Ashburn Station/Regency Vicinity Map

A vicinity map of the Ashburn Station/Regency project.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors last week signed off a development deal to bring an additional 224 multifamily units to Ashburn, including 11 Affordable Dwelling Units.

Peterson Companies, the developer for the Ashburn Station/Regency project, will also be dedicating more than 70 acres of land at their Commonwealth Center development to help provide for a total of more than 200 acres of trail park area.

Ashburn Station, located off the Dulles Greenway near a future Metrorail station, is surrounded by several developments for residential and commercial uses including Silver District West, Moorefield, Gramercy and Loudoun Station.

Commonwealth Center, which is a 1.2-million-square-foot mixed-use development in the Ashburn area, is at the intersection of Loudoun County Parkway and Route 7, across from One Loudoun.

Peterson’s development on the west side of the Broad Run will be added to Kincora’s proffered dedication of more than 160 acres on the east side of the Broad Run.

Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) said he was excited about the deal.

“To balance out the rapid growth in Ashburn, our residents need permanent and accessible green space to enjoy with their families. This new park in the heart of Ashburn will be a massive improvement for our quality of life,” Meyer said in a prepared statement.

Meyer made the motion Dec. 3, with the board voting 7-1-1 in favor of the Ashburn Station/Regency project. Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D), concerned about the project's impact on roads and school impacts, opposed. Dulles Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R) was absent for the vote.

Peterson Companies proposes to develop up to 224 multifamily residential dwelling units, including 176 multifamily stacked units and up to 48 attached multifamily units.

The Ashburn Station site is located north of The Regency and south of Faulkner Parkway.

Meyer said the new parkland will connect to the county’s planned Broad Run Stream Valley Park, which will run trails on Broad Run from the Potomac River to Hanson Memorial Regional Park near Brambleton.

Additionally, Peterson is expected to construct a full-size soccer field with parking along Loudoun County Parkway and build a pedestrian crossing over Beaverdam Run, according to county officials.

Capital funds from Peterson's related Ashburn Station application will contribute an additional $2 million for a pedestrian crossing over Broad Run. The improvements are expected to provide direct pedestrian connection from One Loudoun and Commonwealth Center to Kincora.

Kincora Co-Developer Michael Scott said, "Eastern Loudoun needs connected parks and greenspace — that's why Kincora was proud to dedicate more than 160 acres for this park, which includes one of the region’s largest Blue Heron rookeries. We are thrilled to see more acreage and bridge connections added to our dedication. It will be a jewel for Loudoun County and a great start for the county’s Emerald Ribbons initiative."

In January, the board moved to develop the county's first linear parks and trails system known as Emerald Ribbons. The board hopes to connect the county's natural and historic features to a large-scale park and trail system. Emerald Ribbons is derived from a well-known trail system in Boston called The Emerald Necklace.

Loudoun’s current 87 miles of hiking trails does not meet the county’s standard of 0.65 miles per 1,000 residents. At that ratio, the county should have 226 miles for the current population of 400,000, according to county officials.

On Dec. 3, the board approved a trails system update and directed the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Board and county staff to continue working toward a comprehensive parks plan.

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Mencken's View

Nice about the park space, but just 11 out of 200-some dwellings affordable? A pathetic ratio.

More Cowbell

And no mention what they consider affordable? They just keep building them higher(condos). It's an eyesore to see the 100 or so town homes built off Belmont Ridge Road(near bike path). They range from $500-800K, no land, no view, a few yards off a busy 4 lane road.


I wonder if they charge extra for the added charm of hearing metro trains derail, or the scenic colors of yet another track fire.



Chris McHale

Ashburn residents need Grenspace??? What about roads, first responders and schools, do they not need them as well? I look forward to seeing these items on future election day ballots where the voters who bother to so up will blindly vote YES.

More Cowbell

Shocking, BOS passed more housing in that small lot. School board will have to figure how to squeeze more kids into overcrowded schools. Curious what they consider affordable housing? $800K? $500K? $150K?


And Supv. Bouna will again say there there won't be "that many" children living in this dense development. His developer overlords will be pleased.


Ugh. Please stop. Traffic is already horrible right here. There's no space to build more schools in Ashburn and yet we keep building housing. The whole of Broadlands is going to look like one giant neighborhood at this rate.

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