Loudoun parents protest reopening proposal

Rachael Levine, a rising 10th grader at Heritage High School in Leesburg, and her mother Lori Levine attended the rally on June 22 at the LCPS Administration Building in Ashburn. Rachael said she is ready to return to school with 100 percent in-person learning.

With such pressing matters as fall return-to-school plans and the fate of the Loudoun County High School mascot on the agenda, nearly 300 community members felt compelled to sign up for public comment at Monday's Loudoun County School Board meeting.

After making opening remarks shortly after 4 p.m., Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan (Sterling District) announced 294 Loudoun County Public Schools community members were scheduled to contribute their thoughts to the evening's proceedings, which were already bound to be lengthy.

The first dozen or so speakers have tended to focus on the two aforementioned, hotly-debated topics, and LCPS staff have been strict in enforcing the one-minute speaking time limit. Per Sheridan, unlike last week, she will not circle back to offer time to those who fail to speak during their allotted time slots due to difficulties technical or otherwise.

"We have a very full agenda, and it will be hours before we even start it," Sheridan said. "We do appreciate the community's engagement in this process, and we want to hear from all of you, but we also have to attend to our business."

Once public comment wraps up, the School Board will convene an indefinite closed meeting, after which it plans to approve the evening's consent agenda and begin discussing action items.

Monday's meeting is available to stream live at lcps.org/Page/140009.


This is a Times-Mirror news alert. Check back to LoudounTimes.com for highlights from Monday night's School Board meeting.

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So, the reporter didn’t stay until the end to update the story? I think the vote (at 1 am) was 5-3-1 for the hybrid two day plan with an option to choose 100% distance learning. Masks will be mandatory for students. Delayed start of 9/8. It isn’t clear to me how those who choose 100% distance learning will receive instruction if teachers are in the classroom. Also unclear what this means for extracurriculars.


Davis B, You are just throwing rocks. I would not have been re-elected as an independent if the Broad Run Community did not appreciate my efforts. Your other comment is totally groundless. Go back and look at the videos and try to find anything selfish. No expense reports, didn't miss meetings, started Mandarin, supported china exchange program in China and here, GSA/Wegmans referral program created, chaired finance committee for 7 years, started health, safety and wellness committee after false C-7 episode. In terms of technology I was the board member who tried to get teachers (including TRT's) intellectual property support by LCPS so they could earn income from their contributions which could have been sold to other school systems as education was obviously digitizing. Board members need to go beyond the current virtue signaling stance and get on with the job of at least trying to improve what already is an exceptional school system. They need to fight for fair treatment by the state which steals hundreds of millions per year from sales tax proceeds which should come back to Loudoun. If you are going to be nasty and inaccurate at least put your real name on your posts! :-)


my name is on my posts - and you are part of the reason the schools are the mess they are in - the lack of progress paved the way for Williams - and your continued attacks on the current school board members here is very self righteous

Virginia SGP

You do understand that it takes 5 members of a school board to pass anything, correct?

The last 3 school boards have demonstrated gross incompetence. If there was an exemption on legislative immunity for gross incompetence, they would be in big trouble.


A politician, enough said. The things you note about above don't mean jack! Narcissist posting your resume LOL! You are not important.


teachers should work year-round, like the rest of us.


Good debate all around. People made good points. It’s a tough situation all around. We are in new territory. There should be options but schools will be close after a couple of months after the virus takes off. Feel bad for the kids and teachers


To all speakers: Please ask board members if they read and understood state stature 22.1-79 which authorizes school boards in Virginia? It is not about chit chat forums or expressing concerns or national political virtue signaling. It is clear and obvious what should be done and its about time they do it!


Bob--If you are so concerned, then why don't you sign up and actively participate?

Virginia SGP

Bob, nearly all of these SB members were teachers or have family who are teachers (Morse and Corbo have family; Reaser, Sheridan, Corbo, King were teachers; Serotkin might have teachers in family). They couldn't care less about students or taxpayers. They are 100%, completely vested in keeping the highly-paid teachers of LCPS and giving them whatever they want. Bon-bons at home? Extra leave? Anything and everything.

Many of these teachers demanding 100% distance learning are too stupid to realize we will have no reason to pay $70-110K/year to teachers in NOVA in that model but can hire teachers for $30-40K less elsewhere who are working remotely. The teachers cannot understand science nor the consequences of what they are seeking. With that teaching our kids, maybe it is a good thing we have a wholesale turnover. Hopefully parents wake up and demand vouchers. Can anybody imagine if you were forced to continue seeing the same doctor who screwed up over and over again and only agreed to see you virtually so the doctor could KEEP HIS JOB. That is literally what these teachers are asking for.


I have no idea why you want your own kids back in the classroom with these stupid teachers (your words) when you could educate them better by yourself at home. It must be the free baby sitting you are after


SGP, I can only assume that you have children in LCPS based on the amount of posting you do. But if you think the teachers are that bad, poor achieving and overpaid then why do you even want the schools open? You use this as a forum to simply complain, whine and moan about how poor LCPS performs. At this point you’ve fallen in deaf ears. You being nothing concrete to the table but complaints. You offer absurd solutions that aren’t even possible.


You can’t hire teachers from elsewhere. Maybe elsewhere in Virginia, but you cannot hire teachers who aren’t licensed in our state. So this notion of huge outsourcing opportunities is false.

Virginia SGP

Once again, somebody has no idea what they are talking about:

"The state of Virginia allows out-of-state teachers the ability to qualify for teaching certification in Virginia through reciprocity. Out-of-state teachers will need to complete the regular Application for Virginia Licensure and provide all material that is detailed in the application."


That just narrows the competitive playing field, in LCPS teacher's benefit.


Wrong again, rerun - the teachers suggesting distance learning know that is the best approach for our schools to open safely and productively - it will maximize the teacher-student time and reduce the amount of work students must do on their own. Seeing a teacher one day a week and then working completely without teacher access will not help high school students at all but will expose students and teachers and their families to the virus

Virginia SGP

So why, with an average of 20 students per class in normal times, are elementary students being limited to only 2 days week? There would only be 14 students per classroom. That woudl provide at least 7 ft of spacing. Because the teachers whine more than a baby with cholic?


How many days do you want - some get 2 and some get 3? They have to split the classes to make room - duh


Teachers should work year-round, like the rest of us. Especially right now...


Bob - I realize that you might not understand the use and benefits of technology and how the SB members are using it to encourage communication - when you were on the board, you and the others left the schools in a technological pit that has taken years to craw out of - but for you to suggest that the board should not listen to families takes me back to your years on the board where you did not represent the people who voted for you, only yourself

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