Loudoun-Danville Exchange Program | Northam

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) in February 2020 welcomes guests to the executive mansion at the kickoff for the pilot exchange program between Loudoun County and Danville. 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that northern Virginia, including Loudoun County, may enter into the second phase of the state’s COVID-19 reopening plan on Friday.

Northam (D) delayed northern Virginia from entering the second phase because state officials needed more time to review the region's health metrics. Nearly a week later, the improving metrics have swayed Northam's decision to grant northern Virginia and the City of Richmond the opportunity to enter the second phase.

“Overall our numbers look good,” Northam said. “Most of Virginia just entered ‘Phase 2’ on Friday. Northern Virginia and the City of Richmond remained in ‘Phase One,’ but the metrics from those areas also looked positive, and they can move into ‘Phase Two’ as of this Friday.”

Under the “Phase Two” guidelines, restaurants, gyms, sports, outdoor entertainment venues and gatherings will be allowed to have up to 50 people.

Gyms and fitness centers can have indoor classes and workouts at 30 percent of their capacity, and swimming pools can open with some restrictions. Entertainment spaces such as museums, zoos, botanical gardens and outdoor venues can reopen with some restrictions. Recreational sports are allowed with physical distancing requirements and no shared equipment. Swimming pools can be open to exercise and swim instructions.

Public and private gatherings are limited to 50 people.

Northam is still encouraging people to telework, physical distance and to wear face masks in indoor spaces.

As part of his Forward Virginia plan to reopen, Northam's staff has been monitoring the number of positive coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, hospital bed and intensive care capacity, the amount of personal protective equipment at health care facilities and testing capabilities.

Loudoun County's total number of coronavirus-related deaths stands at 67. The last death was reported on June 1.

The number of cases stands at 3,174 on Tuesday, according to the latest figures reported by the state. There have been 185 hospitalizations. 

Loudoun County's current 7-day average for percent positivity in testing has fallen to 10.8 percent.

Statewide, the number of cases on Tuesday jumped by 487 to 51,738. There have been 1,496 deaths, 5,203 hospitalizations and 388,480 tests administered across the commonwealth.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at CDC.gov/Coronavirus and Loudoun.gov/coronavirus.

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Activities which do not require a mask: looting local businesses, vandalizing historic monuments, throwing rocks through windows, admonishing police. all other activities require a mask.


What's the problem. Humans are bundles of inconsistent behavior. I would much prefer that situation to a president who is consistently lying.


You would prefer looting, vandalizing attacking police than a president that says stuff you don’t like. You need to take common sense out of your name.


In loudoun, only 4 deaths were people under 70 years old. Open it all up. Now. If we can riot and protest in large groups, we are pretty much over this. Even fauci said may not be a second wave. Oh, he also said mask wearing was “symbolic.” Oh, yeah, ok.


Actually Fauci said a "second Wave" is not inevitable if everyone acts like an adult during the continuing pandemic and wears a mask in public and social distances. Obviously, this is America, and many will act like entitled brats. So who knows, how many grandparents shall we condemn to a nasty death so long as we can hit the gym and bar? Perhaps pray to Jesus for the answer if you have any faith in anything other than yourself.


I’m sure there are people who have prayed for this virus to go away but that hasn’t worked, nor will it. Of course there are going to be waves of this virus. We’ve been trying to stop the flu for decades but haven’t, even with constantly changing vaccines. We’re only half a year into the coronavirus. People gathering more as businesses reopen will only result in more infections. One doesn’t need a PhD in statistics, biology, or any other field to realize that. Hopefully the hospitals (and funeral homes) will be ready.


Glad to see an article on phase 2 got people like BLT and NovaNick posting on a Covid-19 article again.

I am sure they will blame any spike on the re-opening and not the protests and marches happening all around.

I am sure at some point Amerigirl and Cindylou will return their focus on Covid-19.

Until then get out and help our local businesses and make sure you overtip your server or bartender.


do you get a warm feeling insulting people?


Yes I do. Thanks for asking.



---> "Until then get out and help our local businesses and make sure you overtip your server or bartender."

Yes, support our local businesses and tip generously. Let's also not forget our doctors and nurses and EMTs who have been on the front lines risking their lives to save others. Wear a mask. Maintain safe distances. Act responsibly.


June 10: British study: universal use of masks could prevent "second wave" of virus.

"wearing a face mask in public at all times is twice as effective in curbing the spread of the virus as wearing a mask only after symptoms appear."

I still want to hear from the commenter that said she/he had a concealed-carry permit and no one was going to make her/him wear a mask. Would like to know how the philosophy of guns solving everything is working out.


