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Loudoun County has scheduled a second round of free, drive-through testing for COVID-19 at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park in Leesburg for Monday beginning at 10 a.m.

Testing will end when the site reaches capacity or by 6 p.m. As many tests as possible will be administered during the one-day testing event.

Motorists should enter Bolen Park on Crosstrail Boulevard from Sycolin Road. If navigating to the park by GPS, use the following address to arrive at the park’s general location: 42405 Claudia Drive on Leesburg.

The event is open to all ages and will occur rain or shine. The test type will be a PCR test for the novel coronavirus; the test does not indicate whether someone has antibodies from a previous COVID-19 exposure. Test results will be provided approximately three days following the test.

No appointments are necessary. There are no age or residency requirements. A person does not have to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 in order to be tested. No prescription or doctor’s order is necessary.

To help reduce wait times, people who plan to attend Monday’s event are strongly encouraged to complete a registration form for each person who will be receiving a test prior to arriving at the testing site.

The form is posted online and may be filled out and printed in advance of the testing.

The registration form is required and asks for general demographics and contact information including name, date of birth, address, phone number and current symptoms, if any.

This will be the second mass COVID-19 testing opportunity in Loudoun County provided by the Virginia Department of Health. On May 20, more than 1,800 people received a COVID-19 test.

Residents with questions about COVID-19 may call the Loudoun County Health Department’s information line, 703-737-8300, or send an email to

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and

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To those who are not bots and are able to form thoughts all by yourself - please know that it is obvious to somebody who used to visit here often that these comment sections have become infected themselves. Don't waste your time arguing, save your mental health. You are not responding to rational, reasonable, or in some cases real people. Get your mail in ballots or have a plan for keeping yourself safe in November and vote. Hang in there.


Good thoughts


If you are sick, you should be isolated. If you are well, then back to work.

Why is Virginia & Loudoun keeping our businesses closed??


If life was just that simple. You go back to work and find out that you have been contagious for days and have spread it to who knows how many people. If you test positive you should self-quarantine. OMG, they open tomorrow, is that too far away? Put your mask on as required in indoor places and enjoy!


Clearly you have never had a job and living in the richest county in the United States doesn’t make it difficult to make a decision between working or not working you simply dig into your savings account try waiting tables for five years and see if you’re not ready to go back to work sooner


Clearly you are not very good at reading people. stop judging. I retired after working for over 50 years. I have waited tables, and many other things so stop playing the victim and know it all. Your self pity party is crazy when Loudoun is opening today. Put on your mask and go back to work.


It's not, they opened today. There are restrictions like having to wear a mask when gong to an inside business.


Why in the world would people who aren’t sick wait in line for a test? Even if I did feel ill, I probably still wouldn’t get a test; I would stay home and recover on my own like I did with the flu. If I was sick enough to go to hospital, then I guess they could test then. None of this makes much sense.


Where does the article mention people waiting in line who are not sick


I see it now. Perhaps if you have been in close contact with a person with the virus.


Because you can be carrying it before or if you ever show symptoms.


Do you report all positive results so tracing can occur and the person with the virus can be isolated? Why isn't this simple yet practical factor part of the article? :-) (In China these positive testing individuals would be immediately put into quarantine)


Perhaps you would enjoy living in China for sometime and enjoy your medical security


Very uncalled for with just a hint of racism added. He asked a question and you that?


There was no racism in that. China is a country not a people, stop over reacting. All they ment was go there and see to justify the persons previous statement.


OK. China also imposed lockdowns and mask wearing requirements yet they are now having a second wave of the infection in the Wuhan area so I wouldn't use China as a "gold standard" for mitigation/containment of the virus.


Guess they didn't mitigate long enough.


China would like us to mitigate us into the stone age and you’d comply


Guest, sure you know what everyone would and would not do. You know what they say about assuming.

Science Can Save Us

I guess I'm missing something on this. If you don't believe you have been infected, why would you get tested? At the test there will surely be people who *do* have the virus so you're increasing your risk to be among them.

Leesburg Mom

One reason would be so you can find out if you're an asymptomatic carrier. Especially helpful if you are a young, healthy essential worker in contact with a variety of people.

Science Can Save Us

Thank you. That makes sense and clears up my question.


@Leesburg Mom - I partially agree with your point but I don’t see it as very useful to get tested if you don’t have symptoms. The test is only a very brief moment in time. If you test negative, the only thing you know is that you probably didn’t have COVID-19 a week prior to receiving the test result. If you test positive, you can immediately quarantine and trace contacts, but it’s somewhat too late. To be most useful, you would need to get tested over and over and over until you get a positive result or a vaccine.

To be honest, I believe these group tests are mostly to pacify the panic stricken. It gives them a false sense of comfort to know that they are negative, albeit for only a small window of time.


I agree. We are about to open up with a higher than suggested positive rate and prevention is the best way to get through this and bolster our odds. You don't want to start infecting people because you don't know you have it.


So I am 59 years old I have diabetes kidney disease I take three heart medications every day and suffer from arthritis do you think that’s a good reason to get a test even though I might not have symptoms do I know if my flu symptoms were actually Covid and I’ve already got antibodies?


Guest, if all that is wrong with you then you probably have not been out and exposed. Also, if you have all that you stand a much higher risk of dying if you do get the virus so if you start to feel sick you should seek medical attention immediately. If you have been out and about and you are going back to work where you have direct contact with the public it wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is good to know. My brothers doctor won’t even let patients into his office without a negative test.


Let’s, that’s true, that is why first responders need to be tested so often. Hopefully everyone will be wearing masks and not infecting you. The group test let the county know what percent of the test are positive, they want to get below 10%. Places do test over and over, like the car assembly lines. They have had to shut for decontamination a few times as people tested positive before reopening. It is an important window for reopening.


I believe they are administered through car windows, so risk of infection at such distances is low. The point of holding a test event for people may or may not be sick is to find asymptomatics, notify them to self isolate and perform contact tracing. The event will also provide updated numbers of infection penetration. It would be helpful for all of us if the rate of infection goes down, based on expanded testing. If we only test the ill, chances are the infection rate per test will be extremely high and uninformative.


Hypochondria and other mental illnesses are real.


Some people can carry the virus and be asymptomatic and spread it.

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