Coronavirus II

Loudoun County will host free, drive-through testing for COVID-19 at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park, 42405 Claudia Drive in Leesburg, on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to county officials.

The testing is open to everyone and will occur rain or shine, county officials say. No appointments are necessary, and there are no age or residency requirements. A person does not have to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 in order to be tested. No prescription is necessary.

Anyone who is tested will be asked to provide contact information for the test results, which should be available within a week.

Those attending the testing will enter Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park from Crosstrail Boulevard onto Loudoun United Drive and will then be:

-Directed into parking lots and into lanes for drive-through testing;

-Asked for their name, date of birth, address, phone number and current symptoms, if any;

-Asked to proceed to the next station to have their specimen collected. A nasal swab is preferred, but oral swabs are available upon request; and

-Asked to proceed to the exit.

This is a one-day event. No other testing dates are scheduled at this time.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and

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Poor Planning by the county


This was mess. Was there before nine AM, and was blocked to get in without any information. Crowd Control eliminated admittance for us around that time. Waste of time this morning. Shame on the county for such poor planning!!


Made it in before they hit capacity at 14:08. They’re out of tests now.


Good Luck! Weird to say but I hope you have a negative outcome.


Got in line for testing early. LCSO had not idea what to do . We were redirected twice. Lost our spot in line. One sheriff said there may not be enough test. Another sheriff said “we’re full come back later”. What a total cluster “F”.


Yup, I have already given up but I'm still stuck in traffic on sycolin. I called and apparently there are only 1,000 tests for a county of 500,000.

The police aren't saying shit, they are acting like jaded security at a music event that just don't want to be there. None are wearing masks.

How can you put out an article calling for half a million people to go get tested and not say that they're only 1000 tests???


Yeah, my brother had the same problem in Fairfax County.


Same experience an hour later. Park already closed , traffic backed up, no where to wait, police could only advise to go home and try later. Appreciate the idea, demand far exceeded capacity. Need more than one day. Fairfax County offering two locations on two days this weekend. Loudoun should be able to do better.


A lot of negative posters here for some reason. Yes it is a moment in time, yes, you can get it during any time after. Is it a trap? Probably not...….. That said, I think this is good from the perspective that if they get a relevant (not going to argue what relevant means - read some statistics books) number of tests done, at least we can have a baseline for how prevalent this is today in the general populace around here. You can't get that by only testing people who are sick, in the hospital, more likely exposed (healthcare workers, first responders), etc. Personally, I would be more interested in the anti-body testing to see the prevalence in the population over the last 10-12 weeks since many are and have been taking precautions as this progresses. But at least it may give us a current view of what is happening.


So WHO exactly is doing the testing? That’s pretty important to know. Loudoun County government? I didn’t now they had those kinds of facilities. Is Randall going to administer these tests? Lol. Terrible article.


Bottom line gives you a site to get more info.

More Cowbell

Free testing 1 day. So in a week some will find out either positive or negative. Of course those positive won't know and will be out an about. Those negative could come in contact with 1 positive and be positive tomorrow. This type of testing is flawed. It will not help. I expect media to over hype, how many test positive when results come back, even if less than 1%. Unsure if this test will show anyone that had had it? As some still test positive after having it a month+ later.


That's a walking advertisement for wearing a mask.


leesburg, nobody said testing alone was the answer, not even the CNN people. Dr. Birx did say "One of those critical -- critical -- legs of the stool is testing,"

More Cowbell

BOS, GOV and others have stated we need more testing. Today's testing will only show more people had a test. In a week, it will show positive/negative test results. And like disclaimer on new dashboard, those testing positive don't show where they came in contact with infected person, so it could be in another county/state.


Cow, there isn't much you can do about knowing who people had contact with. Most counts are done using your home address but we live in an area where people commute constantly between counties and states and the district. They do get your home address from your ID when you're tested.



---> "But don't you know that testing is the answer to all of our virus problems? Another false narrative promoted by the CNN anchors. Testing is VASTLY over-rated, but let's spend billions so we can do 300 million tests every week across America until there's a treatment or vaccine."

----> "But don't you know that testing is the answer to all of our virus problems"

Your hyperbole is wasted here.

