Matt Letourneau

Dulles District Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R)

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has adopted several measures toward improving pay and compensation for its employees.

The board unanimously approved Phase 2 of the updated pay rate project during its Nov. 7 business meeting. The measures will include implementations of new pay plans and placement methodologies. Broad Run Supervisor Ron Meyer (R) was absent for vote.

The board’s effort to improve its classification and compensation plan started in 2016 after procuring the services of Evergreen Solutions LLC. One of Evergreen’s findings was that the county fell behind its target market position of 95 percent of comparative positions. Loudoun’s estimated market position has been as low as 86 percent.

The board has now approved a new compensation philosophy placing Loudoun at a range of 95 to 105 percent of the average mid-point of the competitive comparator market—which is used to determine how much an employee may earn.

With new supervisors starting in January, Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) requested at the Oct. 8 finance committee meeting that all new supervisors meet with the county's human resources and Evergreen to avoid a delay in updating the county's compensation plan.

Once approved, new job descriptions and salary grades will be provided for employees. No employee is expected to receive a decrease in pay, according to county officials. County staff is targeting the first half of 2020 to complete the work and implement any salary increases. A total of 66 percent of the county’s classified employee workforce are slated for an increase.

Cost of implementing the new pay plans is $25.4 million -- $11 million of which is in the current year's budget. Implementation of the new pay plans, policies and procedures would occur around July 1.

“This is a milestone for us,” finance committee chairman and Dulles Supervisor Matthew Letourneau (R) said. “We are finally reaching the point where we are competitive with the other jurisdictions. We have a wholesale philosophy change for our public safety employees, which is on par with what we are seeing and what the competition is out there. We’re sending a message to our employees that we want to keep you, we want you to stay here and we’re going to pay you accordingly.”

The board’s approval includes approving the open range pay plan for general workforce employees and approving the grade and step plans for all uniformed employees in Loudoun County Fire & Rescue and sworn employees with the sheriff’s office. Staff was authorized to utilize a tenure placement methodology for placing non-supervisory ranks and a time-in-rank methodology for placing supervisory ranks into the new plan.

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All I want from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is a resolution declaring Loudoun a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County!


please tell me what that means. Does it mean that anyone, criminal, insane, violent should be able to have a gun? Or does it mean certain guns? Please tell me.


Higgins seemed to have no problem creating and/or dipping into "slush funds" to award Minchew's client(s) and the Waterford Gentrification Foundation. Glad the citizens shut that down.


The Budget office found another 20 million that is where the number comes from. Keep up!


where are you getting that from?


Staying "competitive with the other jurisdictions" is the reason that College Tuition and Health Care prices have increased so quickly. Follow the the market up up up. Ps Your taxes are going to increase.


Maybe they can use that 100 million dollar over budget slush fund they are spending willy nilly?


Every time someone post the slush fund gets bigger. What happened to the $80 million one?


REALLY! All this excess money, year after year (and I don't envy them their jobs, it appears to be a "no win" one) and we can't get decent pay increases, except theirs; they want to put outrageous fee parking meters everywhere, debate raising taxes, whine about school money, redo sidewalks that are fine because they have extra $, repave the wrong roads and cowtow to developers! Oh, and let's put in some MORE traffic circles that still end up at an ancient one-lane bridge! Oh, "affordable housing in Loudoun" is an oxymoron!


If Loudoun does not have the money to cover overrun costs, or any type of emergency than they will loose their AAA rating and we the tax payers will be paying a higher interest rate on all projects. It would cost us millions.


One more thing, let's hire a bunch more companies to do surveys and studies about yhe surveys and studies that were already done!


I believe that the purpose of the slush fund is to make up for any shortfalls such as overrun costs, and that keeps their rating up. They have a AAA bond rating from Moodys. There are advantages to that. A triple-A rating is important to the county government and taxpayers because it helps the county continue to get the best possible interest rates to finance capital projects, saving millions of dollars.


Where are you getting that info and what have they spent willy nilly?

Dedicated EMS Volunteer

With an amendment added 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting , to support career firefighters - only 12% of that force actually live on Loudoun County. And we wonder why a certain Union supported this BOS.


Where do you get your stats? I know of 1 firefighter who had to work in another county when they were promoted but I'm trying to get an understanding of how that works.


I believe it's closer to 30% if I recall from one of their meetings. The career firefighters provide most of the daily staffing. Why shouldn't they be supported? That "amendment" was also a result of the pay study comparing the department to the region.


Any with the implementation of the pay study, more firefighters and deputies are able to afford housing in Loudoun so I'm not seeing what the issue is.


They had no problem studying their own pay and increased it substantially....politicians...


They started this when the republicans were in office (2017) because Loudoun is behind other counties in their pay and comp. Loudoun hasn't even kept up with their own guidelines since the recession.

Chris McHale

Born here. When reincarnated please try to be born some where where they truly understand the comment section. Random's point is 100% on point your comment on the other hand gave me a chuckle.


To be fair, the BOS salaries hadn't changed in 11 years. I do think that scheduled incremental increases would have been more appropriate and that they should have been tied closer to the general salary increases that County staff saw. While the BOS jobs are important, they're considered part-time...


when self interests were involved they got it done quickly....when others are involved they need to study more.....with 73 candidates in last election I don't think we needed to raise the BoS salaries....plenty of people stepping up to serve at a smaller rate....what we see here is the BoS serving themselves before the people they employ and serve.....


RandomName2019, this article is about County employee salaries not the BOS salaries....huge difference. The BOS salary increase was discussed last year and approved for the new board that takes office in 2020. Please read the article before commenting.


Loudoun4, how do you know that the 73 candidates wouldn’t be interested in raising the rate once they were in office? If your job didn’t give you a raise in more than a decade wouldn’t you have something to say about it?


Bornhere, please realize that you are in the comment section under a remark made by Loudoun4Trump that says

“They had no problem studying their own pay and increased it substantially”. That response from RandomName2019, is entirely appropriate. Please pay attention to the section you are in before giving someone a hard time.

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