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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are considering to decommission to the traffic light at Lexington Drive.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Thursday night to close access points from Lexington Drive to Route 7 and to decommission the traffic signal at the intersection.

The signal closure could come as early as September or October, according to county staff.

Broad Run Supervisor Ron Meyer (R) said he was pleased with the Virginia Department of Transportation's help to accelerate the project.

“Every citizen and every driver on the Route 7 corridor should give gratitude to VDOT for making sure we can remove the Lexington Drive light as soon as possible,” Meyer said. “Thank you to staff who worked on this, thank you to VDOT and thank the Lord the light will be gone.”

The reason for decommissioning the traffic signal is for the "health, safety, morals and the general welfare of its citizens,” according to board's resolution. As a result, drivers that wish to exit Route 7 near Lexington Drive will have to use the interchanges of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Loudoun County Parkway.

Before the board’s decision, residents and businesses urged the board to complete the Riverside Parkway project connecting Lexington Drive to Loudoun County Parkway on the north side of Route 7.

One of those businesses was Blue Mount Nursery, located at the intersection.

The approved project includes construction of a four-lane divided road segment between Loudoun County Parkway and Lexington Drive, a new Loudoun Water main along Smith Circle and a temporary traffic signal at Loudoun County Parkway and George Washington Boulevard, according to county capital projects records. The Riverside project was recently delayed as a result of utility relocation, according to the county. The construction start date is still to be determined.

The Riverside project is estimated to be completed by the fall of 2021, Public Affairs and Communications Officer Glen Barbour told the Times-Mirror. He added that many variables could impact the construction schedule.

Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R), who represents the Algonkian District, said a copy of the county's plans will be disseminated to property owners in the area. She added that her office and county staff will be organizing a future meeting with community members regarding the Riverside Parkway extension and decommissioning the traffic signal.

Only one speaker spoke at Thursday’s business meeting about the intersection, a representative of Blue Mount Nursery who was opposed.

The board passed the item with a 8-0-1 vote on the consent agenda. Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) was absent.

Lexington Drive | Route 7 View

View of Route 7 and Lexington Drive during signal change.

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More Cowbell

Is this the same VDOT that put up the light? VDOT is poorly run. This decision took way too long. Too many lights in certain areas that should be blinking yellow, like the new one on Sycolin RD. Those lights in front of schools during summer should be turned off.


There is a right turn in a non-dedicated lane going into the church and some businesses between Claiborne and Ashburn Village Blvd. It makes a lot of sense to keep a right turn available until the Riverside Drive to Loudoun Co. Pkwy opens in 2021.


I do not see what the big deal is about getting off at Ashburn village or loudoun county parkway. A minor inconvenience should not be put above all the people that travel route 7 every day.


Removing the light on Rt 7 is GREAT, but closing the west bound (right turn) exit onto Lexington Dr. before the Loudoun County Parkway extension, to intersect it with Lexington or Riverside Parkway is complete, is not warranted especially since a turning lane is already there. The turning lane allows a right turn onto Lexington without slowing down westbound Rt 7 traffic, which is what this whole effort is all about. An earlier vote to allow right turns onto Lexington from Rt 7 until all connecting infrastructure was complete made more sense. What’s the rush to restrict access to Lexington? Remove the light but keep the right turn lane and access to Lexington. Residents of Lexington 7 (a 55+ community) and customers of the Blue Mount Nursery will have to go to Ashburn Village Parkway and backtrack to reach into their respective destinations until the Loudoun County Parkway extension project is complete and as far as I know we don’t have a firm completion date yet.


The right turn lane is not a dedicated turn lane.

Duncan Idaho

It's dangerous without a light.

More Cowbell

It's called do your homework. That light should have been taken down when Loudoun county parkway over pass was done.


Now they will need to address the red light runners that will only increase at Rt 7 and City Center Blvd that will only get worse due to nothing slowing them down for miles. To many near collisions at this intersection.

Duncan Idaho

Who cares? The "last signal" has to be somewhere.

David Dickinson

Good riddance, and long overdue.


Looks like the BoS finally got their Blue Mount scalp now about the baseball park?

Duncan Idaho

About time.

Chris McHale

What year will this happen?

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