As soon as our elected leaders in Virginia start wearing them at all times while social distancing I will follow suit.


I have my CCP and so far have been to Home Depot, Giant, Lowes, CVS and multiple other places without my mask. I was only questioned once and once I told them that I had my gun on me and it would be illegal for me to wear anything that conceals my face they let me go in without a mask.



So glad you have your priorities straight. BTW, are you married? Do you have a family? Is there any other person on this planet you care about as much as yourself? That's what I thought.

You wear a mask at the damn grocery store and you wash your hands and you keep your distance and you show kindness to cashiers and you follow the simple rules put in place to keep people healthy and alive because that's what decent human beings do, and because 100,000 grieving families deserve it.


Why isn't anyone wearing a mask in this picture? Is this another case of do what I say but the rules don't apply to Governor? For transparency, it would be nice to note on all new reported cases if the individual participated in a protest.


The answer is that the photograph was taken in February 2020.


The picture is from Feb 2020


Ok well "Coonman" was cheering people, "over a thousand" that protested in Richmond yesterday and of course no social distancing and of course screaming and spitting and no adherence to anything. Then let's not forget the looters and rioters that tore down the statue of Columbus and threw it into the park lake. Who is going to pay to clean that up. YEAH YOU!! I guess he must be a racist too. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Dr. Fauci, who is an idiot and the CDC, which Trump was right to question all the time, has changed their opinions and observation AGAIN. Enough is enough. Also news flash. The big "lottery" for small businesses that were destroyed by Northam and Loudoun County was a scam for small business owners. The website was disorganized and they had little booby traps built into them. Even if you have a state board certified license, even if you have your tax ID and all paperwork to do business and of course PAY TAXES in Leesburg and Loudoun, you are not allowed to enter the drawing unless you have a COUNTY license. WHAT A FING SCAM!! Then when you called about it, this person HOPE never calls back and waits until the time for you to submit has passed. TIME to revolt. Take to the streets to protest, which is allowed and no social distancing is necessary, the evil political fraud that is BOS, Randall, Northam and so many others in the hate America group. Again this was a scam. LTM find out who won these "lottery drawings" and you will find the corruption. Do you still care about single female hard working business owners???? I guess we will find out. THIS WILL NOT STAND!!!

Chris McHale

Do we still have to wear masks indoors.


I think so.


Only playing men’s softball


Yes we do. wear it anytime around other people.

Loudoun Observer

Q: "Do we still have to wear masks indoors?"

A: Yes, but not if you are protesting, rioting, looting, pillaging or virtue signaling on behalf of BLM. Liberals have declared that these actions are "too important" to require protections against Covid. Other exceptions may be granted as their mood shifts.


I went to the Loudoun landfill last week, and they were requiring masks for people dumping trash. Safety theater, brought to you by the LoCo government.


Face coverings required for now until September 8. For your reference see pg 13 of Virginia's E.O. 65.


Guest--thank you for the citation.


NOVA is finally opening....good to hear pools will be open this weekend and outdoor sports venues.....step in the right direction, probably should have been two weeks ago, but at least a step in right direction and once we hit phase 3 in 2 weeks school should be open this fall for all who want to attend which is great news....also means more people will start to go back to work if their business is still around....


I’m sure funeral directors share your enthusiasm. :)


This is good news but what is being done to track the protesters and have them tested? Based on the pictures we've seen social distancing was not practiced and not everyone was wearing a mask and many that did not cover their nose.


I am touched by your concern Fiscalconservative. What political party do you favor these days? I don't know one that's fiscally conservative so I don't want to prejudge you...

Guest Your worried about protesters what about all the people at the beaches

What about all the people at the beaches


The stay-at-home-until-theres-a-vaccine-for-everyone crew must be apoplectic.

Logic Rules

No you dang fool. No one is making me go anywhere. It's a free country and if I'm not ready to risk my health I don't have to. You go right ahead...and when I'm ready I'll go too. This isn't some stupid political stunt even though so many of our more conservative friends (and I use that term very loosely because if you're a Trump follower there's nothing conservative about you) wish to make it so.


She you in a year or two Logic.

Logic Rules

Surely you can come out before then...


See you not She you.


For nearly three months the stay-at-home-until-theres-a-vaccine-for-everyone crew has demanded that EVERYONE stay at home. Despite the obvious fact that remaining at home has been and will remain to be a perfectly viable option for anyone who wishes to do so, and can weather the financial implications. Please try to follow along because this MOST CERTAINLY has been a "political stunt" as you call it, because the local infection data doesn't support a change in policy. And, more importantly, the idiots who have been SHOUTING about how critical the lockdown is/was, are among those who are out there participating in mass gatherings. So kindly take your insults sod off.

