Robert A. Skiffington

A Loudoun County Public Schools teacher was arrested Friday and charged with simple assault and battery after he allegedly kissed a juvenile student on the cheek and mouth on more than one occasion.

Robert A. Skiffington, 64, of Centreville, is a second-grade teacher at Sugarland Elementary School in Sterling. He was charged with the misdemeanor today after an investigation found he kissed the student numerous times over the past school year, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities say the incidents came to light on May 15 when it was reported that Skiffington had inappropriate contact with the student at school. The incident was brought to the attention of school staff who notified a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office school resource officer. The investigation was conducted by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit in coordination with the Loudoun County commonwealth’s attorney’s office.

Skiffington was released on a $3,500 unsecured bond from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.


Sugarland Principal Gail Brady released the following statement to the school community Friday:

"Today, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) arrested one of our teachers, Robert Skiffington, who was charged with simple assault, a Class I misdemeanor. According to the Sheriff’s Office, an investigation determined that Mr. Skiffington “kissed a juvenile student on the cheek and mouth on more than one occasion during the past school year . . . Skiffington was released on a $3,500 unsecured bond from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.” The terms of the bond prohibit him from having contact with people under the age of 18. The arrest was not made on our campus. LCPS is in the process of executing a “no trespass” letter to Mr. Skiffington. Although LCPS has not received any information to indicate that Mr. Skiffington might attempt to return to campus, additional security personnel will be on campus through the end of the school year in order to provide a reassuring presence.

On the morning of May 15, we received information that we shared that morning with the LCSO and Child Protective Services. Mr. Skiffington was placed on leave that morning and has not been at Sugarland since. He will remain on leave.

A former Sugarland teacher has taken over Mr. Skiffington’s second-grade class and will continue to teach the class until the end of the school year.

I am hosting a parent meeting at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 3, in the school cafeteria to discuss this matter. Our parent liaison will attend in order to translate. This meeting is limited to the parents and guardians of current Sugarland students so that we have the opportunity to talk with one another in a way that focuses on the needs of our students and school community."


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Jeanne T, you got a problem? Use your words woman. I have the right to state my ideas just as much as the next person without being [censored].If you feel that only some people have the right to freedom of speech then you have a problem. But maybe you should comment on the article and not be petty about the people posting, because your post has nothing to do with this article and alot to do with the type of person you are.


@amerigirl - You seem to be coming around to conservative principles. Free speech for ALL is absolutely right! Should not be impeded by those who don't like what's being said, violence shouldn't be used to silence those in disagreement. I knew if you stuck around long enough you'd come to your senses! Keep up the good work!


I wouldn't go that far but I stick with my views even when they don't fit the standards of any party. Free speech is different than people spewing lies under the guise of free speech. I have no respect for those people who hide behind lies, like the person who keeps posting that there is infanticide, which is totally illegal, and knows it's illegal, but continues to spread lies. That is about as lowlife as you can get.

Jeanne T

LOL! No one is threatening your free speech or asking that you be censored. As for commenting about the article, I'm sure that if I made a comment pertinent to this story or any other piece for that matter, you would no doubt have a ready response, as you always do.

More Cowbell

He did this multiple times throughout school year. Did anyone come forward earlier? or was this the first time LCPS heard of this issue with this teacher? I'd suspect he kissed others this year or in past.


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nope, that's Creepy Uncle Joe all day long.


You got a grabbin' President that's proud of it. Definitely Trump. Hope he gets your daughter.


Clearly the county education system is broken and it doesn't seem to be anything new. More honest reporting would help as well. For example it was announced publicly that the former Supt. Edgar Hatrick was "retiring" a few years ago but a then BOD member told me that he did not retire. The real fact for his leaving was that the BOD refused to renew his contract. Why were we not told the truth by the BOD? Seems to me that the entire BOD needs to go as well.


What's wrong with kissing, Joe Biden does it.


Somebody sounds jealous! You are [offtopic] again. this is not an article about Biden. Hit your refresh button and try again.

