A group of Loudoun residents seeking the ouster of five school board members filed a petition with the Loudoun County Circuit Court on Thursday to have Vice Chair Atoosa Reaser of the Algonkian District removed from office.

The Washington Post was first to report the filing.

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Does Reaser work to protect our children at school, nope

Does Reaser work at providing education, nope

Does Reaser work at supporting color blindness, nopeity nope

Does Reaser work at fiscal responsibility, nope?

She is symptom of the disease called the Loudoun County school Board!

J Smith

Ms. Reaser, it’s irresponsible of you to say that our democracy is stake because the parents and grandparents and other good citizens of Loudoun County have proceeded with an orderly process to remove you from office.

A recall is not undemocratic.

There is a process to remove elected officials who fail in their responsibilities. You have broadly failed the families of Loudoun and in particular the families of the Algonkian district, of which I belong to.

Let’s count the ways that you have failed in your responsibilities:

- You support the placing of pornographic books in school libraries.

- You support the instruction of our teachers in the practice of critical race theory so that they can teach our children and grandchildren to judge one another by the color of their skin.

- You support the elimination of advanced math classes in the belief that minorities cannot be expected to excel in math at the same rate as white students so the standards must be lowered. What a racist thing to believe!

- You violated state open meetings laws by joining closed Facebook groups where issues involving our schools were discussed with other school board members.

- You have failed to protect the dignity and modesty of our daughters and granddaughters by supporting the use of girl’s restrooms and locker rooms by those born male.

- Knowing the truth about a sexual assault on May 28th by a student identifying as trans on a female student in the girl’s bathroom at Stonebridge High School, you remained silent when Superintendent Ziegler falsely proclaimed at the June 22nd School Board meeting that “the school board did not have any records of assaults in our restrooms…the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.”

- Your silence on the matter above makes you complicit in Superintendent Ziegler’s cover-up of an egregious criminal offense and complicit in the subsequent assault by the same student on another female student when he was “quietly” transferred to Broad Run High School.

You have recklessly violated the trust of parents in the Algonkian District and across Loudoun County. Your actions are such that our trust in you cannot be regained. In addition, you, as a part of the school board, may be legally liable for what happened to the sexual assault victim at Broad Run.

Your continued presence on the board is not in the best interests of our school children and grandchildren in Loudoun County. A more honorable person, who sincerely put students first instead of their own ambition, would resign.

But as you have not resigned, the orderly process to remove you from office will continue. The next steps will be in the court room. I don’t expect the judge will tolerate arguments that the process is putting “our democracy at stake.”

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