Ashburn robberies - Aug. 2020

Surveillance video footage shows an unidentified male suspect robbing an Ashburn business during the overnight hours of Aug. 29 and 30.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is seeking information regarding multiple robberies of closed Ashburn businesses between Saturday and Sunday, authorities announced Monday afternoon.

During the overnight hours, an unidentified suspect reportedly forced entry into businesses in the 43000 block of Broadlands Center, the 43000 block of Junction Plaza and the 42000 block of Truro Parish Drive.

The suspect reportedly removed cash from the registers in some locations.

Per the LCSO, these burglaries may be related to two others that occurred Aug. 10 in Junction Plaza.

Authorities say the suspect is a white male with dyed blonde hair who wore a green T-shirt and carried a black backpack during the incidents, based on video surveillance.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect's possible identity are asked to contact Detective M. Franks at 571-918-1869 or Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call Loudoun Crime Solvers at 703-777-1919.

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Reagan warrior

Cindy Lou you are a disgrace to bring up he is a DT supporter! What about an Antifa supporter?


She is not a disgrace you are misinformed. Even if antifa were a real organization, the laws that permit the federal government to deem entities terrorists and impose sanctions on them are limited to foreign groups. There is no domestic terrorism law, despite periodic proposals to create one.

“There is no authority under law to do that — and if such a statute were passed, it would face serious First Amendment challenges,” said Mary B. McCord, a former head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “But right now, the only terrorist authority is for foreign terrorist organizations.”

The aren't even very organized, they don't have bank accounts or have ever killed anyone. Please do not believe trump and his many lies, over 20,000 so far.

Reagan warrior

The suspect can be any race. It appears the he dyed his hair?


Dyed his hair? Because there is a shadow on his head? then he must have dyed part of his face too.


Ashburn again??? HA! Nothing good ever happens in Ashburn and looks like a Trump supporter to me. You can tell by the stupid haircut and green shirt. Only a Radical right wing DT supporter would look into the camera! I think the immigrants are safe on this one....


Speaking of green, have you seen the things they have green-screened onto Melania's green dress from the convention? But I really liked Colbert's,


Since they have a photo of him, they should use face matching software to search the DMV records, HS yearbooks, etc to narrow their search of suspects.

John M

LP, Great ideas! I think you should call the police and tell them those helpful tips. Make sure you tell them you've seen every episode of "Cops" so you know what you're talking about.


Really, you just had to be a snark when you had such an opportunity to keep quiet.


Reparations perhaps? Maybe peacefully protesting? Hope they catch the petty thief and teach him a lesson, don't need to ruin his life, but certainly need to send a message....

Stevens R. Miller

Bet now he wishes he'd worn a mask.

Good Guy

Another peaceful DEM protestor?



Chris McHale

I think his name is Ted. He is known to hang out with Bill.


Please for a love of all things holy, do not respond to the above comment. It is solely an attempt to drag out a nonsensical argument that will lead to nothing productive. We all see the captured webcam picture. Do not respond - the text said "white male" Enough.

Loudoun 4 Trump

Why doesn’t the caption say “white male”? Should it not be labeled that way?


according to the media he may be a white hispanic like george zimmerman, and he may be non-binary so it may mislead the public to deem him/her a white male....

Fire the Hair Furor

If you can't figure out what race this person is you really can't process the rest of the story can you? You're giving 'color blind' a new meaning.

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