Eugene Legg

Eugene Legg

Rock Ridge High School English teacher Eugene Legg has been placed on leave following accusations of sexual misconduct at his former workplace.

A recently released independent investigation by Washington, D.C. law firm Crowell & Moring LLP named Legg as one of eight former teachers to have reportedly engaged in inappropriate conduct with students at Maret School, a private K-12 school in D.C. where Legg served as a teacher and administrator from 1974 until his termination in 1989. He began teaching in Loudoun County in 1995.

According to a Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman, Legg taught at Loudoun County High School from 1995 until 2005 and Briar Woods from 2005 through 2016 before starting at Rock Ridge.

The report lists three first-hand reports of sexual relationships between Legg and his students, as well as multiple reports of other inappropriate relationships.

Legg’s relationship with his first victim, who is referred to in the report as “EL Victim 1,” reportedly began during her junior year of high school in the mid-1970s when he was her drama coach. Legg would give her rides home from school, and their relationship became sexual after Legg subsequently invited her into his apartment.

EL Victim 1’s account was corroborated by Legg’s second alleged victim — “EL Victim 2” — who claims to have had a year-long sexual relationship with Legg around the same time as EL Victim 1. Per EL Victim 2’s request, details of her relationship with Legg were not disclosed in the report.

The third first-hand account involves Legg’s relationship with “EL Victim 3,” who graduated Maret in the late 1980s and claims Legg “groomed” her throughout her time at the school, developing an emotional relationship with her before their relationship became physical after her high school graduation. The report describes how EL Victim 3, starting in her sophomore year, would often stay at school after hours — sometimes as late as 7 p.m. — talking to Legg, who would confide in her about his personal life, parents, youth and marriage, and would occasionally give her rides home.

Legg’s alleged relationship with EL Victim 3 became “intensely intimate [and] emotional” over the next couple of years, and she claims Legg told her that he loved her about a month before her graduation. Two weeks after her graduation, their relationship became physical, as the two “eventually ended up ‘making out’ and fondling each other in his car.”

A number of second- and third-hand accounts were given regarding a fourth victim who graduated in the late 1980s, “EL Victim 4,” though the details of this alleged relationship — described only as “boundary-crossing” and “physical” — are not included in the report. Other second- and third-hand accounts of inappropriate conduct with at least two other students are detailed.

When asked about EL Victim 1, Legg claimed he did not recall a physical relationship, though he did remember a number of details about her. When asked about EL Victim 3, he said, “I love [her]. She was a great student, a great kid … an amazingly good writer,” but he did “not recall having a physical relationship with her.” He reported having once engaged in misconduct with EL Victim 4, which he attributed to his alcoholism. Legg reported that he has been sober for 31 years after having gone into treatment during his time at Maret.

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams sent two emails to parents concerning the matter, one Friday and one Saturday.

“We are aware of no allegations of misconduct during [Legg’s] tenure at LCPS nor any active law enforcement investigations, and we are seeking more information,” Friday’s letter said. He assured recipients that LCPS conducts background checks on all prospective hires and that the safety of students and staff is its top priority.

In Saturday’s email, Williams announced that Legg had been placed on leave to await completion of a full review.

“This teacher will not be at his assigned school on Monday morning or for the foreseeable future. We will provide additional information about this situation when possible,” Williams wrote.

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Advise all to read the report/findings. Think its quite informative - for parents. Can be found on Maret website


I had Legg last year and it was very noticeable that he had physical interactions with the females at the school. I mean, I don’t blame him.


From page 27

"In 2017, the School reported to DC CFSA that Legg was working at a high school in Loudoun County, Virginia, but was told that Loudoun County Child Protective Services would not open an investigation regarding abuse that occurred outside of Loudoun County. The School then reported to the Loudoun County Attorney’s Office and asked that they contact the high school where Legg was teaching, to notify them directly of the reports received by Maret.

This is from page 27, footnote 37

"An Assistant County Attorney for Loudoun County had suggested to the School that the victims themselves be encouraged to contact Rock Ridge High School, where Legg was teaching."

This is what is truly concerning to me. An assistant county attorney expected Legg's victims be responsible for protecting students are Rock Ridge.

The other thing is that Legg had a favorite student at RR who he spoke about every single time he was given a microphone. He would mention her by name and say she was the reason he came to Rock Ridge. It was very inappropriate and he talked about her at every single event. The principal and other adminstrators were witness to this and apparently did nothing. Parents talked about how inappropriate it was.

From page 14 of the report

"Finally, we received many second and third-hand reports that Legg formed inappropriate emotional or sexual relationships with students during his tenure at Maret. A number of reporters noted that he chose a “favorite” female student each year and developed an inappropriately close relationship with her."

Virginia SGP

Exactly. People are foolish to think a sexual predator just stopped one day.

Read the complaint of Jane Doe about the Trailside assault by a teacher. It is like a carbon copy. Not only did LCPS/SB/Williams boy believe her, they had her suspended and now want the court to release Jane Doe's name publicly to shame/retaliate against her. This whole LCPS regime needs to be sent to the dustbin if history.




From Maret's investigation...

"Former colleagues and students alike reported that Legg used his quick wit and charm to manipulate both colleagues and students, by “talk[ing] about other people [and] skewer[ing] them” and dividing “the in crowd” from the “not in crowd.” “He was pretty manipulative psychologically . . . very powerful. Everyone was a little scared of him,” a former colleague reported. Part of his power to manipulate others derived from his perceived closeness to Sturtevant, who had taught Legg at Landon School, brought him to Maret as a teacher, and alsowas viewed as a “father figure” to Legg, who lost both of his parents under tragic circumstances."

