A sundial on the new Virginia Women’s Monument in Richmond includes a typo familiar to local residents: Loudoun is spelled wrong, with the second "u" omitted.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported the error Tuesday, one day after the monument in Capitol Square was unveiled.

A spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of General Services told the Times-Dispatch she didn’t know who was responsible for proofreading the spelling of localities.

The Associated Press reported the monument honors some of the state's trailblazing women. About a decade in the making, the display will eventually feature a dozen life-sized bronze statues places in a granite plaza near the Capitol.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) chairs the 19-member Virginia Women's Monument Commission, while former state Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple is the vice chair.

“We will confer with the Department of General Services to develop a plan to address the issue and make the correction needed,” Whipple told CBS 6 in Richmond.

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It could have been worse folks. The two u's in Loudoun could have been replaced with w's, though some would agree with that too!


Close enough for Guvment work....

David Dickinson

From the referenced article, "Dena Potter, spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of General Services...said the state agency negotiated the contract with the artist on behalf of the Virginia Women’s Monument Commission. “It’s their monument,” Potter said."

I am so sick of Government agencies shirking their responsibility and blaming contractors for something they are ultimately responsible for. What is the name of the Virginia Government project manager in charge of monument. S/he is ultamately the person responsible. Yes, the contractor is responsible to fix it but the person in charge is a Virginia employee. We'd have much better government services if people in government took ownership for their actions (or, more likely, inactions).

Speaking of people in government taking responsibility for their actions...this Trump crowd must be making you crazy. Thousands killed in Syria and the government touts it as a great thing...




It was Gov Coonman's idea to shroud the figures in hoods.


BWAHAHA! as well it should be. LoCo is a cesspit.


Trolling the Loudoun Times Mirror is so cool. Did you run out of cats tails to step on?


Nah, cats are far cooler than anything LoCo produces.


Don't worry Loudouns tax dollars will pay to have that fixed as well.


I guess everyone needs spell check, OY!


so caught up in political correctness they forgot how to spell

Chris McHale

Gov-ment at its finest.

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