country mile!


The irony.......

“Eight months after Democrats mounted a historic effort to remove Donald Trump from office, not a single speaker uttered the word “impeachment” during their four-day convention.”

“For Democrats to completely omit impeachment from their convention was once unthinkable. Democrats had mounted a case that Trump had abused his power to blackmail Ukraine into investigating his political adversaries, including Biden. And they made an existential argument that without removing him from office, Trump’s behavior would get worse and democracy itself would be at risk.”

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia — which Democrats once thought could topple Trump for obstruction of justice — also went unmentioned, even as it was a defining feature of Trump’s nearly four years in office.”

“At DNC, "the word 'impeachment' [was] entirely left out over the course of the 4-night event. Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia... also went unmentioned, even as it was a defining feature of Trump’s nearly 4 years in office."



Why do you think they should? The Dem convention was much more positive than negative, like the republican one. They didn’t use a boat load of lies to attack, they simply pointed out the job he was doing. Look how that worked for them. After the conventions were over Bidens approval went up a point and trumps went down point. Trump went on his usual lie filled attack while Biden showed what was happening because of the trump presidency. Even the TV rating have the dem convention much higher than the repubs. And Russian interference was brought up.


The democrats certainly have a boatload of lies. Fact is, democrats knew themselves they weren't believable and wouldn't fly. That's the ONLY reason they didn't use them.

TV ratings much higher? Does that mean Hillary has a 151% chance of winning in 2020?


Sure, they do, I suggest you run fact check for convention and follow it by the party name. Only a fool would think things were unbelievable when it is proven in the Mueller report. Denial of what is written doesn’t make it not there. Who doesn’t know that trump was impeached? What are you talking about not using them? What does Hillary have to do with TV ratings or winning in 2020? It simply means that more people watched the Democratic convention than the republican one. We all know how trump feels about his ratings.


Do people realize how dumb they sounds when they scream voting in person is so dangerous and this is on the front page of the Washington Post.

March on Washington updates: Thousands expected to march for racial equality at D.C. rally


The business meeting will be televised live on the Loudoun County Government cable channel — Comcast Government Channel 23, Open Band Channel 40 and Verizon FiOS Channel 40. Meetings can also be viewed live online via Don't you think they will meet all the requirement for the in person? I just watched part of the march on CBS and ABC it looked like everyone was wearing a mask. Good job.


Everyone is stretching the truth a bit. Most works though


Do you know how dumb it sounds that some people still think voting in person is always safe? According to Forbes when they had in person voting in Wisconsin “Researchers find that counties where more people voted per voting location in April 7 primaries went on to have higher rates of positive” Newsweek; Wisconsin's In-Person Voting May Have Led to 'Large' Increase in Coronavirus Cases, Study Suggests”

At least in the march on Washington people wore masks, everyone got a temperature check to go in and the mics were cleaned and had covers put on them before every speaker. Quite the contrary to trumps rallies and convention where people have tested positive because they must have thought they were invincible.


The only "foreign interference" I've witnessed locally is ltM's constant and ever-present lean toward the Left.

BTW, when's the next pre-election (D) fluff piece?


Wonder of wonders!

Last night, Don Lemon (D-CNN) called for the rioting to end, "because it's showing up in the polling."



and other reasons that you conveniently left off.


So there are at least 2 people that watch hack Lemon.

Explains some of the comments of some people.


Step some people watch TV, amazing. Some people also read news feeds on their devices, which is probably where you saw it too which don't give the whole story. Some news feeds have links to more coverage too, i think you missed that link.


Aren't you on facebook? You probably wouldn't even recognize it. They use real orgs, people names etc, just like they did the last time.


The first safety measure they should discuss is to let everyone know that they should vote for Trump, Gade and Andrews....that is the safest way to vote in 2020.....


L4trmp......another non-sequiter. These types of posts do no service to any discussion


how is that a safety measure?

Comment deleted.

Please don’t


I just love creating problems where none exist. Everyone knows what day is Election Day. You can show up and vote or you can do early voting in person or can request an absentee ballot if you are afraid to go in person. Election safety no different than grocery store safety or restaurant safety which we are all used to doing now.

Loudoun Observer

Isn't it ironic that the same folks that defend rioting, criminal behavior and work to reduce charges for those that assault police officers - are the very people that claim to "feel unsafe" when doing something so simple?


I wouldn't call it ironic.

More like a calculated attempt to manipulate the current situation.


I support peaceful protesting. I do NOT support rioting and looting. It only makes things worse and doesn't convince anyone to agree with the original point. I also don't condone criminal behavior. It's unfortunate though that the deputy sheriffs high fived the teen who killed those people as he walked by. They didn't arrest him right then and then let him go home. That is an instance of condoning criminal behavior.


Why perpetuate a blatant lie about the police?


There were no "high fives" after the shootings. That's a 100% lie.

But lefties gonna do what they do.