----> " Testing is VASTLY over-rated"

Which is why virtually every medical expert and even governors claim testing is the key to reopening. Remember - masks, social distancing, and testing/isolation/tracing are how we can safely reopen. COVID-19 is extremely contagious. We need to stop exponential spread before we have new outbreaks and forcing future lockdowns.

----> "but let's spend billions so we can do 300 million tests every week across America until there's a treatment or vaccine."

You're on the right track now. Let's spend whatever it takes to widely distribute an accurate antigen test that can produce results in minutes. Had we begun this endeavor back in February, we could be on top of this by now.

Imagine how many deaths could have been prevented if we had proper testing and PPEs provided to staff at nursing homes and rehab centers.

Imagine how our "leaders" continue to function because testing is performed on administration staff. Even Trump and Pence get tested multiple times daily. Why is that?

Imagine this scenario: We reopen schools in the Fall. A child becomes infectious asymptomatically so the parents don't know to keep him home. He goes to school in a confined space on a bus and arrives at a confined classroom that he reached via a confined corridor. More students become infected. They return home only to infect their parents and siblings. Some become sick enough to go to a hospital. EMTs, doctors, and nurses are now exposed to COVID-19 patient. Repeat.

It's not just about the children - it involves all of us. Testing is one of the means of interrupting this cycle.

The goal is to mitigate infection/deaths until we can have antibody therapy, antivirals, or a vaccine. There is no defense against COVID-19. We're not even sure that natural antibodies are long-lasting or strong enough to prevent reinfection. It isn't going away.


I mostly agree, Cowbell. It won’t do anything to help the individuals who get a result, positive or negative. And I have a feeling the results will show a number of asymptotic positives that will only be used to justify continuing the economic destruction. However, there’s a chance that the aggregate results will reveal that the infection rate is low and that our community can begin phase 1 of returning to normal. We won’t know unless we can start getting accurate data and I don’t know if this will do it. In either case, Amerigirl is right — keep the masks on and wash/sanitize your hands frequently.


But don't you know that testing is the answer to all of our virus problems? Another false narrative promoted by the CNN anchors. Testing is VASTLY over-rated, but let's spend billions so we can do 300 million tests every week across America until there's a treatment or vaccine.



----> "This type of testing is flawed."

Meaning we need better testing. Ideally, in order to open up safely, we need an antigen test that is 98% accurate and can produce results in minutes. The Abbott test kit is totally flawed and provides false negatives 15% of the time - basically useless and potentially deadly by allowing an asymptomatic person to falsely believe they are not infectious.


Democrats claim to hate big corporations while killing small businesses. Majority of tests will show "positive" thus leading to an extension of stay at home order with no questions asked. Just watch.

Loudoun Observer

Additional testing is great, but this environment has been politicized. Woodbridge and other areas in PWC are doing the same thing this week, so we should be seeing lots of additional positive results in the coming days and next week. I wonder what Ralph will think of all these additional cases.


I'm hoping we see lots of negative test. Mostly I'm glad we all finally got some test kits. Now if we can get everyone to wear a mask until the results are in. Nah that might infringe on someones fragile ego and liberties.


Democrats? the majority of republicans feel the same way if you look at the polls.But that doesn't fir your agenda, does it?


It’s a trap! [ninja]

Jeanne T

A test is a moment in time......


For those want a test, go get a test. Meanwhile I’ll stay away from those think they are sick while I’m not allowed to open my business.


Lolll, great comment, I wonder when they are going to test for the other 100,000 transmittable diseases. Of course our Governor is incurable. :)


I'll bet if you get one of those other diseases your doctor will test you. They are not at pandemic stage, are they? What does Northam have to do with the article? [offtopic][offtopic]


Sorry springer, I'm not going to meet you, but you might meet my husband.


I pray he has a good result.


Springer hope for a good outcome for you also. Hope it shows we are closer to opening.


Making threats now? Moderator?!


Making threats now? What are you talking about? Wishing someone well is not a threat, are you that easily intimidated?


I can't wait to meet Amerigirl and Cindy Lou in line tomorrow. Masks on of course.


Springerdad, I have already been tested and I wear my mask. However, I do wish we could meet at rub elbows!

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