Jeanne T

Ah, the hall monitor ever present on the job!


Is it not clear to Loudoun County parents that their expensive education system is completely broken? From the long time incompetent principals at Valley & Tuscarora among others, to the multiple intoxicated teachers every month to the continuous teachers charged with inappropriate student interaction, when does it become clear how messed up our education system has become? We need to clean house at the top of the school system and move on from there to the schools. We are told that incidents like this are isolated in nature but incidents reported on a consistent basis are not isolated by definition. As much tax money as we pump into the school system each year continued issues like this should not be continuously tolerated with a shrug of the shoulders. We deserve much better.


another lcps sexual predator....who is hiring these people? I think the school boar should tackle employee is atrocious and starts at the top....


Your President has acted like this for most of his life. And is proud of it. Why are you griping about Loudoun? Be more concerned about your good old USA.


Hopefully, LTM will be publishing a story about the $10m lawsuit just filed against Trailside Middle School Principal Bridget Beichler, Math Teacher Felix Colaciello, AP O'Connell and the Board regarding sexual assault and rape of a 13 year old girl.

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4. Three teachers arrested for separate incidents in Loudoun County within weeks
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10. Loudoun County teacher admits to sending salacious pictures, soliciting sex from teenage students
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12. Virginia teacher accused of being drunk on the job
13. THONG GONE: Teacher sent raunchy pics, asked teens for sex
14. Parents voice concerns over safety and disarray in hallways at Loudoun Valley High School


Probably a Democrat.

Why would you say that when we have the grabber in chief heading up the GOP?


What is LCPS missing in the hiring process? This is ridiculous.


The School Board (especially the local board member and the at large board member) should publicly ask for a survey of prior year parents be done asking if there was any evidence of odd behavior or worse with other students which were not acted upon by the Principal or others. Parents should have direct input to teacher reviews and they should be more frequent than every 3 years. Second, personnel should be asked to supply their pre-employment research to establish that nothing in the history of this candidate could have pointed toward this type of abuse. If something was missed then personnel needs to be held accountable. When I was on the school board we had to fire a teacher who was directly responsible for the death of a student which personnel never even picked up when doing a very cursory background check which they insisted was done in depth. The behavior problems with employees are far too frequent to be ignored as the school board seems to focus on hiring $161k cultural competency experts.


Thx for saying this! Yes, much much more must be done to ensure the safety of our children.


And yet, I'll bet you won't vote for one dime for better background checks. Please note that the system worked pretty well here. The teacher was reported by other staff members. There was no cover up as there would have been in 99% of publicly held companies.


BOBO, are we supposed to genuflliect when we see you? Would someone let us know who your opponent so I can vote for him or her.  Don't care about party affiliation
or planet of origin.


"Parents should have direct input to teacher reviews and they should be more frequent than every 3 years." Let's discuss the first part. 1) Saying that parents should have direct input in reviews/evaluations is an incredible conflict of interest, and 2) Teachers are not elected to serve your whims and wants. Just think of how asinine it would be for random people to come into your workplace and tell you the "right way" to do your job. For the second part, 3 year formal evaluation cycle are standard for the U.S. As well, during the interim years, there are still observations and goals completed for every teacher. You very obviously have an axe to grind against public teachers and are very much willing to blanket bash them at any opportunity. To know that you have been a school board member in the past is frightening. The vast majority of teachers in this county and the nation do their very best every day to provide a quality education to their students, provide guidance, and work well outside of what you think is "only half of the year". Good day sir.


Thank you. Next they will want to control report cards too. No parent is cut off from contacting a teacher about a student or lesson or many other matters. People don't take into account that the teacher also takes her time to reply, which is usually on her private time.


LoudnEduc, How would having parent input be a "conflict of interest"? Parents are not "random" people. Why wouldn't LCPS want their input? They are, after all, customers paying for a service. Would an end-of-the-year survey be so bad? Colleges do it for each professor.

David Dickinson

Un-friggin-believable! Why the heck are so many LCPS employees being arrested?

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