Inova Loudoun Nurse

An Inova Loudoun nurse plays Tic-Tac-Toe with a patient during the coronavirus pandemic.

Loudoun County officials say local residents are responding to the call for personal protective equipment donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a Monday announcement, local residents have donated 2,725 gloves, 295 surgical masks, 820 N95 respirators and 202 disposable gowns to health care providers in recent weeks.

The need for personal protective equipment during the pandemic continues across northern Virginia and the nation. Donated supplies may be opened, but must be unused. People or organizations with personal protective equipment to donate can submit an online form with details about the available equipment at

The county is also fielding requests from Loudoun-based health care providers and facilities in need of personal protective equipment. Requests can be made online at Organizations that have previously submitted requests for and received PPE may submit additional requests. They will be contacted by a county representative to coordinate the receipt of donated items if resources are available.

County officials say residents should be cautious when considering making a donation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been reports of scammers trying to profit off the crisis.

Loudoun has seen 188 residents test positive for coronavirus, four of whom have died.

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Proud of Loudoun residents. Just because the government has dropped the ball on this, there's no reason we can't pick up the slack.


You have one of worst cases of knowitallism I have ever come across.


Agreed. I dropped off some PPE a week or two ago and was wondering if anyone else was going to donate. I'm happy to see people are taking on the task of helping protect medical staff, especially given how the White House administration dropped the ball in its nearly constant state of denial.

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