Ace, even this is political for you, shame. It is about justice and equality, but I guess some righty tighty’s have to make everything political. Can you imagine if Rittnehouse was black and headed towards cops? Look at how many times he touched his gun while walking towards them. But it’s okay to shoot a black man in the back 7 times that isn’t holding a weapon? You are looking for an actual high five? It is a saying also; it means they gave approval or agreed with you. I have used that term over the phone but it doesn’t mean I actually touched someone. Do you think if someone says you have their blessing you are actually getting blessed?

More Cowbell

But the media wouldn't have anything to report on. The sky is falling, Kids can't go school, people can't show up to vote, Meanwhile 100s of millions go into work, riot, shop, eat out(or pick up). Notice how no mention of COVID....


The mail in could be a problem if the president outlaws it or at least makes is almost impossible. Voting in person could be dangerous on so many levels and will be difficult when polling locations are reduced because they can't get enough volunteers. The majority of volunteers tend to be the retired, most of whom are elderly. According to the plan, old people are the covid sacrifices. They'll all be dead by then according to the Trump's speech in NH. I wonder if he has forgotten that he is an old person...?


Are the "large number of inquiries" coming from LCPS employees?

I think the rest of us have this figured out pretty well by now.


Why not publish a list of all registered voters who didn't vote in the last election and remind them to do so via mail as well? Maybe you can shame them to show up. :-)


I think that's illegal, but so is holding an election event at the White House. No one cared or will do anything about that because we've become a lawless country. So maybe someone will take you up on that suggestion


There are three voting options available to everybody. (1) Go to your polling center on Election Day. (2) Request a ballot and vote by mail. (3) Go to the election office in Leesburg.

With all these options available about 4-6/weeks before the election, anybody who can't vote, shouldn't vote because they can't follow simple instructions.


LP - You are right it is as simple as that.


Hope you don't mind if I add 1 more option. Starting 45 days before Election Day, visit your local registrar’s office to vote early. Remember, the Saturday before Election Day is the last day to vote early.Loudoun County Voter Registration (Directions)

750 Miller Drive, SE

Suite C

Leesburg, VA 20175


Thank you


Phyllis should remind Loudoun voters that if they have shopped at a supermarket, WalMart, Target or Costco in the last 90 days, that they will be able to go to the polls and vote in November.


Correct. There is nothing to discuss. WalMarts, Home Depots, Targets, etc. are always packed and are more dangerous than a polling place.


You never have to wait in line as long at any of those places. It's being around the same person for 15 minutes or longer that makes it more dangerous if they have covid. If you want to vote in person, take your mask.

Bye Don 2020

You Trump-ettes want to keep as many people from voting as possible. We get that. I'd feel the same way if my candidate was having to run on his record of grift, budget-busing incompetence and complete subservience to Putin and the Russian oligarchs. Enjoy your last few months with a kindred spirit squatting in the White House...

Chris McHale

There was a recent report that some 550,000 mail in ballots were not counted during the 2020 primaries. The reasons varied but in reality the number of people that vote in a primary is significantly less than those that vote in a general election. So we can assume the number of uncounted votes to increase. I will vote in person because my vote means as much to me as the $1.50 hotdog and a drink at Costco.


You can track your ballot now. If it is not received you could vote in person.

Chris McHale

AG - excellent I may get two votes but what about my Costco hotdog?


I'm either confused or really tired because I don't get the hotdog and drink reference


Sorry chris, you still can't get 2 votes. They know who has been sent an absentee ballot and to vote in person you would need to go to the registrars office and your mail in vote becomes void. They use the barcode on it. I only know this because one of my sons forgot to mail his while at college and they wouldn't let him vote at the usual spot and I had to drive him to Leesburg. They keep records of everything.I would suggest the pizza instead.



You Lefties want to ruin as many businesses as possible, and keep as many children from learning as possible.


Righties don't realize that the left own business too. Well thought out statement


That's a silly statement. Anyone from any political party or philosophy can own a business and just as easily lose that business due govt closure, covid, the economy going belly up, incompetence, or some combination. Also, people of all parties will work for business owners of any party. Bet that applies to even you. Why does everything have to be right vs left? Where do the Independents and moderates fall into your philosophy? Are they ok with you? How do you tell if someone is a "lefty" other than which hand they use to hold a pen? Do they dress the same? Do they smell the same? Do they all have the same hair or eye color? If you saw "lefties" walking down the street, would you trip them or hit them with your car? Can you guess where they live and...maybe egg their houses? Seriously, how do you know????


I see masks in all of those places and signs on those places requiring that people wear them. We'll see if it's required for polling places; people actually wear them; and there enough polling places open so that the lines don't wind around parking lots so that people wait in line for hours. As for mail in voting, Trump has repeatedly implied and outright said that there won't be any and it's apparent that the postal service is being crippled. Might not get your ballot and if you do, it might not make it to it's destination for the count.

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