Loudoun's beer lovers unite, form LoCo Brewers Association

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Monday marked a first in the local beer scene when 19 Loudoun County breweries officially established the LoCo Brewers Association.

"Loudoun County has had a thriving and collaborative brewing community for several years now," LCBA Chairman Chris Burns, president of Old Ox, said in a prepared statement. "This organization gives us a chance to work more closely together to share information and expertise among breweries and educate the community and policymakers about craft beer."

The purpose of the organization, according to its founders, is to promote and support Loudoun breweries by: supporting the production of high-quality beer by craft brewers; presenting a unified voice to legislators and regulators in Loudoun County; coordinating the input of members to the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild, the Brewers Association and other associations as deemed appropriate; educating members regarding best practices for complying with all rules and regulations associated with the craft beer industry; providing a forum for members to share information and expertise among breweries; supporting new entrants into the market; educating and informing the community about craft beer; promoting Loudoun County breweries within the county and in neighboring areas; and developing national awareness about the quality of craft breweries within Loudoun County.

The first event of the LCBA will be a finale for DC101's FeBREWary promotion that takes place throughout February, according to a news release.

Sixteen LCBA members joined together in late December to brew a collaboration beer that will be released at Vanish Brewery in Lucketts Feb. 25. Tickets will go on sale around Feb. 1.

Breweries who worked on the formation of LCBA include:

-Adroit Theory Brewing Company

-Barnhouse Brewery

-Belly Love

-Beltway Brewing Company

-Black Hoof

-Black Walnut

-Corcoran Brewing Company

-Crooked Run

-Dirt Farm Brewing

-Dog Money

-Lost Rhino Brewing Company

-Loudoun Brewing

-Ocelot Brewery

-Old 690

-Old Ox Brewery

-Quattro Goomba's Brewery

-Solace Brewing



The group elected the following initial officers and directors for the new association: Chris Burns of Old Ox Brewery, chairman; Dean Lake of Dog Money, vice chairman; Kevin Bills of Corcoran Brewing Company, secretary and treasurer; Tolga Baki of Belly Love, director; and Adrien Widman of Ocelot, director.

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