Sturtevant was the headmaster at the time and ignored numerous complaints from numerous sources.

Chris McHale

It appears he is guilty until proven innocent, God Bless America..

These are old accusations and not criminal convictions. If LCPS was to in 2014 as stated in another post then shame on them. Other than that I'm not sure how they would have known.

More Cowbell

Wow, so he's been teaching in Loudoun for over 20 years. Curious why the report is just coming out now? Does make you wonder how many young girls in Loudoun might have similar stories?


This just in- LCPS employee farted during a diversity assembly. Racism? LTM brings you the full story!

Rick the champion

Long story short, I was enrolled in Mr. Legg's English class just over a decade ago. I was a high aptitude rebel, and often did not even show up to school altogether. While all of my teachers were aware of this, Mr. Legg was the only one to take an interest. He hollered at me as if I was in boot camp (much needed may I say), because he genuinely cared and is a diligent professional. He may have been the only teacher in my life I respected enough to listen to, and consequently, despite how things were going, I graduated. There are a number of students who could tell similar stories about Mr. Legg, despite what mistakes may have been made in the past, which are only based on a few new articles and unofficial testimonies.


Unofficial testimonies? Did you read the report? The fact that he helped you or any other student doesn't excuse his criminal behavior.


LTM, great reporting about his past BUT what all prompted LCPS to decide to look into this guys past from 24 years ago and suspend him from teaching in the past 4 days? Has there been new/recent accusations? Did LCPS receive an anonymous email about this man's past from 24 years ago and decided it's a concern that you need to look into? Does someone have a vendetta against him or better yet LCPS? I'm not defending this guy at all but how can LTM publish such an extensive article without asking the very first basic question: "Why is LCPS taking action now?" What happened 24 years ago is relevant BUT what happened in the past 4 days is more relevant. Perhaps LCPS is conducting more extensive background checks on all employees "proactively"? It's a darn good thing LCPS provided Implicit Biased training.


The private school he taught at until 1989 (Maret) investigated previous sexual misconduct by their staff that had been swept under the rug. The report was just published a few days ago. LCPS didn't know about it until the report was published

Virginia SGP

That is not necessarily true. The report says his misconduct was relayed in 2014 to the LoCo Commonwealth's Attorney and LoCo child services. What did they do with the info? Did they tell LCPS? Maybe. We need answers to those questions. My guess is Loudoun officials, including LCPS, knew and did nothing.


My husband and I had him for our English teacher. He made English fun! We graduated from Loudoun County High School in 2000. Nowhere did we ever see that he was inappropriate. We tell our children stories from when we had him as a teacher. When I saw the WTOP report where Mr. Legg was named I gasped and said NO WAY. We are in shock. He was one of the most caring teachers we’ve ever had.


This guy was my teacher as of last week, there always seemed to be something off about him but I never knew what. He sometimes said he loved to “get to know” his students, and at the time, he just seemed like a cool teacher who was interested in his students lives, but now that I know the truth... it’s terrifying to know I spent an 1 1/2 hours every other day 4 feet away from a 70-some y/o pedophile


Didn't he have to list previous employments? If so why didn't they find out then?


The report shows that his previous school kind of swept it all under the rug.

loudoun fan

It wasn’t reported until recently. An investigation was done. That report came out last week.

November Blue Wave

This teacher must be somewhere around 80 years old if he was a drama coach in the mid 70's. If nothing has happened in the last 25 years as a Loudoun teacher he is probably harmless. But why would someone continue teaching at that age? Its not like he's President or a Supreme Court Justice.


The behavior of grooming did continue throughout his career. In high school, it seemed normal and actually good to me, but, looking back, he crossed a lot of boundaries and engaged in entirely inappropriate behavior with students.


"Background checks"? When are members of HR made accountable for not doing this properly? Our school board had to fire a teacher when we found out she was involved in the death of a student at a prior school which involved an obvious failed background check. Nobody in HR was held accountable even though a 30 second GOOGLE search would have uncovered it.

loudoun fan

Huh? How would something that was first reported this year have been available during a background check 24 years ago? And in all his time in Loudoun, has anything like he’s been accused of in the past happened here?


Not sure why LCPS hired him, he has a prvious history of this, this is his MO, why is everyone surprised? He should have never been hired. Good thing he's not an immigrant.


Hard to know your tribe, CindyLou but I think you're the first Native American I've seen post on this site.


Do you think people say what their heritage on posts?


Legg was, by all accounts, a “brilliant” and “charismatic” teacher, described by several

alumni as “the best teacher” they had during their time at Maret. He coached several different

Aryan oopsies

Cindy Lou Who, can you clarify what you meant by “Good thing he’s not an immigrant.”?


Uhh yeah what’s does OP mean


He was hired because there is no one better at his job. He is truely one of the most brilliant teachers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. CindyLou, it’s a shame to see comments like yours.


I also had him, and I loved him as a teacher in high school. But during college, I'd talk to other former students about him and, in retrospect, we agreed he definitely crossed some emotional boundaries. In hindsight, it made us feel very uncomfortable. That all makes sense now

More Cowbell

You mean Illegal, big difference.

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