Sen. Jill Vogel

Sen. Jill Vogel (R-27th)

State Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R-27th) received a slap on the wrist from the Loudoun County Republican Committee earlier this month.

During its August meeting, the LCRC voted in favor of a resolution censuring the Republican lawmaker for her vote in favor of Medicaid expansion.

“Everyone, this is a difficult thing to do, and it’s truly disappointing that the actions of Sen. Vogel have brought us here to discuss this tonight,” said Chris Anders, director of the Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives. “Voters across our republic, commonwealth, here in Loudoun County are tired of politicians campaigning and saying one thing, and when they get elected they do something else.”

The committee’s decision came after the Virginia General Assembly voted in late May for expansion, which is expected to open up health care access to an estimated 400,000 Virginians.

Vogel was one of a small number of Republicans to support the measure. The years-running Democratic priority passed the Senate 23-17, with four Republicans joining 19 Democrats in favor, and the House of Delegates 67-31.

Financing Medicaid was one of the biggest concerns for conservatives.

“It’s time for us to stand, time for us to send a message,” Anders said. “It’s time for us to say we’re going to hold you accountable for your conservative principles. You can not come knock on our door, pretend you’re our friend, say you’re with us and go down to Richmond and vote another way.”

Vogel defended her vote following the censure.

“That was two years of work for me on that budget, and my job was to do what was right for my district,” she told Fauquier Times. “Virginia’s need for a good budget ahead of objections over the individual pieces generated so much controversy … We needed to pass a budget, and there was so much good in that budget for our district and for Virginia.”


The censure of Sen. Vogel 

Whereas, the Republican National Party Platform calls for the repeal of Obamacare and specifically states “We oppose government-run health care and seek to protect the liberty of American patients”; and

Whereas, the Loudoun County Republican Committee supports the National Republican Party Platform; and

Whereas, the Loudoun County Republican Committee passed a resolution against the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Virginia; and

Whereas, State Senator Jill Vogel represents a portion of Loudoun County and voted for the expansion of Medicaid; and

Resolved, the Loudoun County Republican Committee censures Senator Vogel on her vote to expand Obamacare; and

Resolved, the Loudoun County Republican Committee has lost all faith in the abilities of Senator Vogel, we request that Senate Majority Leader Norment remove Senator Vogel from Chairmanship of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, as well as her membership in the Finance, Rules and Laws and Technology Committees; and

Resolved, that the Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee shall cause copies of this resolution to be disseminated to all Republican members of the General Assembly, and to the media.


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Jill Vogel did the right thing in putting the needs of her constituents over Republican dogma and in getting the budget passed. She showed real leadership and courage. Wake up, Loudoun GOP.


The money to pay for extension is paid for by more federal debt. Any money Virginia sends to the fed has been spent. It is not a party issue nor is it fair when you give away benefits to people who have not earned them on the backs of future generations. As far as I know this is the first time a republican has been smacked in the running lights publicly. It was overdue in Vogels case and as far as her voting republican and maintaining a majority her vote did not mirror Virginia republicans. She will be gone next cycle and her only hope is to acquire a position as a judge lord help anyone that goes before her.


I guess the LCRC didn't get the memo about how Republicans nearly lost control of the Virginia House by the flip of a coin. At a time when winning or losing is a matter of a percent or two, officials need to be allowed to be a little dynamic, especially when this issue doesn't cost Virginians a dime.


They can't even spell the Affordable Care Act correctly.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Petty to be sure but I'd expect nothing less from the Loudoun GOP. They have a serious crazy that they're working through.


Glad to see our local paper is on the story. Gee, this happened 2 weeks ago!


She lost republicans when she lied about Bryce Reeves! Same tactic La Raza used with the black truck ad against Ed Gillespie.

Virginia SGP

So let me get this straight. We have Matt "slush fund" Letourneau and Ralph Buona padding the Loudoun BOS budget with $100M extra and giving LCPS 8% raises per year despite LCPS having $40M+ they can't spend in any given year and the LCRC censures Vogel?!!!

Our local tax rate could easily be less than $1.00 if the BOS ended Matt's slush fund and reduced the padding in the LCPS budget. That would result in an extra $500/year for the average Loudoun family. But you welcome Matt and Ralph with open arms. What gives?


And Sup Higgins gave $150,000 of our TOT funds to the Waterford Foundation "to repair their finances". Dick Black and Randy Minchew also tried to get them $200,000 via the G.A.'s budget. By most, the Waterford Foundation, with over $6,000,000 in assets, is considered anti-property rights and left leaning. Geary Higgins sanction should include his termination from the board.


Good. She is among the worst part of the swamp--- another two-faced embarrassment to the party.


Wow, I the guess people censured her too when she lost the Lt Gov. race...

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