Bang On My Drum All Day

And nothing changed over those 3 months? Are you just thick in the head or do you so want to beat the political drum that you can't help yourself. Three months ago everyone should have stayed home. Today, it's not as bad as it was. But I guess you'd rather bang your drum and stick your fingers in your ears and yell "Na Na Na Na Na." Fine. We expect no less.


Two months ago the seven day average for new cases was 10-15 per day. One month ago it was 35 to 40. Now it's around 75, down from a high around 90-95. So please, based on data, do tell me how things are better now? Go ahead. Take your time. I'm sure you're a real whiz.


Who are you calling a fool - you’re an idiot. If you want to stay home - then stay home. NOBODY is making you go out. Stop forcing you hypochondria on adults who are willing to take the risk going out. I frequent all the big box stores/grocery stores in leesburg - 95% wear masks and the rest stay away from each other. How is it fair that those stores are allowed to stay open with 100s of folks shopping when small leesburg/ashburn/sterling small business have to stay closed? This political lockdown is destroying small business. Btw - I vote Democrat, between this and the riots, probably won’t anymore

pual mase

I agree guest. There is risk but we must take personal responsibility and live our lives.

I also agree the democrats in charge at the county and state level have failed us with these business-busting lockdowns and tacit support for protests and riots. I’ll never vote democrat again.


When you provide stats on deaths and hospitalization -- it would be helpful to share the average age of both groups --- and well as it they were obese or morbidly obese.


WesternSky--I believe that they do provide the age groups of people who have died of COVID-19. Not sure about hospitalizations. I am also not sure what one would gain to learn the number of "obese or morbidly obese" as COVID-19 frankly could care less if a person is either fit or obese.

Ticked off Ashburn Voter

Actually it does matter. The most significant co-morbidities are obesity and diabetes. That is if we can believe ANYTHING WHO or CDC says about Covid-19. Which I'm not sure we can.


Ticked off Ashburn Voter--thank you for the additional information on COVID-19 and how it relates to obesity and diabetes. I knew about diabetes but not so much obesity. I agree with your last premise too.


I am confused though, under Phase 2........what are the social distancing rules for protesting, looting, mutinies, hooliganization, rebellions, revolts, insurgencies, riots, ransacking, pillaging and marauding? I don’t want to risk getting in trouble for violating the Governors well thought out guidelines. Asking for a friend.


My friend suggested that you tell your friend to jam their head back up their a-- and stop sassing the grownups with stupid f---ing questions. Sorry, my friend is a bit of a prick.


Yea what he said...


Thank you for your thoughts and guidance. I thought my friend asked a stupid question also as everyone should clearly know by now, the social distancing rules when tear gas, pepper spray, mace, lachrymator agents, plutonium isotopes, murder wasp spray, xylylbromide and Appalachian skunk urine are in the air render the evil Covid virus impotent. I read that on the internet so it has to be true.


Are all these "Guests" really that lazy they can't choose a handle name for themselves?


Looks like Pricks stay close together


I was wondering the same 🙄 and all these celebrities calling people to go out and protest, were just asking everyone to stay home to save lives.


Don't be a rear-end. The rule is, live your life and expect a long line at restaurants that don't have RSVP lists.


Pretty much the same for a draft dodger who orders tear gas shot at lawfully assembling Americans so he can walk across the street to a church he never visits to hold up a Bible that he never reads while hoping to make things worse. And, just like he did with America's prep for the Corona virus, his ham-handed divisive nonsense made the protest have much longer legs. Midas in reverse indeed!


BLT, it wasn't tear gas but smoke bombs, and was not ordered by the Presidet, but by the Secret Service who asked the protesters three times to move back. When they ignored and disobeyed the Secret Service orders, and started throwing frozen water projectiles and bricks at them, they relinquished their status as peaceful protesters.


You keep believing the BS. There absolutely was tear or pepper gas, both of which is classified the same by the CDC and it was against peaceful protestors, nothing was thrown prior to them attacking and there was no order given whatsoever. Every damn MSM was there and thousands of camera phones and not one has reported or shown any order. You can call BS all you want but this was televised & recorded for the whole world to see. You need to quit spreading GOP talking points as facts, everyone else has the receipts.

pual mase

Get the hell out of the park and you won’t get in trouble.

Peaceful protest is an oxymoron.


I hope that people will never forget the recent iconic images of our political leaders this week:

1) Trump standing pompously in front of a church while brandishing an upside-down bible

2) Pelosi inappropriately wearing a Kente Cloth while standing with arms akimbo

A picture is worth a thousand words...

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